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Me in book characters tag

Book Tag

Hello! A tag today – I was tagged by the Orangutan Librarian, so thanks friendo! πŸ˜€

The Rules:

  1. Thank the creators of the tag (Us! Ash & Lo @Β windowsill books)
  2. Thank whoever tagged you!
  3. List 5 book characters who you are most like and explain why.
  4. Tag your friends!

Hagrid from Harry Potter

Image result for hagrid gifHagrid and I have a lot of common – drinking, having unruly hair, trying to just in general be a merry person (moooost of the time). I feel like Hagrid and I would get along.



Sheska from Fullmetal Alchemist

This girl lives, breathes and eats books. She’s obsessed with them and is always in a tizzy. She’s me, people.



Ryuk from Death Note

I feel like I’m relating myself to character that have a bleak sense of humor, hawhawhaw.




Gollum from The Lord of the Rings

Image result for gollum gifMY COFFEE.





Haruko from FLCL

I feel like Haruko is always just tryin’ to have a good time, and I feel that on a spiritual level.







By the way, all of the above are books with movie/tv adaptations. All of the adaptions are wonderful I think, so if you haven’t seen or read any of them, go for it!

Happy reading!


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August Currently Reading | ’17

August Currently Reading

The Broken Eye by Brent Weeks

The Broken Eye (Lightbringer, #3)STILL READING IT. I’LL GET THERE.







The Name of the Wind by Patrick Rothfuss

The Name of the Wind (The Kingkiller Chronicle, #1)The Name of the wWindw because it’s on audio.This one I picked up on audiobook. I’m about 1/3 through it(ish) and am totally smitten so far. I feel like this could end up being one of my new favorite books! πŸ˜€





Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone (illustrated edition) by J. K. Rowling and Jim Kay

Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone (Harry Potter, #1)So, the third one of these illustrated version is coming out in October and it made me realize that while I own the first two, I’ve never read them. I’ve lent both out multiple times to be read by others, but I haven’t done so myself… so here I am. :”D





And that’s it! As this is posted, I’m in Hawaii on honeymoon. The only one out of the above three I’ve brought with me is The Name of the Wind because it’s on audio… I’ve grabbed a couple other books too (post is pre-written, to be posted soon) but they’re smaller than the ones above and easier to transport, hawhaw.

Happy reading!


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24 in 48 Readathon


Guess what Iiiii’m doing! Well, at the time that this post is published, I’ll likely be sleeping (thank youuuu wordpress post scheduling). I had actually lost track of this readathon – I knew it had to be coming up but didn’t know exactly when until I saw Ranty Runt of a Reader‘s post about it (so thanks for posting it at the right time for my eyeballs to see it, friend).

If you’d like to know more about the readathon or sign-up super-last minute (if the sign up is still open, no idea), you can do so by following this link to the readathon’s blog.

It began this morning at 12:01am (I’m scheduling this post for 6am) and will continue through midnight Sunday night. The goal, as the title states, is to read 24 out of the 48 hours in the two days of the readathon.

We’ll see if I can get there, hah. Honestly, if I make 24, I’ll be totally shocked. If I make it to 12, I’ll be very satisfied with myself πŸ˜€ So wish me luck!

Aside from this post, I’ll be making periodic updates on my instagram account, so if you’d like to see photos of books (and… coffee and cats, let’s be real here) feel free to poke around. :”D Also, lemme know your usernames so I can follow you!

24 in 48 TBR

Ship of Destiny by Robin Hobb

Ship of Destiny (Liveship Traders, #3)I’ve mentioned this one quite a lot recently, so I’m not gonna go into detail about its plot. This is a buddy read I’m doing with Zezee, so I’m only gonna read up to what we have alloted for this week. So it counts towards the readathon, but I’m not gonna binge it.



The Broken Eye by Brent Weeks

The Broken Eye (Lightbringer, #3)I’ve been reading this book for months – it has been neglected lately though, so I’m gonna pick it up and buzz through hopefully a good bit of it. It’s a chunker, so I don’t see it getting finished, but who knows, anything is possible.


Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone (illustrated) by J.K. Rowling

Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone (Harry Potter, #1)I’ve had this book on my shelf for ages – with the 3rd illustrated version coming out in October, it’s about time I read it.




And that’s it! I might pick up a graphic novel here or there if I find myself feeling slumpy. Ideally, I’ll get all of these down (minus Ship of Destiny because mentioned above) – 24 hours should be plenty for that. Let’s just… hope I can read that much, hehe.

Happy reading!

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Top 5 Wednesday: Fictional Items I’d Give as Gifts – Blogmas 12/21

Top 5 Wednesday

Hello! Today is Wednesday and as this is posted I’m currently on a plane heading home! Tomorrow’s post will be live-written. As I’m sitting here physically writing this, it is currently December 12th. πŸ˜›

This week’s topic is fictional items I’d give as gifts and honestly like a lot of people I’m guessing, allΒ of my gifts will originate from Harry Potter. I just can’t help it man. Bear with me here.

As always, if you’d like to participate in top five wednesday, you can do so here.

Image result for diagon alley

5. Sweets from Honeydukes

Because who wouldn’t like candy, man. Especially magical candy. It also doesn’t help that my sweet tooth is currently through the roof. I blame my uterus. πŸ˜›

4. Butterbeer from The Three Broomsticks

Again, same as above. It’s snowing here as I write this so I could definitely use a warm pick-me-up and would love it if someone gave me this as a gift. :”D

3. A wand from Ollivanders

It makes me wonder that if I’m a muggle if I could even hold a wand or if it would reject me on principle. I don’t remember – was it mentioned in the books?

2. An owl from Eeylops Owl Emporium

Because an owl, especially one that doesn’t bite. I want a Hegwig. ❀

1. An all expenses paid trip to Hogsmeade

This I feel would be the ultimate thing. It reminds me of those all-expenses paid trips people take on cruises and stuff, but this would be to a wizarding village. I think this would be great and would definitely be the best gift I could receive. :”D

And that’s it! And that’s also all for my pre-written posts! Apologies if they’ve been a bit bare and scrappy – it’s hard to pre-write ten or so posts and give each one a lot of fullness and attention. It became clockwork after a while. @@

Happy reading!


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Top 5 Wednesday: Biggest Book Hangovers

Top 5 Wednesday

Happy Hump Day! This week’s topic is biggest book hangovers. I’m assuming you know what that is, but if you don’t it’s when you finish a book and can’t start another one because you’re still so obsessed with the first one.

For me, a book hangover doesn’t necessarily come from a really good book. It just has to be memorable, if that makes sense. Anyways, onward. And as usual, T5W was created by Lainey and here is the link to the group if you would like to join in as well!

5. Perdido Street Station by China Mieville

Perdido Street Station (Bas-Lag, #1)This book, man. This book fractured my heart. I don’t know what to do with that ending. I still think about that damn ending. That damn damn ending. My goodness. My mind still hasn’t come to accept it yet. I feel like it’ll stick with me for years.

For those who haven’t read this book and may possibly be interested in it, here is the goodreads synopsis:

Beneath the towering bleached ribs of a dead, ancient beast lies the city of New Crobuzon, where the unsavory deal is stranger to no one–not even to Isaac, a gifted and eccentric scientist who has spent a lifetime quietly carrying out his unique research. But when a half-bird, half-human creature known as the Garuda comes to him from afar, Isaac is faced with challenges he has never before encountered. Though the Garuda’s request is scientifically daunting, Isaac is sparked by his own curiosity and an uncanny reverence for this curious stranger. Soon an eerie metamorphosis will occur that will permeate every fiber of New Crobuzon–and not even the Ambassador of Hell will challenge the malignant terror it evokes.

4. Mockingjay by Suzanne Collins

Mockingjay (The Hunger Games, #3)I feel like I’m not alone in feeling unsatisfied with this ending. This was my least favorite book out of the trilogy. The ending didn’t jive with me and at the time of my reading it, it actually got me a bit upset. So I spent a few days venting to whoever would listen about how pooey the ending was, so much so that I couldn’t concentrate on any new books. Though if I get distracted by a bad ending for such a long time, is it really bad? I mean, wouldn’t it be a good ending if it can cause that reaction in me? I have no idea. That’s another thought for another post.

