Nanowrimo week 2 update!

We’ve reached the half way point in Nanowrimo, and this is my progress so far, as of last night!

As you can see, I’m killing it if I do say so myself. Is it any good? No! But it’s words. I’ll make it good later. This is the third book I’ve written set in the same world and while I liked the other two a lot I think this one is by far my favorite, so I’m happy about it.

Today my plan is to write 5k words, putting me at 45k. Then I plan on finishing up the last 5k during this week so I can be done before the 21st, which is when I’m starting blogmas this year. My goal is to only have one time consuming project going at a time. Pbtbt.

If you’re participating, lemme know how you’re doing! Happy writing!

Nanowrimo starts today!

Happy November! It’s Nanowrimo Day!

Today, me and literally hundreds of thousands of people across the world will all attempt to write a 50,000 word novel between today and November 30th. Wish us luck.

It’s gonna be bananas.

I’ll be doing updates weekly. Here’s hoping I have good ones, wahaha.

Preptober/Nanoplanmo 2020!

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It’s that time of year again!

The weather has started to get chilly (it was 40F this morning!) and we’re all gonna break out the blankets and hot chocolate soon. That means it’s time to go into a writing frenzy for thirty days.

To do that, I need to do a bit of planning, so I’m going to be participating in Nanoplanmo this year, starting October 1st, and by Nanowrimo Eve, I should be ready to go.

For those unfamiliar with Nanowrimo, it’s an online event that happens every year, where writers of all levels try to write a 50,000 word novel during the month of November. Check out their website if you’re interested! I’ve been participating every year since 2008 or so, and it’s always a fun time.

The last three years in a row, I’ve won – hit the 50k word mark by November 30th – so this year the bar is high for me.

This year’s project will be another fantasy (shocker) set in the same world as my previous two novels. I have a whole planet mapped out with various magics and cultures and species, and each novel takes place in a different part. At some point I’ll loop them together, but that’s a ways off still.

During October, I’ll be making posts about my planning progress, or covering writing-related topics. I’m no expert mind you, I literally only tend to write during nanowrimo, but hey, that’s ok.

If you’re participating in Nanowrimo, do add me as a friend! And lemme know you’re participating! Happy reading writing!

Camp Nanowrimo – Week 1

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Well more like ‘first ten days’ but you get it.

As I mentioned in my announcement post, I’ve been working on a second draft of my 2018 Nanowrimo project, which up until yesterday had a temporary title – the main character’s first name. But I’ll get to that.

So the goals I originally listed were:

  • Create a second draft of Basil
  • Rename Basil to an actual title.
  • Revise for a total of 30 hours

Second draft is… obviously in progress.

The renaming is complete. I actually came up with a title that I think fits really well and I actually have tentative titles for the following books in the series. At this point I don’t think I wanna reveal much, at least not until I’m at a point where I feel comfortable having others read what I’ve written. And that’s a while off still, I think.

For revising, what I’ve done up through April 9th (I’m writing this on the 10th and as of right now haven’t written today. I’ll do that later tonight) is a total of 9 hours of revision. So so far, I’m right on the money. This weekend I hope to get ahead. I find myself a bit dreary after working from home on a computer all day and getting back on a computer sometimes is the last thing I wanna do.

So this weekend, I hope to get it at least 4 hours, not including tonight’s time!

Wish me luck!



Nanowrimo Week 3!

This is the last weekend before Nano, and if I’m being honest folks, I think I’m going to win today.

As of this moment, I’m sitting at 45030 words. I have fewer than 5k to write, and I feel like I can do them all today. All of them. I’m so excited for it.

I’ve won Nanowrimo a handful of times before this, but I’ve never done it this early –  a whole week ahead of schedule. So unless something happens today that I get no chance to write, I’m winning. If not today, tomorrow for sure.

This is where I was as of Friday evening, the 22nd:

My highest writing day was Sunday, where I wrote over 7k words. With that in mind, this last 5k is gonna be easy peasy lemon squeezy.

If you’re doing Nano, lemme know how you’re doing! Happy writing!

Nanowrimo Week 2!

Happy half way point! Yesterday was November 15th, meaning the mark was 25000 words. Well, as of yesterday, I was at 26577! So I’m ahead, but barely. Today, I’m going to my friend’s house, and we’re going to have an all-day write-in! If you see, last Saturday I wrote almost 5k words, and I’m hoping to do that again today. My weekends make up for my weeks. If you notice, my words per day definitely taper out during the work week. It’s hard, man.

Weekdays are the bane of my existence. Wish me luck on another 5k day!

If you’re doing Nanowrimo, lemme know how you’re doing! Happy reading!

Nanowrimo Week 1!

Happy Saturday! We are nine days into Nanowrimo, and this is my progress. Note, I’m writing this post before I’ve written any words towards Nano today, so all of today’s numbers will be 0. They’ll obviously reflect what I am able to write later today next week during the next update. 😛

As of writing this, I’m sitting at 16284 words. Even if I wrote nothing today, I’d still be on track, as today’s on-track count is 15000. But! I am going to two write-ins today, so I’m hoping to get a good 4k written, which will be a nice cushion for the work week to come.

I’ve already deviated from my outline. I added a talking cat on a whim, and he’s now a main protagonist. It’s fine, it’s all fine.

If you’re doing nano this year, how are you doing? Happy writing!

I won NaNoWriMo!

