It’s the best time of the year! | November Favorites ’20

It’s the end of the month again! During my favorite time of the year, I do favorites posts. This is the second one, check out the first if you’re interested!

Food & Drink


Eight O’Clock’s decaf has been a life saver – I can’t do a lot of caffeine anymore because reasons, and this is the best tasting decaf I’ve found. It’s lovely. Also, peppermint schnapps in hot chocolate. It’s. baller.


I’ve been watching a lot of Dragon Ball recently. My husband has never seen it, so we’ve been making our way through the original series. At this point, we have under twenty episodes left, and then he’ll pick up Dragon Ball Z!

Nightwish’s live concerts are awesome. Above is their concert from Wacken in 2013. In addition to that one, I’ve been listening to their Wembly and Tampere concerts as well!

This ‘Epic Instrumental’ playlist has been great this past month. As I’ve mentioned earlier, I did Nanowrimo all month and this is one of the music playlists I had playing almost constantly. It’s just a good vibe for fantasy novels!


Finally, my Thanksgiving decorations! I think I did a particularly good job this year, especially considering I had 0 decorations to start with and had to find them all. Tell me what you think!


And that’s it! These are my favorite things for the month! Tomorrow, Christmas movies to-be-watched!

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