Top ten characters I’d name a pet after

Top Ten Tuesday is hosted by ThatArtsyReaderGirl!

It’s Tuesday again and this week’s topic is the title. I haven’t ever named a pet after a character before so making this list will be fun I think! I’ve never had a dog, so all these are names I would give to a cat.

I’m also someone who gives pets human names so if that bugs you, pbtbtbt.

And that’s it! Some are simple names, some are weird, but all of them I think could fit a cat if you got one with the right personality. Lemme know what you think!

11 thoughts on “Top ten characters I’d name a pet after

  1. Nikolai is such an awesome name! And honestly, one of these days I’ll definitly get to reading Robbin Hobb. I’ve seen and heard so much, I know I’m missing out a lot of awesomeness. Great list you have here! Here’s a link to MY POST in case you’re interested. Have a great reading week.

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  2. Artemis and Nikolai would have been on my list as well. Here is my post-

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  3. I love Alphonse for a dog! I actually ended up naming my Island in the latest Animal Crossing game Alphonse :p

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