October Wrap Up ’21

It has occurred to me that I usually make custom banners and stuff for spoopy season and I did none of that this year. My life is a bit full at the moment. I’m to be induced this coming Monday so honestly it’s going to get fuller. I want to try to do Blogmas again this year though, so I’m hoping that’ll work out and get me back into the swing of blogging. We shall see.

This is what I read this month:

The Two Towers by J. R. R. Tolkien – I liked this one more than the first one but honestly I found that I’m not a huge fan of these books and it’s a shame. I love the movies and I wanted to love these things and I just don’t. 3 stars

The Return of the King by J. R. R. Tolkien – This one… was worse than the second. It was worse than the first. I didn’t care for this book at all and I’m so salty about it honestly. But hey, now I’ve read the whole trilogy and can say as much. Maaaaan. 2 stars

From Blood and Ash by Jennifer L. Armentrout – This was my first Armentrout book and I ended up really liking it. Now, I admit it’s not like… a modern classic or anything like that, but it was fun, fast-paced and entertaining. It was like riding a rollercoaster and I was highly entertained. I will be picking up the next one. 4 stars

And that’s it! By next post, there will be a baby amongst us. Wish me luck folks.

October Wrap Up! ’20

Happy end of October! This month my reading did slow down a bit, but I also read all novels and graphic novels, no manga, which is the first time in a long time that happened.

This is what I read:


Go Ask Alice by Anonymous – I picked this up as part of my end-of-year-MUST-REACH-TBR-GOAL frenzy. It was short so I figured I could get through it quickly. Well I did. It was ok.

3 stars

Forest Mage by Robin Hobb – I buddy ready this with Zezee @Zezeewithbooks and I really liked it! This was the second book in Hobb’s soldier son trilogy and man was it gritty. Killed me. But overall, liked it. Wrote a blabber, if you’re interested!

4.25 stars

Armada by Ernest Cline – Unfortunately this one was a DNF. I tried. I tried. Augh I tried. This book felt like a teenage boy’s wet dream. And to be fair, that’s probably intentional. And I’m sure there are a large number of people who would love this.

It’s just not me.

1 star

The Phantom of the Opera by Gaston Leroux – I picked this up for the same reason I picked up Go Ask Alice: it’s short.

I gotta tell ya though, I was not expecting to love this. But color me surprised, it was by far my favorite read of the month. It was eerie and spooky and heart breaking and dramatic and it was perfect. I. loved. it.

5 stars

Fence vol 3 by C. S. Pacat – Again, a short one! This is my one and only graphic novel of the month and it was pretty decent. I was able to pick it up after not having read vol 2 for literally a year and figure out where I was, so it’s got that going for it.

I’m still waiting to love this, it hasn’t happened yet, but it could potentially get there. I like it, though.

3 stars

Other Stuff

  • I’m super full right now. I had ice cream! Not really news but I enjoyed it, man.
  • Yeah I got nothin’. October was uneventful, at least to the extent that I’m comfortable sharing on the internet.

Reading Goals

  • Read 50 books – 161/100
  • Maintain a consistent posting schedule
    January – Fail
    February – Pass
    March – Pass
    April – Pass
    May – Pass
    June – Pass
    July – Pass
    August – Pass
    September – Pass
    October – Pass
  • Keep track of reading statistics – In progress
  • Reduce physical TBR to 200 – 214

And that’s it! Lemme know if you’ve read any of the above. Happy reading!

It’s the best time of the year! | October Favorites ’20

Last year, I started doing favorites posts during October, November, and December, because it’s my favorite time of the year. This year I’m gonna do it again! So today I’ll be talking about some neat things I liked during October!

Food and Drink

My two edible choices this month are both drinks – Starbucks’ Pumpkin Cream cold brew and this Coffee Liqueur I got from a local creator. Both are super great – I get the cold brews on Fridays as a ‘congrats for not falling into the void’ gift to myself and I use the coffee liqueur with some vanilla vodka and chocolate coffee creamer to make a bastardized form of a white Russian. V tasty.

Video Games

I’ve been playing a lot of DDR recently, and this is my favorite out of all of them. With the weather starting to get colder and it getting more difficult to fit in a walk before dark, this is how I’ve been getting my steps in.

I am fully on the Among Us bandwagon. I’ve still only played a few times – it’s hard to get peoples’ schedules lined up and all – but what I have played has been a ton of fun, and I very much like this game.

