March Currently Reading! ’22

Happy March! This is what I’m currently reading!

The Well of Ascension I technically haven’t started yet, but I’m gonna do so today. It’s a buddy read with my pal Meredith @Allboutthembooksandstuff! I ended up liking the first one in the series so I’m hoping I like this one as well.

Promise of Blood was a buddy read with an irl friend. She’s already finished the book though and didn’t like it so I’ll likely finish out the trilogy on my own. I do really like it so far so it’s a bummer that she didn’t.

City of Brass is my current audiobook and is the second of my 12 Friend Rec books. I’m really liking it and I’m kinda steamed that I am. I used to own a copy of this book and I got rid of it in The Purge. So if this ends up being five stars I’m gonna have to re-get it, roar.

And that’s it! I have a couple more buddy reads starting up this month but not for another week or two so those books will likely show up on my April currently reading post. Til next time, peace out homies.

February Currently Reading! ’22

Honestly February is my least favorite month of the year, so here’s hoping I get some good books in to make it go faster. This is what I’m currently reading:

Malice and Kingdom of Flesh and Fire are current buddy reads, both with friends IRL! The Poppy War is a reread, and I’m listening to it on audio book. It’s to prep me for The Dragon Republic which is one of my 10 in 2020 books. And finally Gideon the Ninth I technically haven’t started yet but I will be doing so this weekend. It’s one of my 12 Friend Rec books so I’m hoping to finish it this month as well.

And that’s it! Do lemme know what you’re up to this month. Happy reading!

January Currently Reading! ’22

Happy January! These are the books I’m currently reading:

The Storyteller: Tales of Life and Music by Dave Grohl

This is my current audio book! It’s narrated by Dave Grohl himself, so I’m getting the emphasis and emotion that he meant his words to have. It’s really neat.

Dave Grohl is the lead singer of the Foo Fighters, and was the drummer in Nirvana as well back in the 90s. He’s a neat guy and I’m really enjoying his memoir so far.

Lonesome Dove by Larry McMurtry

This is my first of twelve friend recommendation books, the post for which is coming next week. This one was recommended to me by my mother, and so far it’s interesting. It’s set after the civil war in south Texas and follows a couple of rangers as they herd a group of steer to I think Montana? I haven’t actually gotten to that point in the book yet so I’m not sure of their final destination.

Buddy reads:

A Kingdom of Flesh and Fire by Jennifer L. Armentrout

This buddy read is with my friend irl. We also read the first one together and so far I’m unsure about this one. The first one was chaotic and a good time and this one is much slower moving. I’m not disliking it or anything, I’m just not sure where it’s going to go.

Shorefall by Robert Jackson Bennett

This buddy read is with Meredith @Allboutthembooksandstuff! So far I’m really enjoying this book. I loved Foundryside when we read it together and I’m liking this one just as much. The third book comes out in June and I am p u m p e d for it.

Malice by John Gwynne

I actually just started this today with a couple buddies irl and am only seven pages or so into it. I’ve heard really good things about this series so I’m hoping I really like it!

And that is it! Five books, which is a bit high for me at one time, so wish me luck!

December Currently Reading ’21 | Blogmas Day 5

Five days of Blogmas down! Today’s post is about all the books I’m currently reading, the vast majority of them being buddy reads. Since a baby happened recently they’ve all kinda halted for a bit, but I’m back into it now, albeit a bit more slowly than before. Luckily all my buddies are understanding that I’m usually covered in some sort of human fluid and therefore read slower now. Thanks buddies.

Before They Are Hanged by Joe Abercrombie – This is my buddy read with Zezee @Zezeewithbooks! We’re a bit over half way through at this point and I gotta say I’m pretty invested. I’m enjoying this book more than the first one (which I also liked so woot).

Shorefall by Robert Jackson Bennett – This is my buddy read with Meredith @Allboutthembooksandstuff, and I’m also rather enjoying this one! Foundryside – book one – was one of my favorite books earlier this year so I’m hoping this one will be just as good.

Dracula by Bram Stoker – This is my current audio book! I picked it up back around Halloween for a spooky read and just kinda fell by the wayside with it. With all the buddy reads, this one should honestly probably go on the back burner list but eh. I’ll get back to it at some point.

A Kingdom of Flesh and Fire by Jennifer L Armentrout – Another buddy read! This time with a buddy irl. The first one we both found pretty entertaining so we’ve picked this one up as well! So far it’s weird but I think I dig it?

And that’s it! There was another book I was reading on my own, but that has definitely gone to the back burner so it’s not even worth mentioning, as I haven’t touched it in like… weeks. It’s fine.

