I fudged my buying ban for the first time in history | Book and manga haul #52

So uh… I messed up my buying ban? But just by a little bit! And it doesn’t mean I’m abandoning it, I’m still doing it for the next few months and will not mess up again.

I accumulated eight books this month, two of which go against the ban. The other six were gifts.

Why did I fudge my buying ban after literal years of doing one every year and never messing it up? Honestly I forgot I was on it. I bought some Naomi Novik books second hand to complete my Temeraire collection and only after I got a shipping notification did I go ‘oh shit, I’m on a buying ban!’. So whoops. In my defense, they’re already read. So I didn’t add to my tbr at least.


Anyways, this is what I acquired this month:

The two books on the left are late Christmas gifts from an IRL buddy, as are the two in the middle. The two on the right are my blunders. They’re not even the same size – that’s what I get for going against my buying ban, I guess. Wonky books.

After I took my initial haul pictures, I got these two books as gifts as well! The one on the left I got from my mom. It was a 12 Friend Rec book recommended by her and originally I had borrowed this copy from her to read it. And then she showed up yesterday and gave it to me because I had liked it so much. And the one on the right was a gift from my irl buddy who gave me the Inuyasha manga and Middlegame. Same kinda story – it was a 12 Friend rec book and I had borrowed it from her to read, and she just gave me the copy instead! So both of these were unexpected but very much appreciated. 😀

And that’s it!

Next month, any books I haul will either be gifts or books for buddy reads, which are the one exception to my buying ban. Nothing else will be present, dammit. Wish me luck. Happy reading!

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