Blogmas 2018: Tentative posting schedule

Blogmas 2018

Hello, today is one of my favorite posting days! The one where I tell you ‘I’m totally gonna do this’ and then hopefully do it. Most years, I end up pretty solidly doing it, so neat.

I’ve been doing Blogmas every year since 2015 I believe. It’s an event where you post every day from December 1st through the 24th or 25th. I tend to go through the end of the year and even into January, though, because that’s when all the fun ‘favorite books of the year’ type posts come out. Every year, I make a tentative posting schedule, open to change should I read a really good book that needs a review or have an idea that I just need to throw in, etc etc.

If you’re planning on participating in Blogmas, let me know! If you’d like to use some of or all of these ideas, you go for it. 😀

Tentative Schedule

1st – Nanowrimo Wrap Up
2nd – November Wrap Up
3rd – December Currently Reading
4th – 3 Things Tag
5th – Top 5 Wednesday
6th – Coffee Time – Amnesia
7th – Anonymous Bookaholic Tag
8th – Christmas Decorations
9th – Christmasy Books
10th – Last 10 Book Tag
11th – Top Owned Authors
12th – Top 5 Wednesday
13th – Top Read Authors
14th – Bookshelf Tag
15th – TBR Highs and Lows
16th – Unfinished Series
17th – Christmas Cookie Book Tag
18th – Christmas Movies
19th – Top 5 Wednesday
20th – Christmas Songs Book Tag
21st – Christmas Vacation TBR
22nd – Christmas Cinema Book Tag
23rd – Books I Hope Santa Brings
24th – Christmas Eve Book Tag

25th – A break for me! No post today. Merry Christmas to you. 😀

26th – Top 5 Wednesday
27th – Christmas and Fall Book Haul/End of Buying Ban
28th – New Year’s Book Tag
29th – Bookshelf Tour 2018 (maybe vid, maybe pics, depends on motivation)
30th – 10 in 2019
31st – December Wrap Up

January 1st – 2018: A Year in Books
2nd – 2019 Reading Resolutions
3rd – Worst books of 2018
4th – Best books of 2018
5th – January Currently Reading
6th – Anticipated Releases 2019

After January 6th, I’ll be returning to my normal Saturday – Sunday – Wednesday posting schedule, and will likely need a nap.

I’m very much looking forward to December, it’s my favorite time of year, and Blogmas is one of the reasons I find it so great. I hope you decide to participate too! Happy reading!

NaNoWriMo 2018

NaNoWriMo 2018 Facebook Cover

Hello! Today I want to talk about NaNoWriMo!

If you’re unfamiliar, NaNoWriMo stands for National Novel Writing Month, where during the month of November, hundreds of thousands of people attempt to write a 50,000 word novel! It started back in 1999, and there were 21 participants. Last year in 2017, there were over 400,000. If you would like to learn more, here is the NaNoWriMo official site, and here is me! Add me if you plan on participating!

I’ve been participating every year since 2008 (Though my user account shows only participation since 2011. I think it’s because my first three years were such utter failures but that’s ok). I can’t skip out now, even if I end up failing, I still need to at least try.

I’ve won NaNoWriMo three out of the seven times shown on my profile, and I plan to (try) to win again this year. After last year’s attempt though, the need for me to change my approach is very dire. Usually, I’m a pantser – I don’t really outline and just take an idea and go by the seat of my pants. The problem with that is, the past five years or so, I’ve been attempting to rewrite a novel idea I first had in 2010. Each year I tell myself that ‘this didn’t come out how you wanted it to last year, so try it again’ and each year I go in with a vague idea of what I want, and then hey, it still doesn’t turn out.

So this year, I do plan on rewriting, but I’m going to do it planner- style. During October, I will be outlining and making character sheets to the best of my abilities. I’m hoping it’ll result in at least a first draft that I will let see the light of day. So wish me luck! I really like this story idea – it’s stuck in my head for nearly a decade now – so I hope I can do it justice this year. All I can tell you really is that it’s about a lighthouse keeper and it’s a fantasy.

There will be one obstacle to my goal: I will be out of town between October 27th and November 3rd, and during those first three NaNo days, I won’t really have the opportunity to write. So I’m going to attempt to do a lot of catch-up on the 4th, and keep even from there. That’s the goal, buuuut from looking at past attempts, I tend to flounder until the last three or four days, and then I churn out 5 or 6k words per day at the very end and hit the goal way closer to midnight than I am comfortable with. So here’s hoping future-me stays motivated.