3. Monsters of Men by Patrick Ness

Monsters of Men (Chaos Walking, #3)Notice I get hangovers from the ends of series, whether I actually liked them or not, haha. This ending I know was very polarizing with a lot of people – you either loved it or you hated it. Either way, a book hangover was possible. For me, I loved it. I cried at the end of this book even though there wasn’t much to actually cry about. The emotions that this trilogy had pent up in me over their books just kinda came out all at once after I closed the final cover. And then I was obsessed about the series for months. Months. I still goo about it now and again.

2. Fullmetal Alchemist volume 27 by Hiromu Arakawa

Fullmetal Alchemist, Vol. 27This is one of the best series I’ve ever read. Ever. I’m talking including manga, comics, novels, anything. This one is one of the best of the best. It’s 27 volumes long and needs every single volume to complete it. There’s no ‘extra’ stuff. No dragging bits. This series is the epitome of what I call ‘A good story’. And after years and years of collecting it as the volumes came out – first monthly, then bi-monthly, and towards the end every six months – I grew more and more attached. And then it was gone. I feel like I started the hangover for this book in volume 26, actually. At the end, there was a little preview and I remember reading the words ‘to be concluded in volume 27’. And then I waited for volume 27. For sixth months. And for sixth months, I tried to mentally prepare myself and I failed. I’ve reread this series – the whole thing – so many times and it still rips me up when I finish it. I will be reading this to my children when I have them. It’s that wonderful.

1. Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince by JK Rowling

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince (Harry Potter #6)THIS WILL BE SPOILERY. YOU’VE BEEN WARNED. This is my least favorite out of all the Harry Potter books. And I’m guessing you know the reason. The ending of this book, man. I still hold a grudge against JK Rowling for this one. I’ve only read it twice, which is saying something considering I’ve read 1-5 at least 20 times each. I just don’t. Buh, this book destroyed me. When I first read it, I bought it on its release day and had it read 48 hours later. So by the time I finished it, so had a lot of other people. And I was devastated. And so was everyone. Very soon fan theories started popping up. There was even a huge ‘Dumbledore’s not dead’ movement with multiple different ideas on how that scene could have been staged. I jumped into these groups with reckless abandon. I wanted to believe so badly that it wasn’t true. I became obsessed. And then JK Rowling caught wind of the movement and stamped out our hopes and dreams with a simple, “No, he’s really dead” statement to the media. It left no room for the imagination, and it really killed my enthusiasm for the seventh book. I feel like I would have looked much more forward to it – even if I found out in it that Dumbledore was really dead – because I would have had that hope going into it that he wasn’t. Instead, I knew what to expect and it kind of dulled the experience of the final book for me. So yes. Biggest hangover ever. For those of you who’ve read the series for the first time recently and came across this incident, how did you feel? I’m curious. I feel like my devastation was amplified by the fandom and the waiting for book seven. I want to know what it was like dealing with that without being influenced by others.

And that’s it. Sorry for the tangent in my top choice there, but I’ve been holding that in for years. o:< Until next Wednesday, happy reading!


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Top 5 Books I Want to Read Before 2016

So we have about a month and a half left of this year. There are books I’ve been meaning to get to that I just haven’t. Ideally, I’d like to get to them in time to be counted in my goodreads reading goal. If you remember, I posted a Top 15 in 2015 post in January or December last year, stating what books I wanted to get to this year. Well, didn’t do awesome at that and honestly the ones I’m about to name probably aren’t on that list. πŸ˜› I’ll get into that massive failure after Christmas with my year-in-review post though.

So onto what I want to read! (This is as close to a TBR as you’re ever gonna see from me)

Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone by JK Rowling (illustrated version)

Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone (Harry Potter, #1)I’ve been saving this for December. I feel so Christmasy reading it, so it’s the perfect time. :”D

My True Love Gave to Me by a buttload of authors

My True Love Gave to Me: Twelve Holiday StoriesThey had this one on bookoutlet when I made an order last week, and it’s supposed to be here on Tuesday! :”D I’m so excited.

