Must-have and not-worth-it items as a new mom | Blogmas Day 11

I flubbed! I forgot to post yesterday. Well, two posts today it is, and then I’m back on track for Blogmas!

Today’s post is baby-related so if you’re not interested, run away!

I received a bunch of things at my baby shower, and I’ve picked up other things on recommendation since my kid was born. Some of it I use every day and swear by it. Some of it I haven’t found a need for yet. Some of it honestly was terrible and I stopped using it. This is that list.

Keep in mind, this is from my personal experience. So you might find my not-worth-it items very worth it. And if you do, lemme know because I wanna know how you do, ahaha.

Otherwise if you’re ever buying for a baby shower, maybe keep my ‘must have’s in mind for the new parents.

Not Worth It Items

  • Breast pump. This is solely for the reason that, well, we switched to formula feeding. But now we have this pump that I did use for a bit and can’t really give to someone else to use for sanitation reasons. I’m not sure what to do with it. I don’t want to just throw it away. 😦
  • Short sleeve newborn clothes. Where I am, it’s winter. All the clothes we have with no sleeves (or no legs for that matter) we’ve abandoned. They’re not warm enough.
  • Clothes with buttons. For everyone’s sanity, if you buy clothes for a baby shower, get ones with zippers. Buttons are the devil’s fastener.

Luckily my not-worth-it items lists is pretty short.

Must have items

  • Receiving blankets. Preferably the 30×30 ones. Excellent swaddle size.
  • Sleepers with zippers. My kid basically lives in these right now. They’re awesome.
  • A serving tray with walls. Weird yes, but I’m never going back. We prep his bottles in the kitchen and he sleeps upstairs in our room. He goes through about four bottles a night so it’s nice being able to carry them all up at once… plus his formula and a water bottle for me and blah. A tray is really nice.
  • Stackable formular dispenser.  (shown right) Obviously this only applies for formula fed babies, but having the formula pre-measured and the bottles pre-filled with water is great. All we need to do is dump and shake.
  • Diaper genie. This is a garbage can specifically for diapers. Does it sound like a waste of money? Yes. Is it? NO. It seals in the poopy smell so damned well. We actually have two of them.
  • Nose Frida. (shown right) This is essentially a long tube you use to suck the boogers out of a baby’s nose. There’s a filter in there so you don’t get a mouth full of them, don’t worry. But man this thing is awesome.
  • Gripe water. There’s an age requirement of two weeks before you can use this on a baby, but it works wonders for gassiness. You just give the baby ml or so and suddenly less fuss.
  • Millie Moon Sensitive Wipes. Specifically these wipes. Why? Because they come out of the damned packaging one at a time, unlike literally every other brand. I’m even gonna link them for you because they’re so awesome.
  • Frida Mom Upside Down Peri Bottle. (shown right) Now, when you give birth you get all bleedy and stingy and ouchy right. The hospital should give you a peri bottle to spray your bits with to soothe them but the angle is atrocious. This puppy lets you get all up in there. It’s wonderful. I have multiple of them. One for travel, one for each bathroom. They’re a life saver.

And that is it. Honestly there are more must-haves I could list, which I might do one later as a ‘one year’ thing, because I’m sure I’ll come across a lot of stuff that I find wonderful.

Until then though, should you find yourself preggo or your partner is or you’re buying for a baby shower, any of the above stuff I mentioned is probably wonderful to get.

And because this is Blogmas and this is technically yesterday’s post, look out for another one from me at some point today. See you then. 😀

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