Music Monday | #4

Happy Monday! This past month honestly I didn’t discover any new music whatsoever. I either listened to Christmas music or my Top 100 from spotify. So I figured what I’ll do this week instead is share some music from that list, from before I started doing my Music Monday posts! As per usual, I’ll list the genre they’re in so you can get an idea if they’d be for you or not, and then also the position on my top 100 list.

Gothic Rock (#5):

Power metal (#15):

Rock (#21):

Symphonic metal (#23):

Industrial Rock (#32):

And that’s it! I’m hoping I haven’t shared these specific songs before but I don’t 100% remember. If you listen to any of them, lemme know what you think!

Music Monday! #2

Happy Monday! It’s the first Monday of the month, therefore it’s time for some music! I started this post series last month, so if you’re interested, go check out my first post about it.

Basically what I do every month is highlight some of my favorite songs I discovered during the previous month! Next month in December, I’m gonna make a themed post around Christmas music, but otherwise it’ll just be ‘stuff I found recently’.

I listen to all sorts of genres, but I tend to lean mostly towards metal and rock. So it’ll be a mixed bag every month.

This is what I found recently that I really liked!

Genre: Power metal
Genre: Power metal
Genre: Synthwave (and totally feels like it’s from the 80s)
Genre: Christian Rock
Genre: Symphonic Metal

So this week’s picks are moooostly metal, one synth and one Christian rock, which… I had no idea it was Christian rock specifically until I looked up the genre of the band. So that’s neat.

If you give any of the above a listen, lemme know what you think! If you’re a Nightwish fan, I recommend checking out The Dark Element track at the bottom here, as this is the band that Anette went to after leaving Nightwish. They have two albums out so far and I really like them. I feel like their tone fits her voice really well. Honestly reminds me of like ‘metal abba’. I dig it.

And that’s it! Happy reading listening!

Music Monday! | #1

Happy Monday! Today I’m starting a new type of post on my blog. The first Monday of every month, I’ll go into the music I’ve been listening to recently, since the previous music Monday. Since this is the first one, I’ll just go into some stuff that I’ve discovered recently.

I listen to a variety of music from metal to rock to alternative to electronica and some other things in between. Most of what I like tends to be upbeat, but that’s not a hard rule. So if you’re interesting in that kind of music, give the links I give a listen:

Genre: Alternate/Indie Rock
Genre: Electronicore
Genre: Alternative Rock
Genre: Power Metal

So all of the above I’ve discovered within the past month. I figured sticking the genres on there will help you decided which if any you wanna listen to. If you decide to give any a listen, let me know what you think! Next month I will have more!

One Lovely Blogger Award | Metal Edition


Hello! A tag today. I was tagged by The Orangutan Librarian, so thanks friend! 😀

The Rules

  1. Each nominee must thank the person who nominated them and link their blog in the post.
  2. They must include the rules and add the blog award badge as an image.
  3. Must add 7 facts about themselves and then nominate 15 people.

I think I’m going to take a leaf out of Orangutan’s book and do a music-oriented 7 facts. SO PREPARE FOR A BUNCH OF METAL.

Also, if you’ve ever been curious about metal or never understood what people saw in it, I suggest giving these a listen. Everything I list will be good ‘gateway’ songs, I think. I’ll list other genres or associated things that if you like those ones, you might like the song I’ve posted, too.

(I’m forever trying to get people into metal. It’s so fun :”D)

1 – I grew up listening to Iron Maiden and Guns N Roses

At the time, I didn’t know it was considered metal or what metal even was. I just knew it was the music my dad and uncle listened to. So picture ten year old me singing ‘Hallowed by Thy Name’ with my uncle and cousins, haha.

Example: Hallowed By Thy Name by Iron Maiden

You should listen to this song if you like classic hard rock music

When the priest comes to read me the last rites
I take a look through the bars at the last sights
Of a world that has gone very wrong for me

2 – The first metal band that I discovered by my own accord was Nightwish

There are a lot of Nightwish songs and the band has had three singers at this point (the current one is amazing, imho). I first discovered them because they were in a music video at the end of a movie I was watching. I remember liking them and then forgetting they existed until I randomly came across them again on youtube a year or two later. Been listening ever since. They range from very flowery symphonic metal to heavier stuff. The song I’m listing is somewhere in the middle and almost has a pop-rock-like sound to it.

