Little things I’m thankful for

Happy Turkey Day!

Originally I was going to do the Thanksgiving Book Tag but I’ve done that tag every year now for a few years, so I figure I’ll do something different. Next year I think I’ll try to find a new version of the tag or something like that to do.

So today’s post will be ‘Things I’m Thankful For’ (shocking, right).

This list is gonna be little things I like – I’m not gonna include my family or friends or good health or anything, so just know they’re implied. I am thankful for them too.

So, the list of little things I’m thankful for:

  • Coffee cups with thumb indents on the handle
  • Television remotes that I don’t have to point at one specific spot for them to work
  • Book cases that hold up through a trip on a moving truck
  • Mangakas
  • Avocados that stay perfectly ripe for more then six seconds
  • Not having a stuffy nose
  • Windshield wipers that don’t leave streaks
  • The ability to put ice in luke warm coffee and turn it into iced coffee
  • Mornings when my cat doesn’t meow at the foot of my bed at 6am
  • Saturday mornings
  • Pizza cutters
  • Second-hand bookstores
  • When I throw away trash from across the room and it lands in the bin the first time
  • Electric blankets

And many more but this is what first comes to mind. Tell me little things you’re thankful for this year! Happy Thanksgiving!

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