Also, writing this novel means that this blog will be taking a bit of a hit. Instead of three or four posts per week, I’m going to drop to two: Wednesdays and Saturdays. When NaNoWriMo is over, I’ll be hoping right into Blogmas 2018, so there will be a post every single day in the month of December to make up for it. So I’m ok with it, averaging out.

I think that’s about everything I wanted to say. If you’re in the western Pennsylvania region and plan on participating, let me know! I love participating in write-ins and I don’t mind driving a bit to a public place. Also if you’re participating period, add me on the NaNo site!

Happy writing!

August Wrap Up | ’18

Wrap Up

Hello! I read nine things this month. Mostly manga, but hey, I’m cool with it.


Spinning Silver by Naomi Novik

Spinning SilverThis book was a joy to read. I’ve loved everything I’ve read by Naomi Novik – her Temeraire series (which I’m currently buzzing through) and Uprooted both – and this was no exception.

I really loved the atmospheric feel this novel had. It had a coldness to it that made the icy Staryk creatures all the more mystical and whimsical feeling. I wrote a full blabber on this one, if you’d like to learn my thoughts. Short version: I adored it.

5/5 stars



Fruits Basket Another vol 1 by Natsuki Takaya

Fruits Basket Another, Vol. 1When I saw this on the shelves man, I flipped out a bit. I loved Fruits Basket as a teenager and have actually a few second hand copies of it coming up in the next haul, but I had no idea there was a sequel out. I bought it immediately. I couldn’t help it. And then I read it immediately too. I loved it – it gave me the nostalgic Fruits Basket feeling but with fresh characters and a fresh plot. I’m going to enjoy following this one as it continues to come out.

4/5 stars



Fence vol 1 by C. S. Pacat

Fence Vol. 1This series came out in trade either late July or early August, I don’t remember. But, I’ve been waiting for it. Fence is the latest work by C. S. Pacat, who also wrote Captive Prince, so I was all over it. It turned out to be a solid beginning to a series, but I feel like I’ll need a few more volumes before I can decide if I love it or not.

3.75/5 stars





Attack on Titan vols 15 and 16 by Hajime Isayama

Attack on Titan, Vol. 16Still chugging along on this train – each volume tends to hover between 4 and 5 stars for me, depending on if we find out anything super interesting.These fell right along in the pattern. They were gifted to me for my birthday from friend Amanda, and I read them right away and loved them. Need more now, please.

4/5 stars each




Land of the Lustrous vols 1 and 2 by Haruko Ichikawa

Land of the Lustrous, Vol. 1 (Land of the Lustrous, #1)These two manga (and vols 3-5 which I haven’t read yet) were lent to me by friend Brady, who snoops my blog sometimes, so hi. They’re centered around gem-people who live in a world seemingly having had an apocalypse of somekind, thought not too much detail has been given yet, I feel that from the contents of volume 2, it’ll soon become more the focus. The first volume of this was just ok for me. The second though picked up and got me a bit more invested in the story. Will be finishing it for sure.

3/5 and 4/5 stars


Orange: Future by Ichigo Takano

Orange: FutureI don’t know why, but this series always makes me feel like crying when I read it. It makes me feel sad, even when happy things happen. I love it though. This volume follows the events of the two omnibus volumes, and I feel it really did a good job handling any loose ends. I actually read this unexpectedly – I was sitting on the floor, sorting my books, when I went to move this one into another pile. Instead I sat there cross-legged and ended up reading it for twenty five minutes. Hah. I really liked it.

4/5 stars


Queen of Shadows by Sarah J Maas

Queen of Shadows (Throne of Glass, #4)This is the only other actual book I read this month. I felt myself getting slumpy mid-month. I had been keeping myself afloat with manga, but the urge to actually pick up a book was small. So, I figured I should pick up one I would fly through, and YA fantasy really tends to do the trick for me. So, picked up this as it was on my 10 in 2018 list. I did fly through it, and hey, my slum is broken now.

Actually, I picked it up and read it as my sole read for the Bout of Books readathon, right after I made a post about reading a bunch of other things. Ended up not touching any of them, haha. Just read this one. Got about 550 pages in during the readathon, and then finished it the next day.

It had been about two years since I read Heir of Fire, so I had to go look up spoilers for it so I would remember what in the world was going on. I had heard that this book was a bit controversial among its fans, and I suppose I can see why, but I ended up rather liking it.

