Books I hope Santa brings

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It’s Tuesday! Therefore it’s Top Ten Tuesday Day. Today’s topic is books I hope Santa brings, and well, I hope he brings these:


All of these I’ve requested either from friends or family. I tried my best not to put the same books on multiple versions of my list so nobody had to worry about buying something that someone else already got.

Aaaaaand I’ve basically already decided that any I don’t receive I’m gonna get myself as self-Santa. Pbtbtbt, dun judge me. :”D

Whatever happens though, I will be happy with whatever Santa deigns to give me, even if it’s just a bunch of socks (because I love socks). But if I’m very lucky and if I was good enough this year, hopefully I’ll get a few of these.

Happy Blogmas!

5 thoughts on “Books I hope Santa brings

  1. I’m so curious about Black Sun.

    I wasn’t a big fan of the self-centred protagonist in Devolution, but the plot itself was well done. Hope you like it!

    My post.

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