Unpopular Opinions – Christmas Edition

Today I’m doing one of those ‘unpopular opinion’ posts, but all Christmasy.

I want to note first off that I love Christmas, it’s my favorite holiday. So I guess take that as you will? I don’t know, haha. And I guess some of these might not be unpopular, depending on who you ask? Again, I don’t know.

  • Eggnog is disgusting
  • The irish cream cold brew and the chestnut praline latte are way better than the peppermint mocha (tho it is good itself)
  • Snow is way better than 80 degree weather
  • I hate ham – ham as a the main dish on Christmas is such a bummer
  • The last weekend before Christmas is way busier in the stores than black Friday because that’s when all the people who avoided Black Friday to stay away from the crowds and waited til the last minute go out
  • Christmas breakfast > Christmas dinner
  • Homemade cookies, while delicious, are way more effort than they’re worth. Gimme pre-made dough and mixes and save me six hours and fifty bowls
  • Watching Christmas movies right after Christmas is just as good as watching them before Christmas
  • The month-long lead up to Christmas Day is more exciting than the day itself (tho the day itself is pretty great)
  • Gingerbread cookies are overrated
  • Molasses cookies are underrated
  • The Santa Clause movies 2 and 3 are unnecessary

And honestly that’s it. I tend to hold very much to the typical views of someone who loves Christmas, so I don’t have that many opinions that would be quote unquote “unpopular”.

But any of the above, lemme know if you agree or disagree.

Happy Blogmas!

3 thoughts on “Unpopular Opinions – Christmas Edition

  1. Can I just second the homemade Christmas cookie thing? I just spent all afternoon and evening yesterday working on them. Now I don’t even want to eat them because I’m over them already. And eggnog IS disgusting!

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