Thanksgiving decorations 2020!

I decorated for Thanksgiving this year, which is something I’ve never done. I used being stuck inside my house because of the plague as an excuse to get extra festive because I won’t have anyone visiting to be festive with otherwise.

So this is everything I set up!

As you can see it’s mainly my livingroom that’s decked out. Christmas decorations will spread to other rooms but since this is my first time decorating for Thanksgiving, I didn’t have too many things to decorate with. The flowers are on my kitchen table, but other that that, it’s all in the main living area.

Let me know what you think! I think it came out pretty nice if I do say so myself.

Blogmas and vlogmas faves!

Blogmas 2019

Hello, today’s the day! If you’ve been following my blogmas posts and want to follow more people doing the same thing, here are some wonderful blogs and vlogs you can check out! Everyone here, I’ve found their content to be very entertaining as the month has gone on!



And that’s it!

If I follow you, if you’re doing blogmas, and if I haven’t linked you above, please please tell me! It just means I somehow missed you, not that I don’t like your blogmas posts, ahaha. I’ll edit the post and throw you in. 😀

I hope that every checks out these peeps above and dives right into the festivities!

Baking Cookies

Blogmas 2019

Happy Monday! Yesterday, I continued my tradition of baking a buttload of cookies to ship off to Meredith @Allboutthembooksandstuff. We’ve been exchanging cookies every year since about 2012, and last year she actually came and visited me around Christmas so we just made them together! This year, she was at home and it was bittersweet making them. I miss her, dammit! A buddy of mine came over and we made all these together:

This was al the ingredients I bought – all the flour and stuff I had already. I also bought cooling racks and cookie sheets because mine mysteriously disappeared over the past year. I think they’re under the oven but I’m afraid.

This was the test batch of the sugar cookies – they turned out really good, if not super sweet.

Prettier sugar cookies in the back, and then caramel blossom, and up front are uncovered buckeye cookies. The base is brownie, then there’s a peanut butter ball, and not pictured is the chocolate shell I put on top of them later. I forgot to take a pic of the finished product because I have no foresight.

These are Andes Candies mint cookies! In addition to the candy on top, there’s chopped up candies within, and mint extract, and all sorts of things. I hope Meredith likes mint because holy poop.

And finally, gingerbread cookies. These are pretty spicy, I think I added a bit too much nutmeg. Whoops!

And then in other news, about ten minutes before my buddy arrived, our furnace kicked the bucket. So, we booted up the fireplace. We’ve lived here for two years and never used it. And man, it was nice, but I gotta tell ya…. whenever I buy a house I think I want a wooden fireplace. This gas one was nice but it smelled so weird. It wasn’t gas floating around I promise, but the after-smell of the gas being burned. Blech. It was warm though so I can’t really complain.

And that’s it! If you’re baking anything this season, lemme know!

Christmas Music Playlist!

Blogmas 2019

Happy day 7 of Blogmas! Today I bring you my current Christmas music playlist!


It’s a mix of classics and modern stuff and I rather dig it. Starts with my favorite TSO songs, then some Mariah Carey (because), some Pentatonix, some classics, and then it ends with Twisted Sister (who… made a surprisingly decent Christmas album, hwe hwe).

If you like Christmas music, give it a listen!

If you have any musical suggestions, throw them my way! : D