4.25/5 stars


Other Things

  • I had my first wedding anniversary on August 1st
  • My 28th birthday was on August 7th
  • We went to Chicago and saw a live recording of Wait Wait Don’t Tell me and Peter Sagal signed my book!

No automatic alt text available.

Reading Goals

  • Complete my Goodreads Challenge of 40 books: 52/40
  • Complete my 10 in 2018 list of books: 3/10
  • Keep book buying low (6-8 books/season):
    • January-March purchases: 9
    • April-June purchases: 12
    • July-September purchases: I don’t wanna talk about it
    • October-December purchases:
  • Get my physical TBR down to 270 books: 303
  • Finish the r/Fantasy Book Bingo Challenge by Mar 31, 2019

Fantasy Bingo 2018

And that’s it! Happy reading! 😀

2018 Reading Resolutions Check In

2018 Reading Resolutions

Today I determine which reading goals I’ve achieved, which I’m on the track to, and which to call it quits on and abandon. I know I’m not doing terribly, but I’m not doing as well as I had hoped, either. Here goes nothin’.

At the beginning of this year, I made two posts, one entitled 2018 Reading Resolutions and the other called 10 in 2018. The first is exactly as it sounds, in addition to personal and blog goals as well. The second is a list of books I want to read this year. I’ll review my progress on both posts.

2018 Reading Resolutions

Book Related:

  • Complete my Goodreads Challenge of 40 books – Complete!

Currently sitting at 43!

  • Complete my 10 in 2018 list of books – In Progress

List will be shown below!

  • Keep book buying low – no more than 6-8 books every three months – Kinda failed

I’ve been averaging about 10 books per three months, not 8. So not crazy, but a bit higher than I’ve wanted.

I will liiiikely not achieve this one by the end of the year though, who am I kidding.

Did it! I even won some books from it, too!

I really love the idea of this challenge, but I was a bit discouraged by how you can only submit so many books before it’ll only let you submit retail reviews you’ve written. So I kinda stopped participating in this one after I started consistently getting passed the allotted number of books it’ll let you put in.

Blog Related:

  • Post seasonal (not monthly) book hauls – In Progress

Good so far!

  • Maintain a S-W-S posting schedule – In Progress

I’ve actually upped it to a S-T-W-S schedule recently.

  • Keep my To Do list of pending tags under five items at any one time – In Progress


This one I actually doing need to do anymore. I changed the layout of my blog to automatically keep a list so I don’t have to.

  • Write blabbers for at least 1/3 of the books I read – In Progress

I’m not sure what the ratio is off the top of my head, but I’m pretty sure I’m close.

Personal Resolutions:

  • Exercise two times per week – In Progress

Was iffy there for a while but I’m solidly doing well on this now. 😀

  • Log all meals in MyFitnessPal – In Progress

Same as above, I tend to fluctuate, but currently am doing pretty good.

  • Make a wedding/honeymoon scrapbook – Not started


  • Make a budget – Not started


  • Start saving for a house – Not started


  • Take care of my health as issues arise – In Progress

I’d like to say I’m totally on top of it, but I was also carted to the hospital in an ambulance a week and a half ago, so. But! Now I have an official diagnosis, so am ‘on top of it’ again, woo. MY HEART IS AN ASSHOLE

  • Learn Python and R – Not started.


  • Maintain a Duolingo streak – Kinda failed

I broke it, but have been meaning to pick it back up again. If I have a good streak going by Christmas I’ll consider this one a success

10 in 2018


Need to pick up the pace a bit me thinks.

And that’s it! How are you doing on your goals, if you set any? Happy reading!

Anticipated Movie Releases 2018

Anticipated Releases

Hello! I’m doing a new kind of post of my blog today – movie releases! I mentioned way back when that I wanted to branch out a bit, so this is a step towards that. I’m pretty sure these posts will be semi-annual, so there will likely be another one in January for early 2019 releases, just like how I do anticipated book release posts.

Anyway, these are all the movies that I’m pumped to go see:

The Spy Who Dumped Me – Comedy – Release Date: August 3rd

  • Starring Mila Kunis, Justin Theroux, and Kate McKinnon
  • Directed by Susanna Fogel

I’m a huge fan of comedies that are a bit over the top, and I’ve enjoyed all the other comedies I’ve seen both Kate McKinnon and Mila Kunis in, so hopefully this one will be just as entertaining. 😀

Slender Man – Horror – Release Date: August 10th

  • Directed by Sylvain White

This one is either going to be really good or really not. The Slender Man lore on the internet is really creepy and I definitely sucked a lot of hours into playing Slender when it first came out… that said, I hope they do a good job with this.

