Best books to read by the fireplace | Blogmas Day 16

I’m back on track for Blogmas! I’m going to really try to not fall behind again, so wish me luck.

Today’s post are book recommendations to read by the fireplace. In my opinion, the books for those are huge, chunky fantasy novels. So if that’s not your jam you prolly won’t like these too much. I’m going to try to name books I don’t mention all that often. aka not gonna talk about Robin Hobb (though her books totally fit the theme).


Perdido Street Station is a book with a rich atmosphere. It’s set in a city sitting in the shadow of some long-dead leviathan’s rib cage, and has a lot of interesting creatures and politics and places. There are characters with bugs for heads and mad scientists and creatures that the ambassador to hell doesn’t even wanna mess with. It’s a really good book.

Daughter of the Forest is another one with a rich tone. I was fully invested in this one. It reads like a melancholy fairly tale and has a lilting, floating plot. It’s the first in a series and I haven’t read the others yet but I definitely plan to. It follows a girl whose brothers are turned into swans.

Tone seems to be a theme with this list. Hyperion is a well known science fiction and if you liked the Canterbury Tales, this is probably for you. It follows a group of people on a journey, and each one tells their story on the way there. It has this melancholy, deep tone and involves time and creatures and all sorts of things and it’s wonderful.

This one is definitely a different flavor of fantasy than the rest. Mogworld is a comedy, and follows a magic student who gets killed by a rival school, and then is revived years later as a zombie by a necromancer and is really grumpy about it.

I don’t wanna tell you anymore because honestly there’s more to the plot than what you see at first glance. I really enjoyed this book. It’s very tongue in cheek.

And that’s it! If you have read any of these or end up picking them up, do let me know! Happy reading!

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