Fantasy Bingo 2020-21 | Update 4

It’s been a few months, so it’s time for another update! Back in October, I made an update 3, in August, an update 2, and in June, an update 1 to a post I originally made in April when r/Fantasy’s Fantasy Bingo began.

If you’re interested in participating and want to know the full details, here is the 2020 announcement thread about it. And here is the list of recommendations, crowd sourced by all the participants!

The next one is starting in April of this year, so if you want to wait and start when the new one starts, you can do that too!

New additions:

  • Vita Nostra by Marina & Sergey Dyachenko for Translated (originally Ukrainian)
  • Hunted by Meagan Spooner for Ice/Snow
  • Mogworld by Yahtzee Croshaw for Necromancy
  • The Maze Runner by James Dashner for Climate Fiction

I have just over two months to finish out the card and honestly it’s iffy at this point. We’ll see. At least I got a bingo!

See you in April for the final results!

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