Colette – Biography/Drama/History – Release Date: September 21st

  • Starring Keira Knightley, Dominic West, and Eleanor Tomlinson
  • Directed by Wash Westmoreland

This one looks fascinating to me. I feel like this trailer is worth checking out.

My Hero Acedemia: Two Heroes – Anime/Action/Comedy – Release Date (USA): September 25th

I am SO EXCITED FOR THIS. I actually just found out about this today and I’m over the moon. I’m so pumped! If you haven’t started watching My Hero Acedemia yet, DO IT MAN. I don’t think there’s a trailer yet, so the movie poster will do.

My Hero Academia Two Heroes Movie Poster

Venom – Action – Release Date: October 5th

  • Starring Tom Hardy, Michelle Williams and Jenny Slate
  • Directed by Ruben Fleisher

I love super hero movies. Well… ‘hero’ here is up for discussion. But you know what I mean.

The Hate U Give – Drama – Release Date: October 19th

  • Starring K.J. Apa, Amandla Stenberg and Regina Hall
  • Directed by George Tillman Jr.

I never got the chance to read this book, so I’m hoping those who did will like the movie just as much.

Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald – Fantasy/Action – Release Date: November 16th

  • Directed by David Yates

I’m very, very much enjoying the expanded Harry Potter universe. The longer it goes, the longer until they reboot the damn things.

Mary Queen of Scots – Historical/Drama – Release Date: December 7th

  • Starring Margot Robbie, Saoirse Ronan, and Gemma Chan
  • Directed By: Josie Rourke

This one looks AMAZING. I am SO EXCITED, MAN.

Dragon Ball Super: Broly – Anime/Action – Release Date (Japan): December 14th, Release Date (USA): Jan 2019

Again, very excited for this one. I’m all for my childhood shows continuing into my adulthood man, THIS WAY I NEVER HAVE TO GROW UP.

And that’s it! There are many more movies I’m excited for, but I didn’t want this post to turn into a novel. If you’re pumped to see any of these, let me know!

Top 5 books of 2018 so far

Copy of Top 5 Wednesday Banner

Hello, happy Hump Day! As you’re reading this, I’m not at work (woo, 4th of July and paid holidays. I’m gonna cherish it). Today’s topic is favorite books of the year so far! I’ve actually already hit my goodreads goal of 40 books, so I have quite the selection to pick from. All of the below books were a solid five stars. Rating them 5 through 1 is a bit superfluous, so take their order with a grain of salt.

If you’d like to participate in Top 5 Wednesday, you can do so here!

5. A River in Darkness: One Man’s Escape From North Korea by Masaji Ishikawa

A River in Darkness:  One Man's Escape from North KoreaGenre: Nonfiction – Memoir

This is a very recent read for me, I just finished it last week, but it’s definitely made its way into my heart. This book is a memoir written by a man who somehow escaped from the North Korean totalitarian regime. It’s written in a very matter-of-fact way – it doesn’t shy away from the suffering that Ishikawa or his family felt. It doesn’t give you an illusion of a happy ending.

This book is powerful, heart breaking, and will stick with me for a long time.




4. The Broken Eye by Brent Weeks

The Broken Eye (Lightbringer, #3)Genre: Fantasy

The Broken Eye is the third book in Weeks’ Lightbringer series, which is one that I’ve been raving about for a long time. The series follows a slew of characters in world of political and magical upheaval. The magic system, based on colors, is really, really cool. The users of the magic are able to visualize a color and morph it into physical matter. Most can do one or two colors, but the Prism, one of the main characters, can draft them all.

And each time a magic user drafts a color, it brings them slightly closer to their deaths.

The world that Weeks has created is so great. I love the plot development, I love the characters, I love the humor. I love it all. I’m currently reading the fourth book, The Blood Mirror and am loving that as well. I hope the fifth (and final??) book comes out soon so I’m not left in a deprived state. DON’T LEAVE ME HANGIN’ WEEKS, OKAY? OKAY.

3. Prince’s Gambit by C. S. Pacat

Prince's Gambit (Captive Prince, #2)Genre: Fantasy, M/M Romance

Really, this one and King’s Rising deserve this spot, but I’m keeping it to single books, and I’m trying to keep one series from hogging multiple spots in the list. So think of it as this book with the third book peeking over its shoulder.