Til tomorrow!

March Currently Reading! ’21

Happy March! This is what I’m currently reading!

Hood by Stephen R. Lawhead – This is my current audio book and honestly it’s pretty slow going. I’m a little over half way through at the moment. It’s not bad but I haven’t been sucked in or anything.

A Court of Silver Flames by Sarah J. Maas – Shortly after posting my haul, I realized I forgot to include this book. Whoops – I’ll put it in next month’s. This came out earlier this month and I dove right into it. I’m about two thirds through. It’s… exactly how every one of this author’s books are. It’s fun but it’s also completely ridiculous.

Dragon Wing by Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman – This is my current buddy read with Zezee @Zezeewithbooks! So far I’m rather digging it, though it is a tad slow. It’s not bad at all though and I’ve laughed out loud during the thing a few times now.

The Obelisk Gate by N. K. Jemisin – This is my current buddy with an irl friend! We read the first one last month and adored it, so we picked this one up right away. So far, we’re loving this, too!

And that’s it! Happy reading!

February Currently Reading!

Happy February! Right now I’m reading some neato books! This is what they are:

Hood by Stephen R Lawhead – This is my current audio book! It’s a retelling of Robin Hood (obviously). So far it’s pretty decent! I’m luke-warm to Robin Hood to begin with, so I wasn’t sure how I was going to take to this one. But so far, I like it!

The Book of the Dead Days by Marcus Sedgwick – I’ve been reading this one since the day after Christmas. The ‘Dead Days’ in the book are the days between Christmas and New Year’s, so I was hoping to finish it during those days. But hey, it didn’t happen, and that’s ok. This is about a magician that makes a deal that comes back to bite him, and he has only until the end of the dead days to set it right. So far it’s pretty good! It’s a bit slow paced, but it’s very interesting and atmospheric.

Foundryside by Robert Jackson Bennett – This is one of two buddy reads I have going right now, and man I love this book. I’m only a tad over half way through so far but I am absolutely smitten. If I’m being honest, I was a bit unsure of this one, mostly because of the hype, but augh it totally deserves it. This story follows a thief and a written magic and a heist and ancient beings and… and and it’s so good! It’s awesome! And it’s funny to boot.

The Fifth Season by N. K. Jemisin – This is my other buddy read and I’m pretty smitten with this one, too. I’m very late to the bandwagon with this book and I wish I would have read it sooner. It’s so interesting – the world, the characters, the magic, the society, the history, all of it. I don’t even know how to describe this. Uh… This book is set in a world that ends over and over, and it’s about the people who live in it. I don’t really wanna saw more than that. It’s. Fantastic. I’m about three-fourths through it, and hope to finish this week!


And that’s it! Four books that I’m currently reading, and I have many more planned for this month. Let me know if you’ve read any of these!

January Currently Reading! ’21

Well hi! Today is my first post after Blogmas, and it’s what I’m currently reading!

Foundryside by Robert Jackson Bennett – I’m only a couple chapters into this one, and I’m reading it with my buddy Meredith @allboutthembooksandstuff!

So far it’s definitely interesting, and I’m already picking up on some humor laced throughout the narrative that I really like. I’m hoping this becomes a new favorite!

The Book of the Dead Days by Marcus Sedgwick – Technically I was aiming to finish this during the dead days – between Christmas and New Year’s – but I didn’t finish in time. It’s pretty good though. It has a nice rich tone to it that I really like.

Hood by Stephen R Lawhead – This is one of the oldest books I own. I’ve had it since I was about fifteen years old and never read it. Soooo I picked it up on audio book and am listening to it. So far it’s pretty decent. The writing at the beginning was a bit difficult to get into but now that I’m into it, I’m enjoying it.

And that’s it! I do plan on picking up another buddy read here in a couple days but as I’m not ‘currently’ reading it, it doesn’t make the list. 😛 So it’ll either show up on the wrap up if I finish it this month or on next month’s currently reading. We’ll see!

Happy reading friends.

December Currently Reading! ’20

Happy December! Today is my Friday, as I took tomorrow off work, so I’m hoping I get a good chunk farther into everything I mention today this weekend. And then next week, I have a full five day work week, and then a normal weekend, and then another work week, and then I’m on vacation until January 4th. I’m so excited.

This is what I’m currently reading!

Mogworld by Yahtzee Croshaw – This is my current audio book! Last month, I made a pile of books where I wasn’t sure if I wanted them anymore. So basically what I’m doing is I start one, read a chapter or two, and make a decision to either keep reading or just get rid of it it if doesn’t immediately catch my interest. This one was in that pile and passed with flying colors. I’m so, so, so entertained by this. It follows a magic student who dies immediately, and then get revived by a necromancer and then is really grumpy about it. It’s absolutely hilarious, and it’s probably gonna be five stars unless it randomly takes a nose dive.