Example: Amaranth by Nightwish

You should listen to this if you like pop rock, high female voices, angels

Reaching, searching
For something untouched
Hearing voices of the never-fading calling

3 – The band I feel puts on the best live show is Sonata Arctica

I feel like there are certain bands that even if you don’t care for their music, you go to see them perform because they’re just so much fun. This is one of those bands. And by far, the most fun song to listen to by them is FullMoon. There’s just so much audience participation!

Example: FullMoon by Sonata Arctica

You should listen to this if you like rock music, werewolves, happy crowds at concerts

She should not lock the open door
(run away, run away, run way)
Fullmoon is on the sky and he’s not a man anymore
See the change in him but can’t
(run away, run away, run away)
See what became out of her man…

4 – Every time I hear a band collaborate with a movie or video game, it makes me want to watch or play it

I feel like this doesn’t happen nearly enough!! If you know of any games/movies with metal soundtracks, do tell me

Example: Children of the Smith by Blind Guardian (Dwarves soundtrack)

You should listen to this if you like video game sound tracks and music videos

The old rhymes, they’re on my mind
We’re one tribe
We share our memories, clear and bright
We walk as one, our lives are bound together
We share a fate, we share one fate
We share a fate

5 – I don’t like music with a lot of growling or screaming, so pretty much every band I listen to has clean, well-sung lyrics in their songs

I feel like there’s this misconception outside the metal community that all metal is nothing but growling, walls of sounds and demonic screaming. I mean, sure there is some of that: It’s called black metal, thrash music, death metal, etc etc. There are a bunch of subgenres though that don’t have these features. So getting into the metal genre, you can purposely avoid listening to those or purposely go after those to listen to, depending on your tastes!

Example: Memories by Within Temptation

You should listen to this song if you like singer-songwriter songs, melodic female voices, easy-listening music

All of my memories keep you near.
In silent moments imagine you here.

6 – My favorite kind of metal is the kind with a full-orchestra backing it.

I absolutely love being surrounded by a wall of music while I’m listening. My favorite way to do that is get the metal-sound of the guitars and bass… and then a whole bunch of orchestral music to boot!

Example: Ghost Love Score by Nightwish

You should listen to this if you like orchestra music, classical music, opera, complex sound combinations, chorus music

A siren from the deep came to me
Sang my name my longing
Still I write my songs about that dream of mine
Worth everything I may ever be

7 – I’ve been listening to metal all my life and I feel like it’ll stay that way. My future children will likely grow up as little metalheads, and I’m looking forward to it. :”D

There are certain songs that when I listen to them, I know they’re ones I want to keep with me and teach my kids the lyrics so they can sing them with me flying down the highway like my dad did with me. This is one of those songs.

Example: The Scarecrow by Avantasia

You should listen to this if you like classic rock music, powerful lyrics, AC-DC, inspirational music

So you’re an angel meant to walk down here
And you believe it’s all divine
And you don’t play by all those temporal rules
You watch the world begin to die

And that’s it! I hope you decided to listen to one or two (or all…) of the songs above. If you decide you like metal and want to hear more, ask me for recs! If you already like metal, let me know some of your favorites! I’m always lookin’ for new music.

I tag:

MetalPhantasmReads (hey friend I think you should do metal things. :”D)

Happy reading!


The Playlist Shuffle Tag


A tag day! I was tagged by Orang-utan Librarian, and though this isn’t book related, it looked super fun. :”D So I’m going to do it!

The Rules are to put your music on shuffle and link the first 15 songs that get spit out. This will either be a really good representation of what I listen to or a really bad one. I have a lot of music, though it’s music I’ve collected for over fifteen years. I am going to add one caveat to these rules: I’m going to skip the song if I’ve never actually listened to it before. This way, I can at least talk a little bit about the thing whether it currently suits my tastes or not. So here we go!

Song: Funny Bunny
Artist: The Pillows (from the anime FLCL)
Genre: Alt Rock
If you’ve never seen FLCL, this music video I feel sums it up really well. It’s super weird but super great.

Song: American Idiot
Artist: Green Day
Genre: Punk rock
I used to listen to this a lot when I was 15, and then Green Day became ‘weird’… and now I totally listen to it a lot again. :”D GREEN DAY FOREVER, MAN.

Song: Don’t Stop Believing
Artist: Northern Kings (cover)
Genre: Symphonic metal
This is a cover of Boston’s song. The Northern Kings are a group of singers made up of the main vocalists from four different big Scandinavian metal bands. They go around doing metal covers of popular songs. Some are awesome, some are not. This one is.

Song: Florence Tarantella
Artist: Jesper Kyd (from the game Assassin’s Creed)
Genre: Orchestral
Haven’t play (all of) the games yet, but its music.

