What we did for Christmas | Blogmas Day 26

Merry Christmas!

Yesterday I took the day off from blogging to celebrate and today I’m back at it until the end of the month to complete my blogmas posts.

Today’s is about what we did for Christmas. It was a bit of a hybrid between a “normal” Christmas and what we did last year during the plague. It was interesting.

Christmas Eve.

Christmas Eve my parents and sister came over for lunch and to exchange gifts. We honestly just had Taco Bell for lunch and it was nice not having to prepare any big meal. The gift exchange went well too – my parents are first-time grandparents and they ended up getting my kid a onesie with pizzas on it, among other things. It was really cute.

After they left, a friend of mine stopped over to drop off some gifts. Normally my husband and I would go to her grandmother’s house for dinner Christmas Eve night but due to the plague and having a newborn, we passed on that, so she stopped here instead on her way there.

She ended up giving me some beer and some coffee stuff, but for my baby she pretty much made me cry. I’ve mentioned before that my favorite band is Nightwish. They have this song called ‘Edema Ruh’, which I believe was inspired by Rothfuss’s novels. Apparently my friend had been keeping track of what songs she was listening to while I was in labor, and that was the song that was playing the minute my kid was born. So she had the lyrics printed out and framed. She also gave me a copy of the books, which I will keep and give to my kid when he’s older. I have my own copies and these ones, now that they’re relevant to his birth, will be for him. The framed picture of the Nightwish lyrics really got to me though, I teared up a bit.

Christmas Day.

Christmas morning my husband and I exchanged gifts, and we also opened stockings. So we got a lot of chocolate on top of everything else. He got me a few really neat things, one of which is a book that will show up in my yearly wrap up at the end of the month.

My inlaws then came over for lunch. We made pizzas in the oven and it went rather well. We had decided this year not to do gifts for each other, just the kids, so they brought a bunch of things for my kid. Really, they spoiled him. There were literally two boxes of gifts. My mother in law was so excited hahaha. So he got lots of toys and clothes and stuff like that.

The evening was just spent with my husband and my baby. Nice and relaxed, it was wonderful.

Boxing Day.

Today I woke up early and made the traditional breakfast bake that my family makes for Christmas every year. I would usually make it Christmas morning but with my inlaws coming for lunch we figured we wouldn’t be hungry again in time, so I did it today instead. After, we ran up to my sister in law’s real quick to let her meet my kid from a distance and to drop off gifts for my nephews. Normally we would have all spent Christmas together – my inlaws and sister in law, but my SIL isn’t vaccinated which is one of our hard boundaries, so we didn’t do that. The gift drop off was quick and everyone kept their distance, so it was better than sharing a meal and a table for a few hours. It was nice that she finally got to meet him, even if it was just waving from across the room.

After, we came home and got on a video call with my cousin, who was at my mother’s side of the family’s Christmas lunch. We would normally go to that but didn’t do that either this year because of the plague and because more than one family member wasn’t vaccinated. Earlier in the week we had given our gifts to them to my mother, who took them there with her, and she brought the gifts from them to us. So we opened the stuff from each other while on call. Among some other things, I got a gift card to the bookstore. Guess where I’m goin’ tomorrow. :’D

And now, the festivities are done. I’m still on maternity leave until the end of January, and my husband took this coming week off up through the New Year, so aside from a visit from my cousin on Tuesday and my parents on Wednesday, our goal is just to vegetate and spend time with our baby.

I hope you all had a wonderful holiday season. See ya tomorrow with another blogmas post.

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