It’s the best time of the year! | December Favorites ’20

It’s the day after Christmas and it feels weird. It always feels weird on this day, augh.

So today I’m gonna talk about my fave things this month to make me feel less weird!

Food and Drink

  • Kujo beer – it’s a dark one and it’s been one I’ve gravitated towards the past few weeks
  • Chocolate oranges – It’s been like a decade since I’ve had one of these, but I got a couple in my stocking yesterday!
  • Irish Cream Cold Brews – my current drink of choice at SB
  • S’mores snack mix – This is technically my husband’s food but he’s been kind enough to share. My parents got this for him in his stocking
  • Breakfast egg bake – I have this every year Christmas morning at my grandmother or aunt’s house, but because the plague is around, I made one myself this year. I used turkey bacon as the meat. To be honest, I slightly overbaked it, but it still came out pretty decent
  • Charcuterie board! – My husband’s bday was at the beginning of the month so I made this for him!
  • Chocolate cookies with oreo bits – I made a lot of homemade cookies this year but I also made a store bought – these. And I gotta say the store-bought dough was way better than mine (wah).


It’s literally ‘Music’ by Nightwish. This isn’t a newly discovered song, so it doesn’t fit in a Music Monday, but it’s one I’ve been listening to a lot recently and I love it. Give it a listen.


And that’s it! Tomorrow, my 10 in 2021 list! My blogmas is still chuggin’ along.

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