Fiction series I won’t be continuing ’22

Hi! I haven’t made one of these posts since 2020 because 2021 was The Great Blog Slump™. So this could be neat. Manga I’ve decided to separate into a different post, just because I have so many series going on now.

Series I’ve decided to discontinue:

And that’s it, honestly. Most of the series I’ve started within the last couple years I’m still set on continuing. These are the ones that didn’t make the cut. If you notice though, The Witcher is absent from this list, even though I DNF’d Blood of Elves…. and that’s because I’m thinking to give that series another shot. At some point, I will re-try Blood of Elves and hope I’m more in the mood for it. Do wish me luck.

Soon there will be manga series discontinued, manga unfinished, and fiction unfinished lists popping up, so keep a look out for those. Peace!

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