Bookshelf Tour 2021! | Blogmas Day 28

Happy Day 28 of Blogmas! Just a few more days to go. Today I’m gonna show you my entire book collection.

Full disclosure: I didn’t tidy up my bookshelves at all for this. This is their “natural state”. Normally I would make them all nice and pretty but 1: I have a newborn and ain’t nobody got time for that; 2: the Christmas tree is still up and sitting in front of the shelves so I can’t get to half of them to tidy anyways; and 3: my TBR case is officially overflowing (as you’ll see) so no amount of tidying would help it.

So you get my messy, crazy, well-loved shelves in all their glory.

Also unlike last year, my books are no longer all in one room. When we set up the nursery, we moved my books out of there and had to divide the between the living room and the upstairs nook. So bear with me as this might be a bit disjointed:

Upstairs nook:


The books upstairs fall into three categories: nonfiction, comics, and manga. About half of the nonfiction is my husband’s, so if you see something that doesn’t seem like my taste, assume it’s his. Also everything in Japanese/about the Japanese language is his, as are the DC comics. The manga upstairs is a combination of ones that contain graphic content and just stuff that wouldn’t fit downstairs. No butt manga in the living room, don’t want people perusing and randomly flipping through it without giving them fair warning.

The shelves:

I wish I had a better place for these shelves, as you can’t really “display” anything on them with the space being so tight, but I don’t really have a choice.

We’re currently renting and when we get to the point where we can buy a house, I’m hoping we can get one with the space for all the booky wonder to be in one area.

The living room:


So as you can see, a bit chaotic. I’m hoping to make them “nicer” once all the Christmas decorations are put away.

The shelves in this room consist of manga, read and unread fiction, some comics, and board games.

The shelves:

And that is it! These are my books as of right now. If you spot any you really like, lemme know!

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