Prince’s Gambit is the second book in the Captive Prince trilogy, which has also become one of my favorites this year. Out of the three, this one in my opinion is by far the best. The other two are good as well, but this one is my fave.

This series, taking place is a fantasy world and dealing with politics and war, is not for the feint of heart. It contains gruesome violence, rape, and just unpleasant situations. It’s gritty. But it’s just so addicting to read. The two main characters – the prince of one land and the prince of the other, find themselves in a situation where… well, read the synopsis of the first book and it’ll be rather clear.

This series is not by any means a modern classic, but holy cow did I have fun reading it. I couldn’t put it down.

2. Wotakoi: Love is Hard for Otaku vol 1 by Fujita

Wotakoi: Love is Hard for Otaku, Vol 1 (Otakoi: Otaku Can't Fall in Love?!)Genre: Manga – Slice of life/Romance

Yep, a single volume of a manga gets the number two spot. I loved this so much.

It kinda came out of nowhere – a comedy youtube channel I follow did a review of the first three episodes of the accompanying anime, and it made me curious enough to go pick it up. I buzzed through the first season in two days, and then I got the ‘need more’ itch I couldn’t scratch. So, my husband bought me the first volume of the manga as a surprise, because I’d been blabbering about it non-stop. I thought that I would like the manga less, only because I had just finished watching the same plot material and figured it might be repetitive from the closeness of consuming to two.

But hoo-boy was I wrong. This manga is even better than the anime. I absolutely adored it and am a fan for life. And I’ve only read the first volume! There are two currently out, the third being released in English in October. You bet your butt I’m going to suck them into my collection.

My favorite part about this series is its simplicity. It follows two mid-20s working individuals, both nerds in their own way, who decide to date each other because they’re most likely to understand each other’s obsessions. It’s cute, it’s light, and it’s drama-free. There’s no teenage angst, there’s no miscommunication… it’s just fun and adorable and funny and I really, really enjoyed it.

1. Golden Fool by Robin Hobb

Golden Fool (Tawny Man, #2)Genre: Fantasy

Again this is another ‘this book and the third one in the trilogy’. Not saying the first wasn’t just as good – it was, but technically I read it in 2017. 😛

I’ve been making my way through Robin Hobb’s Realm of the Elderlings world for almost two years now. I started Assassin’s Apprentice back in 2016 I think, and by the time I got to Assassin’s Quest (Or was it Royal Assassin?!) I had begun buddy-reading everything with Zezee @Zezeewithbooks. We’ve covered all the books since then up through this series… and this one by far is both of our favorites. Golden Fool in particular was just so wonderful. So much character development! So much heart-throbbing-ness, so much suspense! AH, BELOVED. ❤

This series will be getting a blabber from me very soon – I still haven’t been able to calm down enough after the end of Fool’s Fate (book 3) to articulate my thoughts in an even semi-coherent manner. I’m reeling! I’ll get there.

But this series, this book, by far, is my favorite read of the year so far. It’s tops, and I love it. Robin Hobb has a fan for life.

And that’s it! Out of the forty books I’ve read so far this year, these ones are the top of the top, they’re the cat’s pajamas, they’re the bee’s knees!

Have you read any of the above? What were your faves? Happy reading!

Top 5 books I wanna read before the end of the year

Copy of Top 5 Wednesday Banner a wordy title. Happy Hump Day!

Today’s topic is what I said above, and I’m going to try to pick different books than I did in the recent topic ‘books I want to read before the end of summer‘. So think of these as ones I wanna read after those are done.

If you’d like to participate in Top 5 Wednesday, you can do so here.

5. Queen of Shadows by Sarah J Maas

Queen of Shadows (Throne of Glass, #4)

I am behind on this series. I’m not a huge fan of the main character, but I did enjoy the world expansion that occurred in book three, so I’m hoping this book will focus on that. I’ve heard that this one is polarizing, but I don’t know why. I somehow haven’t been spoiled, so if you spoil me I’m gonna come after you with the wrath of a thousand suns and give you such a scolding.

4. The Rise and Fall of D.O.D.O by Neal Stephenson and Nicole Galland

The Rise and Fall of D.O.D.O.

This one sounds so interesting to me, though I’ve had friends both love and hate it. I’ve liked what I read of Stephenson so far, so I’m hoping this one will be good as well. The synopsis makes it sound like a weird crossover between sci-fi and fantasy and I’m all here for it.