Song: Away
Artist: Nightwish
Genre: Symphonic metal
This song is a nice, slower song from the band, featuring their original singer. It’s lovely.

Song:  Cyanide Sweet Tooth Suicide
Artist: Shinedown
Genre: Hard rock
Whenever I listen to this one, I think of driving to work over and over again. Association, dammit.

Song: Drunken Lullabies
Artist: Flogging Molly
Genre: Irish Rock
I’ve seen this band live twice now. They’re a bunch of fun. 😀

Song: Rider of the Last Day
Artist: Tarot
Genre: Power metal
If you know Nightwish at all, this is the band that Marco’s been in even longer. I dig it.

Song: Active Imagination
Artist: Molice
Genre: New Wave Alternative
This is a band my SO got me into. He’s really into Japanese music since he speaks it (intermediate level) and this is one of the bands that really stuck with me.

Song: Robbery, Assault and Battery
Artist: Genesis
Genre: Progressive Rock
This is one of my childhood songs. My mom’s a big fan and because of her I’ll forever have a crush on Phil Collins

Song: Battle of One
Artist: 30 Seconds to Mars
Genre: Alternative Rock
I didn’t care for this band much until the last couple years or so. I know, I know, I missed out on prime teenage-angst music as a teenager. But whatever. I’ll angst now. Quarter-life crises are real things.

Song: Smoke and Mirrors
Artist: Bee Gees
Genre: Pop Disco
Everyone loves the Bee Gees, don’t lie to yourself.

Song: The Islander
Artist: Nightwish
Genre: Symphonic metalI saw these guys live last year and Marco played this song as a solo acoustic. The audience died. And I’m seeing them again TONIGGHTTTTT!!!!!!

Song: Best of You
Artist: Foo Fighters
Genre: Rock
I LOVE this band. It’s one of my favorites. Dave Grohl Dave Grooooohlll. ❤

Song: Hand of Sorrow
Artist: Within Temptation
Genre: Symphonic Metal
This is the one band I haven’t seen come near me in tours yet. Hopefully they’ll get here. Or I’ll get there. Wherever.

And that’s it! 15 songs. They mostly represent my music tastes. There are a couple odd balls, but that’s okay.


I tage Ace. Do it.

30 Day of Music: 7,8,9

Continuing on! If you’d like to join it, feel free to!

7 – A song you like to listen to on max volume

Disturbed’s cover of The Sound of Silence, originally be Simon and Garfunkel. His voice, it is amazing. You can’t listen to this song without getting shivers. You NEED to blast it.


8 – Your favorite metal song

White Pearl, Black Oceans by Sonata Arctica. This song was actually my inspiration for my Nano novel this year! Though I didn’t want to use it for prompt #9 just because of the story in the song – it’s not exactly a positive one.

9 – A song that inspires you

This one is a bit out of my usual listening range, but I’m picking Counting Stars by One Republic. I suppose it doesn’t inspire me persay, but for some reason when I listen to it, I feel really productive. I start cleaning or doing homework. It’s like my anti-procrastination song. I’m sure you’ve heard it. If you haven’t, listen to it!


And that’s all she wrote for today!

Full List of Prompts:

Day 1: The last song you listened to.
Day 2: Your favorite song of all.
Day 3: Your favorite love song.
Day 4: Your favorite humorous song.
Day 5: Your favorite dark (or macabre) song.
Day 6: A song that’s special to you and someone else.
Day 7: A song you like to listen to on max volume.
Day 8: Your favorite metal song.
Day 9: A song that inspires you.
Day 10: A song that makes you feel better when you’re down.
Day 11: Your favorite instrumental song.
Day 12: A song you’re ashamed to admit you like.
Day 13: A song you like from a genre you don’t.
Day 14: Your favorite song from a musical (or opera.)
Day 15: A song you like to dance to (or makes you want to dance.)
Day 16: A song you like from a hobbyist. (IE, not a signed band/artist.)
Day 17: A song you and your mom/dad both like.
Day 18: Your favorite angry song.
Day 19: A song you like that isn’t in English.
Day 20: A song that makes you change the station.
Day 21: Your favorite TV theme song.
Day 22: A song you like to sing along to.
Day 23: A song from one of your favorite bands
Day 24: Your favorite holiday-themed song.
Day 25: Your favorite song from a game
Day 26: A song that reminds you of your family.
Day 27: A song that reminds you of your friends.
Day 28: A song from a fictional band or artist
Day 29: Your favorite ballad.
Day 30: Your favorite sad song.