Spotify Wrapped! | Blogmas Day 10

Happy Friday! Today’s post was originally going to be a favorites post but I realized that my life is literally just this baby now and I don’t really have anything un-baby related to talk about as far as favorites goes, and I have a post about that planned for tomorrow.

Sooo I’m improvising. Instead, I’m gonna talk about all the music I listened to this year. πŸ˜€

Also I tried to embed the playlist itself but it didn’t actually show my playlist, so I’m just gonna point out some highlights!

Top Songs

1 – Storytime by Nightwish (Live at Wacken)

2 – Music by Nightiwsh

3 – Lies Irae by Dope Stars Inc

4 – Capture & Release by Beautiful Bodies

5 – She’s a Blast by Beautiful Bodies

Top Genres

1 – Power metal

2 – Punk

3 – Alternative metal

4 – Soundtrack

5 – Alternative Rock

Top Artists

1 – Nightwish

2 – Mono Inc.

3 – Within Temptation

4 – Foo Fighters

5 – Sonata Arctica

So I gotta say… the songs and artists that made my list this year are very similar to the ones from last year. I didn’t really branch out and try anything new like I normally do. My Discover Weekly playlist didn’t really get utilized due to a bug, and when it did I wasn’t really paying enough attention to actually like or dislike the songs. I would normally do so while working but work was more hectic this year and therefore I couldn’t detach my brain enough to vote on songs. I’m hoping this coming year it’s chills out.

And that’s it! If you decide to listen to any of the songs above, let me know what you think!

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