Weave World by Clive Barker

WeaveworldThis one I borrowed from my mother months ago. She said it’s a book that she randomly bought when she was on a road trip when she was young with her family, and then since she’s reread it countless times. It’s one of her favorites. So I’m going to see what it’s about. I have no clue as to the beginnings of the synopsis. I haven’t read it – she said I should go in blind, so I am.

The Autobiography of Santa Claus by Jeff Guinn

The Autobiography of Santa Claus (The Christmas Chronicles #1)This one will be tricky. Not because of the book itself, but because it’s one of the books I use to keep my cruddy book case from collapsing. It’s currently supporting the shelf above it so I don’t know what’s going to help when I pull it out. Reading this book could also come with the bonus feature of buying a new book case.

The Hobbit by JRR Tolkien
The Hobbit (Middle-Earth Universe)

I’ve never read it. I think it’s just time.

So that’s it! According to goodreads, I still need to read another six books to meet my goal, so I’ll have to find something else too, but hopefully these five will make the list. Wish me luck! What are you going to be reading from now til New Year?


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Pastry Book Tag~


A tag today. :”D I was tagged by The Orang-utan Librarian and it looks like tons of fun, so thank you!

Croissant: Name a popular book or series that everyone (including you) loves.

The MartianThe Martian by Andy Weir. If you haven’t read it, read it. If you haven’t watched it, watch it.

Macaron: Name a book that was hard to get through but was worth it at the end.

A Game of Thrones (A Song of Ice and Fire, #1)A Game of Thrones by George RR Martin. This was the first book I had ever read that was a thousand pages long. It took forever, but my goodness was it good.

Vol-au-vent: Name a book that you thought would be amazing but fell flat.

Ready Player OneReady Player One by Ernest Cline. I’m not saying this book was bad – it wasn’t. It was actually pretty good. But it wasn’t ~Amazeballs~ like I had heard it was. So if you are going to read this, expect a decent novel, but nothing ground breaking.

Pain Au Chocolat: Name a book you thought would be one thing but turned out to be something else.

ChopsticksChopsticks by Jessica Anthony. I don’t know what expected from this book, but it wasn’t a linear progression of a super simple plot. This book was like attending a lecture. An entertaining lecture, but it was just… ‘here’s this and here’s this and here’s this’. The storytelling method of this book was pretty awesome, which is why I initially picked it up, but that’s really one of the few redeeming factors.

Profiterole: Name a book or series that doesn’t get enough attention.

The Dark City (Relic Master, #1)The Lost Heiress (Relic Master, #2)The Hidden Coronet (Relic Master, #3)The Margrave (Relic Master, #4)

The Relic Master series by Catherine Fisher. READ THEM READ THEM READ THEM READ THEM.

Croquembouche: Name a book or series that’s extremely complex.

Perdido Street Station (Bas-Lag, #1)Perdido Street Station by China Mieville. The world building and the visuals and the grittiness in this one, man. Holy cow. I could lose myself in the city this book takes place in. I wrote a review on this one, if you’re interested.

Napoleon: Name a movie or TV show based off a book that you liked better than the book itself.

Mockingjay (The Hunger Games, #3)Mockingjay by Suzanne Collins. The movie I feel is a lot more fleshed out. The third book to me at least, lacked substance that I wanted in a series finale.

Empanada: Name a book that was bittersweet.

A Monster CallsA Monster Calls by Patrick Ness. I love this book, but it killed me.

Kolompeh: Name a book or series that takes place somewhere other than your home country.

RookRook by Sharon Cameron. This one takes place in Paris, hundreds of years from now. But at the same time, technology has reversed itself. It’s a very, very cool setting. Thoroughly enjoyed this one.

Pate a Choux: Name one food from a book or series that you would like to try.

Oh there are so many. The one that comes to mind first and foremost is Butterbeer from Harry Potter. And all the feast foods from Harry Potter. And all the sweets from Harry Potter… you know what? Just set me loose in Hogwarts and Hogsmeade for a while. All will be wonderful.

And that’s it for this tag! I’m not going to tag anyone specific because I feel like I’ve been spamming people with them lately, but if you would like to do this, let me know you are so I can read your post!

Happy reading! :”D


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