Blogmas 2020 has arrived! | Tentative posting schedule

It’s here, it’s here! Blogmas has begun!

But what, you say? It’s only November 21st? You’re right! But I’m being nuts this year and starting Blogmas today!

Why? Well, because I normally post on Saturdays, Sundays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays, aaaand next week has Thanksgiving on Thursday and I make a special post for that as well. So between now and December first, the “normal” start of Blogmas, I’d be posting seven out of ten days anyways. So I figured I’m gonna start the bloggy cheer early this year!

I’m also planning on doing all those end-of-year posts between after Christmas and into the beginning of January, meaning I’ll be going for a while after the normal date range as well.

So from today until January 7th, you’ll see a post from me every day!

The only exception being Christmas Day. I’m giving myself that day off because it’s Christmas, man.

This is my tentative posting schedule. Everything is subject to change, but as of right now, this is what I’m leaning towards. If you’re doing Blogmas as well, feel free to swipe ideas:


  • 21 – This post!
  • 22 – Nanowrimo update 3
  • 23 – Thanksgiving decorations
  • 24 – Top 10 Tuesday, Thanksgiving edition
  • 25 – Top 5 Wednesday, “No Thanks”
  • 26 – Thanksgiving Day Book Tag
  • 27 – TIME TO GET FESTIVE, fall bucketlist check-in/holiday bucketlist
  • 28 – November favorites
  • 29 – Nanowrimo week 4
  • 30 – November wrap up


  • 1 – Nanowrimo results
  • 2 – Top 5 Wednesday, TBD
  • 3 – December currently reading
  • 4 – Book haul fate
  • 5 – Christmas decorations 2020
  • 6 – Christmas movies to-be-watched
  • 7 – Music Monday, Christmas edition
  • 8 – Top 10 Tuesday, Holiday/Seasonal edition
  • 9 – Top 5 Wednesday, TBD
  • 10 – Blogmas/vlogmas faves and shoutouts
  • 11 – Christmas cracker book tag
  • 12 – Unfinished series/series I won’t finish 2020
  • 13 – 12 Days of Christmas book tag
  • 14 – Christmas stuffing recipe
  • 15 – Top 10 Tuesday, books on my winter TBR/book buying ban is over!
  • 16 – Top 5 Wednesday, TBD
  • 17 – Baking cookies
  • 18 – Christmas book blogger tag
  • 19 – Coffee mug collection 2020
  • 20 – Christmas breakfast egg bake recipe
  • 21 – Fantasy bingo update
  • 22 – Top 10 Tuesday, Books I hope Santa brings
  • 23 – Top 5 Wednesday, TBD
  • 24 – Christmas Eve book tag
  • 25 – Merry Christmas! No post from me today
  • 26 – December favorites
  • 27 – 10 in 2021
  • 28 – December book haul
  • 29 – New year’s eve book tag
  • 30 – Top 5 Wednesday, books I didn’t get to in 2020
  • 31 – December wrap up


  • 1 – 2020: A year in review
  • 2 – Reading resolutions 2021
  • 3 – Bottom books of 2020
  • 4 – Music Monday
  • 5 – Top 10 Tuesday, Top books of 2020
  • 6 – Top 5 Wednesday, TBD
  • 7 – Bookshelf tour 2021

And that will be it – my posting schedule (give or take) for the next month in a half. I will be pre-writing a lot of it, but some posts obviously I won’t be able to. I might end up swapping out some of these with book blabbers, should anything really grip me. I don’t plan blabbers ahead of time as I don’t know which books will inspire them. But don’t be surprised if a few pop up! Also, those ‘TBD’s on the Top 5 Wednesday are there because the prompts have not been posted yet. When they are, I’ll either do them if I like them or sub them out for some other post if I don’t. Either way, there will be a post.

My everyday posting will end as I said on Jan 7th, that’ll give me a day of break, and then that weekend, I’ll resume my normal Sat-Sun-Tues-Wed schedule, starting with my January currently reading and a holiday bucketlist check-in post, followed by 2021 Anticipated Reads and a Top 5 Wednesday! And then after that I need to start planning again because I’ll be out of ideas!

This is my fifth year doing Blogmas, and it’s always so much fun. If you’re doing it this year, please let me know. I’d love to follow along on your posts!

Happy Blogmas everyone! I’M SO PUMPED.

Blogmas (and then some!) 2019 Tentative Schedule

Blogmas 2019

The time has come! This year, for the fifth year running, I will be participating in Blogmas. And this year, I actually plan to start early and run late: I’ll be posting every day from, well, today, until January 8th! I just have so many ideas and things to talk about, man. The end of the year really has some great posts going around.

For anyone participating in Blogmas and looking for ideas, feel free to steal these. They’re not proprietary by any means.

So if you follow my blog, you will see these things from me in the next month and a half, more or less. I might switch things around or sub out things, but as of writing this, this is what I’m gonna do:


  • 27th: This post!
  • 28th: Thanksgiving book tag
  • 29th: Christmas music crazy person post
  • 30th: November wrap up


  • 1st: Nanowrimo wrap up
  • 2nd: November book haul
  • 3rd: December currently reading
  • 4th: Holiday scents
  • 5th: Christmas decorations 2019
  • 6th: Christmas movies to-be-watched
  • 7th: Christmas music playlist
  • 8th: Baking cookies
  • 9th: The gifting conundrum
  • 10th: Seasonal favorites
  • 11th: Top books that make me think of Christmas
  • 12th: Slow cooker hot chocolate recipe
  • 13th: Ultimate Harry Potter tag
  • 14th: Blogmas/vlogmas shout outs
  • 15th: Series I won’t finish
  • 16th: Unfinished series 2019
  • 17th: Updated coffee mug collection
  • 18th: Fantasy bingo update
  • 19th: TBR Highs and Lows
  • 20th: Christmas vacation TBR
  • 21th: Fate of my book haul books
  • 22nd: Books I hope Santa brings
  • 23rd: Christmas wishes and rambles
  • 24th: Christmas Eve book tag
  • 25th: – No post today, time for Christmas –
  • 26th: Top 5 books I didn’t get to in 2019
  • 27th: 10 in 2020
  • 28th: December book haul
  • 29th: Bookshelf tour 2020
  • 30th: New Year’s book tag
  • 31th: December Wrap up


  • 1st: 2019, a year in review
  • 2nd: Reading resolutions 2020
  • 3rd: Bottom books of 2019
  • 4th: Top books of 2019
  • 5th: Top books of the decade
  • 6th: January currently reading
  • 7th: 2010-2020, what is my life
  • 8th: Bucket list update

After Wednesday, January 8th, I’ll be resuming my normal posting schedule, so the next one after this whole thing will be on Saturday, January 11th.

I’m very excited, and after Nanowrimo, man, this’ll be nice and relaxing.

If you’re doing Blogmas, let me know so I can read all your stuff! Happy reading!