Christmas traditions I miss | Blogmas Day 23

Today’s post was supposed to be about baking cookies, which I was going to do today…. and I did, kind of. My life has changed a lot recently, both from the baby and from the pandemic, and it’s changed the way I did the holidays this year.

So I figured I’d talk about traditions I miss that have either changed or disappeared.

Keep in mind, the ones that have done so because of the baby are only temporary, and in no way am I saying I’d change anything about it, because I’d rather have the baby, so don’t take this as me griping about having a baby. Because it’s not.

We’ll start with the obvious:

Baking cookies

Usually I dedicate an entire Saturday to this, and before the pandemic, I’d invite a friend or two over to help me as well. And honestly being vaccinated I’m not against inviting a friend over to help, but my kid doesn’t have his two month vaccines yet. He’s not protected against whooping cough or polio or any of that. A few of my friends have gotten the whooping cough vaccine at my request in addition to the covid one to protect my kid, but today they were either working or sick, so.

I just miss spending the day baking cookies and drinking with my buddies. Once my newborn is not a newborn anymore – aka next year – I’m hoping I can do it again.

I did mention I baked cookies today and I did. I grabbed the premade, pre-portioned dough and baked a couple dozen of those in between changing diapers and making bottles. It took far longer to bake two dozen cookies today than it did to bake eight dozen normally. So… now you see why I didn’t have enough content to make a post about baking cookies, haha.

And speaking of baking and drinking…

Holiday beer

Normally I try to get a variety of holiday beers during the winter. I’m a dark beer fan so this is my season to be jolly. But obviously I wasn’t drinking due to pregnancy earlier and now I’m on a medication where I can’t drink either. The med won’t be permanent so I can again eventually, but the seasonal stuff will be long gone by then.

Getting a real Christmas tree

This one is not recent. I haven’t had a real tree since 2013. That’s because I moved out of my parents’ house in fall of 2014 and every place I’ve lived since then has either been too small for a tree or the lease said we couldn’t have a real one. That’s what the deal is at my current place. So I have a decent fake one, but it’s not the same. I miss going out, picking the one I want, chopping it down and tying it to the car. I miss the pine smell, hell I miss stepping on pine needles. It’s not Christmas until you get one of those suckers logged in your foot.

Friends’ parties

This one is the plague talking. Usually we’d have parties to build gingerbread houses or watch Christmas movies or something. None of that is happening this year or last year.

Christmas shopping with my husband

This is one that should be doable next year. This year though it was all online or just me going out. Our kid is too young to go into public. He’s not protected yet, so one of us stays home with him while the other goes out. He should be good by next year, assuming the plague isn’t even worse.

Christmas light hunting

This one we probably could have done had we the energy, as my kid can go in the carseat, but neither of us did. Sleeping in two hour chunks does that to a person. Next year!

Going to my extended family’s Christmas dinner

Last year it didn’t happen because of the plague, this year it’s happening but we’re not going because the cases are actually higher here this year than they were last year, and again, my kid isn’t vaccinated because he’s too young, and more than one of my family have refused to get the covid vax, let along the whooping cough one. So next year hopefully.

And that’s it. I didn’t mean for this post to come off as complainy, I’m just a bit bummed that none of the above could happen this year. All of them except the tree should be able to happen next year, so something to look forward to!

If there’s stuff you miss doing, do lemme know.



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