Blogmas 2018

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Hello! I won Nanowrimo!
(Also happy first day of Blogmas!)

winner 2018

I ended up hitting my 50k word goal on November 25th, so the past five days I’ve been schmoozing. The 25th, a Sunday, I wrote over 9000 words. My original goal for that day was 45k, but I got to that point and decided I was on a roll, so I just… kept going!


I was a bit of a Nano Rebel this year – I rewrote a plot idea instead of starting fresh. All the words were new, though. Also, this is the first year where I tried any sort of outlining and prep. And I must say, it did help.

I almost must say that I very much enjoy improvising. I ended up throwing all sorts of things in that weren’t in the original outline, and I ended up reaching the end of the outline around 40k words. Sooo the last 10k words were all improvised, but it ended up working out well.

My Writing Process

This year, as mentioned, I outlined. But, the way I would get in 1000 or 2000 (or 9000) words in a day was by doing word sprints, both with friends and by following along on the NanoWordSprints twitter account. Two fifteen minute sprints would have me spouting out 2000 words. They were my life line. I also sprinted with a buddy, Sarah @WindsorWrites! She and I zoomed through some words during my lunch break at work, which was kind of a surreal thing to be knee-deep in computer code, pop into a fantasy world of my own creation, and then fall back into the reality of if statements and for loops. It was fun though! I had a good time.

Unexpected (Happy) Surprises

Something else happened this Nano which totally made my entire month. As I mentioned earlier, I’m rewriting a plot that I’ve used before. This plot I actually thought up the fantasy world for back when I was 18ish, so a decade ago now – at the time, I drew maps for it, came up with countries and politics and religions and character sketches, so on and so forth. I did a lot of world building for this thing.

And then.

And then I lost it all. I lost the notebook I wrote everything in during a move. I haven’t seen it in years.  So I’ve been rewriting this plot based on a world that only existed in my memory. I never rewrote any of the world building, in hopes of finding the notebook, because I remembered really liking what I had made.

And then, maybe 35 or 40k into the book, a memory popped into my head.

Past me had at one point, joined a world building writing contest. I found the website where I joined, and logged into my account, and… there it all was. All of my worldbuilding was there. All my maps, all my sketches, all my religion diagrams. All of it.

I about peed.

I was in the middle of a writing sprint, so I used the word count post for that sprint to share my blathering joy at finding my worldbuilding. Seriously, I was about ready to cry, I was so happy.

The Aftermath


After I won, I bought myself a Nanowrimo Winners shirt, which I’ve never done before, despite winning Nanowrimo a total of four times now. Why? Because this is the first time, the first time I’ve ever finished a draft. I finished. a. draft. And I actually like how it turned out! So I splurged on a shirt, not only because I won, but because I actually wrote a book. It’s currently a shitty book that needs a buttload of editing, but it’s a book, dammit. I wrote a book!

During all my prep, I bought a story binder among other things. During December and January, I plan on updating the binder with all the worldbuilding that I’ve now regained, and add new character sheets, yada yada. I want to make the binder an actual source of information for the story.

Another plan, which is weirdly related to my job, is to finished draft two by Nanowrimo next year. I want to start a fresh story next year, and I won’t be able to let myself unless I have another draft of this done first. And it’s tied to my job because I had a meeting with my supervisor the other day, and he asked what personal goals I had, and I mentioned writing a second draft. Soo he helped me detail out a bit of a game plan for it. So yay, now my boss knows I’m a nerd, woo.

So! This has been my most successful Nanowrimo ever. I won, I finished a draft, I have a decent amount of worldbuilding and reference, I have plot outlined for the second book, I actually liked what I wrote, and I finished early, which I have never, ever done.

I. Had. So. Much. Fun!

If you participated in Nanowrimo this year, how did you do? Did you get to 50k? Did you get to a different goal instead? Let me know!

Three Quotes Challenge – Day 3 | Nanowrimo edition

Book Tag

Hello – welcome to the third day of the three quotes challenge! Today is a day earlier than my normal Saturday post, because tomorrow will be my tentative blogmas posting schedule (which I am super excited for).

I was tagged by The Orangutan Librarian!

Continuing my theme of ‘quotes that inspire me for Nanowrimo’, today is going to be another song. I get really, really inspired by songs. Themes, lyrics, stories, all of it is lovely.

Today’s song has inspired me to include a nation that was until recently at uneasy peace. Its west side and east side are no longer able to remain civil after the discovery of something very plot-heavy (and therefore spoilerly) shows that one side has caused the other side strife – death, plague, yada yada. So today’s song/quote/thing is Battlefield sung by Blind Guardian, the tale of one soldier’s experience in a battle that he’s not sure he wants to be in.

If you decided to give it a listen, I hope you liked it!

Today I tag Allboutthembooksandstuff, MetalPhantasmReads and CaptainsQuarters!

And that’s it! Happy reading!

Three Quotes Challenge – Day 2 | Nanowrimo edition

Hello, happy day two! I’m not even going to try to keep up a lie that these are gonna be posted consecutively. With Nanowrimo soaking up most of my time, they’ll be posted weekly. So pbtbt. I was tagged by Orangutan Librarian! 😀

As mentioned last week, I am posting quotes that have and are inspiring to my Nanowrimo dumpster fire.

Today’s quote… is a song. I couldn’t pick out a single line or two above the others, so I am posting the entire song. I’ve posted the version with lyrics, so if you’ve got eight minutes, give it a listen. It follows a lighthouse keeper, who for some reasons is not able to light the beacon in the lighthouse, and what follows is.. well, listen to the song.

Today I tag WindsorWrites, ZezeeWithBooks, and ThoughtsOnFantasy!

That’s it! Happy Read-Writing!