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Top 5 book-y things I’m grinchy about



This week’s topics are book-y things that I’m grinchy about. And the point of the topic is to pick goofy, superfluous things, not issues that actually make me angry. Soooo this is going to be a bit of a long, silly post. 😀

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5. You might have heard of me

In other words, I dislike characters that are super full of themselves. The above quote is one from the synopsis, the synopsis, of The Name of the Wind. Like, that’s Kvothe basically going, ‘Look! I’m a badass. Definitely super badassy. You totes can’t deny it.’ And while he’s the most prominent figure I’ve found that does that, basically anyone (real or fictional) with a huge ego rubs me the wrong way. There’s a difference between confidence and arrogance, peeps.

Any character with ‘lol I’m so great’ as their primary personality trait is usually a big butt nugget.

4. Improper care of library books

Okay so, I love libraries.  I love getting books that are beat to crud from being read so many times. I’m serious! The more worn a book is, the more people have read it, the better the book likely is! Otherwise, it would not have been picked up so much.

But occasionally, you get a person that was obviously raised in a barn. You pick out the book, you rent the book, you take the book home.

You open the book, and out falls a bunch of crumbs. What. You sit there, still holding the book out, slightly farther away from you now. You stare at it, not wanting to look at the small pile of crumbs that are now sitting underneath it. You sigh, brush the remaining crumbs off the page and then throw the crumbs away.

Eh. Someone was eating crackers. Not too bad, no harm done. So you start reading. Thirty pages in, you find you can’t turn to page 31. They are stuck together by some ungodly substance.

At that point, I just quit. Ripping apart library book pages and potentially covering my hands in some sticky mysterious goo is way above my pay grade.

I just wanna find the people who return gooey, crumby library books, grab them by the shoulders and yell “WHAT KIND OF DEMON ARE YOU?!”.

3. Gatekeeping

This is something, luckily, that I don’t see all too often in the book community. It’s there, though. If you’re unfamiliar, gatekeeping is exactly what it sounds like. Some ding dong decides that there are criteria one has to meet to be considered a reader or a fan of a series or whatever.

They pride themselves on the ‘I’m in the club, you’re not’ mentality. They’re the people who when you say you like a band, challenge you to name ten of their songs and the drummer’s cousin’s wife’s middle name. Otherwise, you’re not a true fan. You’re a casual. Like wat. This happens a lot in both directions. Either people will gatekeep stuff to keep people out or people will be proud of being ‘out’ and make fun of the people who are ‘in’. Ie: fidget spinners. They’re a toy thing for people with attention problems. People who used them as just toys had them too.

But HOLY COW have I never heard so much BUH IF YOU LIKE FIDGET SPINNERS YOU’RE NOT IN THE COOL KIDS CLUB ANYMORE being spewed by basically everyone. It was like you either loved them or had to declare you hate for them loudly. It’s just like, wow man.

Occasionally you’ll see this in the book community, most of the time with books that are overall deemed ‘bad’. Ie: Twilight. Now I’m not saying you have to like the book. You don’t. I personally dislike it a lot. But making fun of the people who like it is no bueno.

It’s like this:

Image result for let people like things

Mind ya business.

2. Every single video/post being a paid promotion

Now, this is a bit of a hot topic. Some people don’t mind it, others hate it. I usually don’t mind it to an extent. Like, I get it. Making money to do something you love (ie. talk about books) sounds fantastic. Like, I’d probably do it occasionally if given the chance.

But I feel sometimes it goes a bit too far. Like, a person will put out say, four or five videos/posts in a span of two weeks, and every single one of them will be a promotion. Like, every single one. And all of them therefore turn into a commercial for a book. The person, who may or may not actually like the book, feels pressured to at least give it a decent spiel if not a super positive one.

If I’m being honest, on a good day, if I hear/read ‘paid promotion’, I skip the section that the paid book is being talked about. On a bad day, I just back out of the video/post and don’t look at it at all. I feel like I can’t trust the ‘oh it’s sooooooooooo good’ coming from the person when you know the PR person of the publication company is likely gonna be watching the video, making sure the person is enthusiastic enough.

Like I said, once in a while, sure. Extra money is cool. Even a couple paid posts a week, as long as that’s not all you’re producing. If you like the book, it’s even easier to do. But every single post? Are you, at that point, still doing this because you love it? Are you sure your opinions aren’t being swayed by the monies being thrown at you by publishers? Are you sure? How am I supposed to distinguish your true opinion and your paid opinion if the paid one makes an appearance in every video?

I’d love to hear opinions on this one. I feel like it’s definitely an interesting topic to discuss.

1. Borrowing my book and never get it back

Once upon a time, I wrote a post (my favorite post) called On Borrowing Books: A Harrowing Tale of Betrayal. In which, I tell you a story about my books and she who must not be named. Whatsherface did the unthinkable. She borrowed my books and never gave them back. And that’s not it – there is so much more. It was awful. (If you need a laugh, I highly recommend you read that post.)


That’s it. 😀 Happy reading.


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Bout of Books 19 | Day 6 Update

Bout of Books

I finished A Court of Wings and Ruin, woo! I’ve also written a spoiler-free blabber on it, which you can check out here if you’re interested. 😛

Reading completed:

A Court of Wings and Ruin: 77 pages

Chew vol 1: 128 pages

Best day yet. :”D Today’s the last day, so tomorrow will be the readathon wrap-up. Woo!

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