3. Dragon Wing by Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman

Dragon Wing (The Death Gate Cycle, #1)

I picked this entire series up off the clearance shelf of my old college bookstore. I had never heard of it, but at the time I was in a huge 90s fantasy kick, so I kinda just grabbed it without thinking too much on it (and it came out the year I was born, holy cow, this is a Fantasy Bingo tile now!!! I’M EVEN MORE PUMPED FOR IT.)

2. The Edge of the World by Kevin J Anderson

The Edge of the World (Terra Incognita, #1)

Out of all the books on this list, this one has been on my TBR the longest – I got this as a Christmas gift back when I was a teenager, so I’ve had it for ten or so years now. My interest has never waivered, I just.. haven’t gotten to it. You know how it is.

1. Caliban’s War by James S. A. Corey

Caliban's War (The Expanse, #2)

Considering that Leviathan Wakes, the first book in this series, was one of my favorite books two years ago and I still haven’t picked this one up, it makes me wonder what I’m doing. I think the eighth(?!) book in this series was just released, so I have a lot of catching up to do. If I get through this one this year though, I’ll be content.

And that’s it! These are… basically the remaining books on my 10 in 2018 list haven’t already been read, aren’t being currently read, and weren’t mentioned on my summer reads post. 😛 I gotta stick to my guns, man. If you plan on reading any of these, do let me know. Happy reading!

2018 Anticipated Releases | July-December

Anticipated Releases

Happy Half-Way-Through-2018! (obligitory ‘what no how did time happen it went so fast blah de blah’). One day the space-time continuum will knock it off and then we’ll be fine.

This is a continuation of a post I made back in January, which covered releases from January through June. I figured it’d be easier with release dates and yada yada.

Like last time, I can’t really say much about the books aside from ‘I’m excited for them’ so these will contain mostly release dates, synopses, and maybe a little bit of me foaming at the mouth.

Spinning Silver by Naomi Novik

Spinning SilverAnticipated release date: July 10th

Goodreads synopsis: Miryem is the daughter and granddaughter of moneylenders… but her father isn’t a very good one. Free to lend and reluctant to collect, he has loaned out most of his wife’s dowry and left the family on the edge of poverty–until Miryem steps in. Hardening her heart against her fellow villagers’ pleas, she sets out to collect what is owed–and finds herself more than up to the task. When her grandfather loans her a pouch of silver pennies, she brings it back full of gold.

But having the reputation of being able to change silver to gold can be more trouble than it’s worth–especially when her fate becomes tangled with the cold creatures that haunt the wood, and whose king has learned of her reputation and wants to exploit it for reasons Miryem cannot understand.

Everything I’ve ever read by Naomi Novik, I’ve loved. I’m currently rereading her Temeraire series and Uprooted was one of my faves last year or two years ago. Am v. excited.

Rejoice, A Knife to the Heart by Steven Erikson

Rejoice, A Knife to the HeartAnticipated Release Date: October something-th

Goodreads synopsis: Rejoice, A Knife to the Heart tells the story of the Intervention, which begins when Samantha August, science fiction writer, disappears into a beam of light, apparently from a UFO, while walking along a busy street in Victoria, Canada. While footage of the incident – captured on smartphones – goes viral, Samantha wakes up in a small room, where she is greeted by the voice of Adam, who explains that they are in orbit and he is AI communicant of the Intervention Delegation, a triumvirate of alien civilisations seeking to ensure the continuing evolution of Earth as a viable biome. Thus begins an astonishing, provocative, beautifully written and startlingly visionary novel of First Contact.

So, Malazan is on my list of things to read, but it’s intimidating. I figure starting with another of the author’s books might uh… acclimatize me.

