Top 5 Wednesday posts I’ve completed. This meme was created by Lainey, and here is the full list of posters if you’d like to join.

Last updated 2-3-18


Reading Resolutions: 1-3
Books I didn’t get to in 2017: 1-10
Forgettable books: 1-17
Hidden gems: 1-31


Worst Books of the Year: 12-20-17
Characters on the Naughty List: 12-13-17
Things I’m Grinchy About: 12-6-17
Problematic Characters: 11-8-17
Books Featuring Neato Creatures: 10-18-17
Creepy Settings: 10-11-17
Books Featuring Witches: 10-4-17
Books Reading Because of the Book Community: 9-27-17
Fancasts: 9-20-17
Books to Go Into Blind: 9-13-17
Series that got better: 7-26-17
Books with non-western settings: 7-19-17
Children’s books: 7-12-17
Books without romance: 7-6-17
Fantasy and sci-fi cover arts: 5-4-17
Books that would make good video games: 4-13-17
Sci-fi and fantasy novels on my TBR: 4-5-17
Future Classics: 3-29-17
Angsty Romances: 3-22-17
Books That Betrayed Me, THOSE FIENDS: 3-15-17
Fantasy and Sci-fi books: 3-8-17
Fictional Jobs: 3-1-17
Nonwritten Novels: 2-15-17
Tiring Book Trends: 2-8-17
Most Underrated Books: 1-26-17
2017 Goals: 1-4-17


Fictional Items I’d Give as Gifts: 12-21-16
Series The Got Worse with Each Book/Season: 12-14-16
Books to Finally Read in ’17: 12-7-16
Favorite Villains: 11-30-16
Books I Want to Reread: 11-23-16
Spooky Settings: 10-27-16
Books Outside My Comfort Zone: 7-6-16
Moms: 4-27-16
Intimidating Books: 4-21-16
Hard Topics: 4-13-16
Biggest Book Hangovers: 3-2-16
Recommended Reads: 2-17-16
Badasses: 2-3-16
Disappointing Eye Candy: 1-27-16
Buzz Words: 1-20-16


Books to Read by the Fire: 12-16-15
Fairytale Retellings: 12-9-15
Audio books: 12-2-15
Halloween Recommendations: 10-28-15
Authors I Discovered This Year: 10-21-15
Series You Wish Had More Books: 8-26-15
Favorite Required Reading: 8-12-15
Favorite Maps: 8-6-14
Side Characters that Deserve Their Own Series: 7-23-15
Most Anticipated Releases for the Rest of 2015: 7-15-15
Things on My Bookshelf That Aren’t Books: 7-8-15
Characters You Wish You Could Drown: 6-24-15
Favorite Books of the Year So Far: 6-3-15
Books I Will Never Read. Ever.: 5-27-15
Books I’d Want to See as TV Shows: 5-6-15
Favorite Series Enders: 4-29-15
Book that Feature Traveling: 4-22-15
Books I Wanted to Start Yesterday: 4-8-15
Jokester Characters: 4-1-15
Books that Make You Think: 3-12-15
Books You’d Save in the Fire: 3-4-15
Futuristic Books: 2-4-15
Anti-Heroes: 1-31-15
Series I Want to Start: 1-14-15


Re-reads: 12-10-14
Books Over 500 Pages: 11-16-14
Rebellion Groups: 11-19-14


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