The Moth Diaries by Rachel Klein – This is another one of those books on that pile, and this one aaaalso passed. I’m not 100% invested yet but I’m definitely fascinated and want to keep reading. It follows a girl at a boarding school who is convinced her classmate is a vampire… but she’s telling the story through journal entries that her therapist recommended she share, because she was diagnosed with some sort of delusionary disorder. So it’s fascinating. Is the classmate a vampire, or is her mind playing tricks on her? It reads almost like a gothic horror, it’s neat!

Renegade’s Magic by Robin Hobb – This is a buddy read I’m doing with Zezee @Zezeewithbooks! So far, I’m rather enjoying it. I’m not as emotionally invested as I usually am with a Hobb book, but it’s still pretty good. I’m waiting for this explosive emotional ending that I know is coming. She never ends books without making me go ‘;~; buh’. This is the third book in the Soldier Son trilogy and the last Hobb novel I have yet to finish. So after this, I think we’re gonna pick up Margaret Weis’s books. I just need something long and invest-y, man. I need it.

Serpent & Dove by Shelby Mahurin – This is another buddy read! This one I’m doing with an irl friend. It’s something we decided to start on December 1st (though technically I haven’t picked it up yet, bad Emily bad) as a way to celebrate both of us winning Nanowrimo (which we both did, yay!) I’m hoping I like this. I’ve heard good things.


And that’s it for books. I did decided to do an instagram challenge for December, so those pictures might pop up in future posts – we’ll see. Though if you do wanna be buddies on ig, add me! (Shameless plug, shh)

Happy reading!

November Currently Reading!

Happy November! I’m currently 17k words into Nanowrimo, so my reading has taken a bit of a dip as a result. But, I am reading a few books between writing!


Mogworld by Yahtzee Croshaw – This is my current audio book, and it’s by the guy who does the Zero Punctuation videos if you’ve heard of them. He also narrates his own book so it’s that same deadpan delivery, and I think it really fits.

This is a book about a student at a magic school who gets killed right at the beginning of the book, and then is revived as undead and is pissed about it. It’s hilarious and so far I’m really enjoying it.

The Maze Runner by James Dashner – In fairness I haven’t touched this in a couple weeks, and I probably won’t until Nanowrimo is over. Out of the three books I’m reading, it’s the lowest priority for sure.

But so far, it’s not bad. I’ve heard mixed things about it, so we’ll see how it goes.

Renegade’s Magic by Robin Hobb – This is the last Hobb novel I have left, and after this I’m going to need to find something to fill the void. Like with the majority of all the other Hobb novels, I’m buddy reading this with Zezee @Zezeewithbooks.

So far, I have no idea where this plot is going, but I also felt that way in the second book and ended up loving it, so I really hope this one ends well. I tend to like Hobb’s endings, so my hopes are high.

And that’s it! Like I said, my reading is currently a bit slow. It’ll pick up at the end of November – I’m ahead in Nano, so hopefully I stay that way and can finish early.

Lemme know if you’ve read any of the above! Happy reading!

October Currently Reading! ’20

Happy Halloween Eve*26! Today’s post will be about the books I am currently reading!

Hotel Africa vol 2 by Hee Jung Park – this is the second volume in this really great manhwa I picked up last year. I reread vol 1 last month in preparation for this and loved it. So far I’m liking this one just as much.

Armada by Ernest Cline – So I did a thing recently: in addition to giving myself a book buying ban, I’ve also done a purge. I have the purge books divided into two sections: books I’m definitely getting rid of and books that might still go if they don’t hook me fairly quickly. This book is in section two. So if it doesn’t strike me as something great soon here I’m gonna dnf it (and the same for all the books in section two of my purge, which is about 30 books). So far it’s ok. The plot is interesting enough but the main character is driving me nuts. I’m gonna give it another 50 pages.

Vita Nostra by Marina & Sergey Dyachenko – This is a buddy read I’ve started with Katy @bookbinderway and another buddy! Honestly I haven’t actually started this yet, but it’s during the current ‘read this far’ window soooo.

The Phantom of the Opera by Gaston Leroux – This is my latest audio book and I’m really, really liking it. It’s so haunting and lilting and unexpectedly funny. It’s surprised me with how much I’m liking it!

And that’s it! Four books currently – I have twenty eight books to go before reaching my 2020 TBR goal, so wish me luck! Happy reading!