Dungeons and Dragons Art and Arcana: A Visual History by Michael Witwer, Kyle Newman, Jon Peterson, Sam Witwer

Dungeons and Dragons Art and Arcana: A Visual HistoryAnticipated Release Date: October 23rd

Goodreads synopsis: Dungeons and Dragons is the most iconic and pervasive gaming franchise in the world. It is a seminal RPG (role-playing game) and the inspiration for video games like World of Warcraft and Zelda, fantasy art, and countless other facets of “geek culture.” This officially licensed illustrated history provides an unprecedented look at the visual evolution of the game, showing its continued influence on the worlds of pop culture and fantasy. It features more than 700 pieces of artwork–from each edition of the game’s core books, supplements, and modules; decades of Dragon and Dungeon magazines; classic advertisements and merchandise; and never-before-seen sketches, large-format canvases, rare photographs, one-of-a-kind drafts, and more from the now-famous designers and artists associated with the game. The superstar author team gained unparalleled access to the archives of Wizards of the Coast and the personal collections of top collectors, as well as the designers and illustrators who created the distinctive characters, concepts, and visuals that have defined fantasy art and gameplay for generations. This is the most comprehensive collection of D&D imagery ever assembled, making this the ultimate collectible for the game’s millions of fans around the world.


The Monster Baru Cormorant by Seth Dickinson

The Monster Baru Cormorant (Baru Cormorant, #2)Anticipated Release Date: October 30th

As this is a sequel, here is the Goodreads synopsis to the first book in the series: Tomorrow, on the beach, Baru Cormorant will look up from the sand of her home and see red sails on the horizon.

The Empire of Masks is coming, armed with coin and ink, doctrine and compass, soap and lies. They’ll conquer Baru’s island, rewrite her culture, criminalize her customs, and dispose of one of her fathers. But Baru is patient. She’ll swallow her hate, prove her talent, and join the Masquerade. She will learn the secrets of empire. She’ll be exactly what they need. And she’ll claw her way high enough up the rungs of power to set her people free.

In a final test of her loyalty, the Masquerade will send Baru to bring order to distant Aurdwynn, a snakepit of rebels, informants, and seditious dukes. Aurdwynn kills everyone who tries to rule it. To survive, Baru will need to untangle this land’s intricate web of treachery – and conceal her attraction to the dangerously fascinating Duchess Tain Hu.

But Baru is a savant in games of power, as ruthless in her tactics as she is fixated on her goals. In the calculus of her schemes, all ledgers must be balanced, and the price of liberation paid in full.

This is my absolute number one anticipated book. I am dying for it.



And that’s it! I decided to do a bit different than the last post – I posted the books I’m absolutely certain I will purchase. Many of the ones from the Jan-June list are still unread and unpurchased both. So these are the top of the top, man.

So! What are you looking forward to this year and why is it The Monster Baru Cormorant? Also, I mean, other books too. Happy reading!

Fantasy Bingo 2018 – Fifth Row Picks

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Today the last post talking about the books that I’m considering using for each of the bingo squares in r/Fantasy’s 2018 Bingo Challenge, which I made a post about with all the details. If you’re participating, do let me know!

First Row PicksSecond Row Picks | Third Row Picks | Fourth Row Picks

Fifth Row:


Stand alone fantasy novel. Hard Mode: Stand alone that does not take place in the same universe as any other novel/series.

Novel by a RRAWR Author or on the Keeping up the the Classics list Hard Mode: Read the current book for either category. RRAWR author list here, Classics list here. I’ve only got the one. ;~;

  • Dune by Frank Herbert

Novel from the r/Fantasy LGBTQ+ Database. Hard Mode: Read a Speculative Fiction novel that is not listed in the database yet that features LGBTQ+ characters and let us know so we can get it added to the database. Cumulative list found here.

Graphic novel or audiobook. Hard Mode: GN – Not Saga. Audio – over 25 hrs. I’m not even gonna bother listing audio books because I listen to so many. Graphic novels it is.

Novel featuring Fae. Hard Mode: Fae as main protagonist. I literally know which exact one I’m reading for this. No doubts at all.

And that’s the end of the bingo posts! Until next time, happy reading!!

Fantasy Bingo 2018 – Fourth Row Picks

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Today is another post talking about the books that I’m considering using for each of the bingo squares in r/Fantasy’s 2018 Bingo Challenge, which I made a post about with all the details. If you’re participating, do let me know!

First Row PicksSecond Row Picks | Third Row Picks

Fourth Row:


Novel with fewer than 2500 Goodreads ratings. Hard Mode: Fewer than 500

Novel with a one word title. Hard Mode: Single syllable

Novel featuring God as a character. Hard Mode: God is a main protagonist. This one will be difficult. I’ve only got two contenders right now.

Novel by an author writing under a pseudonym. Hard Mode: The author you read has published under more than one pseudonym. Super duper easy 😀

  • Anything by Robin Hobb

Subgenre: Space Opera. Hard Mode: Protagonist is not military or space pirate.

And that’s it! The final bingo post is tomorrow!