Top 5 Antagonists

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Happy Wednesday!

2 more days until I’m on Christmas vacation

Today’s topic is technically ‘favorite villains’ but I tend to have a hard time coming up with characters that are fully villains. So I’m kinda expanding this topic to include antagonists in general. So work with me here.

These are in no particular order.

Sebastian and the Undertaker from Black Butler are two of my favorites. They’re both antagonists but in different ways and on… different sides? Their goals directly contradict each other, but at the same time they’re both pretty evil, no matter how well they hide it. They’re both great. Sebastian in particular is great because sometimes you forget. Sometimes he makes you think he actually cares, and then he does something and you remember that no, no, he’s literally a devil.

The Specks and the Gernians from the Soldier Son trilogy. This is why I expanded this topic to ‘antagonists’ instead of villains. The main character is a Gernian, and sees the Specks as an enemy to his country. But the Specks aren’t evil, they just have different goals. And when the main character becomes more familiar with the Specks and their ways of life, he sees that the Gernians are also an antagonist, and that the dispute between them isn’t black and white. Both of these groups of people are antagonists to the other, but neither are evil.

The Phantom from The Phantom of the Opera – I read this recently and ended up adoring it. I really like the eerie haunting of the place the phantom sets up, the way he makes everyone in the building feel juuuuust a bit uncertain at all times. He’s so good at it, man.

Mr. Wonderful from Mogworld. I finished this book recently as well and there are so many great characters in here. Mr. Wonderful is a psychotic murderer who goes a little more crazy when he realizes his kills no longer stick. Due to the sudden ‘nobody dies anymore’ wave that passed over this world, Mr. Wonderful finds himself being sued every time his murder victims wake up again and submit the paperwork.

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