I realize this game is a few years old at this point, but at the start of the plague, I began a new file of this game. Six months later, I’m still playing it. I’m almost to the end – I’ve freed all the divine beasts and am ready to go to Hyrule Castle, but I decided I wanna do a completionist game, so I’m currently collecting all 900 korok seeds (and then I’ll do all the shrines and all the dlc, yada yada). But I play this almost every day during my lunch break and it’s such a good time. This game is so good, man.


Firstly, fall decorations! This is my set up for this Halloween. Come Thanksgiving, I’ll redecorate with turkeys and fewer skulls. But I’m pretty happy with how everything turned out!

I’ve also started to learn the guitar! I’ve tried both electric and acoustic at this point and definitely prefer the acoustic. It’s just easier for me to hold while I play. I’ve started learning Christmas songs on it so I can hopefully play them in December.

Yes, I’m still on the Frozen bandwagon, particularly the second movie recently, because its entire color scheme matches the season so well! And obviously I’m showing Olaf because he’s the best character.

Finally, some stuff I’ve been using for Nanoplanmo. The books on the left I’ve been using as references for some characters I’m making in my novel. One guess as to what they are. Otherwise, I’ve been slowly going through music that I feel fits the themes of this year’s novel, and Vindsvept’s Two Hours in the Woods playlist really fits the bill (below, listen to it!)

And that’s it for this month! I think I got a good variety of things. October was a lovely month.

October Currently Reading! ’20

Happy Halloween Eve*26! Today’s post will be about the books I am currently reading!

Hotel Africa vol 2 by Hee Jung Park – this is the second volume in this really great manhwa I picked up last year. I reread vol 1 last month in preparation for this and loved it. So far I’m liking this one just as much.

Armada by Ernest Cline – So I did a thing recently: in addition to giving myself a book buying ban, I’ve also done a purge. I have the purge books divided into two sections: books I’m definitely getting rid of and books that might still go if they don’t hook me fairly quickly. This book is in section two. So if it doesn’t strike me as something great soon here I’m gonna dnf it (and the same for all the books in section two of my purge, which is about 30 books). So far it’s ok. The plot is interesting enough but the main character is driving me nuts. I’m gonna give it another 50 pages.

Vita Nostra by Marina & Sergey Dyachenko – This is a buddy read I’ve started with Katy @bookbinderway and another buddy! Honestly I haven’t actually started this yet, but it’s during the current ‘read this far’ window soooo.

The Phantom of the Opera by Gaston Leroux – This is my latest audio book and I’m really, really liking it. It’s so haunting and lilting and unexpectedly funny. It’s surprised me with how much I’m liking it!

And that’s it! Four books currently – I have twenty eight books to go before reaching my 2020 TBR goal, so wish me luck! Happy reading!

Seasonal Favorites aka the best time of the year | #2

fall post.png

Hello! Today is part two of a three part series I’m going to do. Basically ‘monthly favorites’ but focusing on fall, because, as the title says, it’s the best time of the year. Fight me on it.

You can find part one here, if you’re interested.

This is what I liked this month!


They are all Thanksgiving-related items, does this shock you. Does it.

The first item is the Gobblerito, a seasonal special of Mad Mex, which is a Pittsburgh-based restaurant (these… will all be from Pittsburgh-based things, come to think of it). But basically it’s a burrito as big as your head, filled with turkey, corn, black beans, stuffing, and then coated with turkey gravy and served with a bit of cranberry. Heaven on a plate, I’ve never been able to finish one in one sitting. (Photo credit of madmex.com)

The next right below it is the pilgrim sub, a seasonal special of Get Go, which is actually a gas station similar to a Sheetz or Wawa or whatever you have near you, owned by the local grocery store Giant Eagle in Pittsburgh. It’s turkey, cheese and cranberry all loaded up into stuffing bread, and it’s delicious. (Photo credit of GetGo’s twitter account)

The final picture is the coveted Smoked Turkey Waffle, available seasonally by Pig Iron Public House, which, you guessed it, as Pittsburgh based. The waffle itself is made of stuffing, and then on top there’s smoked turkey, gravy, and friend mashed potato-and-cranberry balls. It. Is. Delicious. (Photo credit to ME. I TOOK THE PICTURE)

There’s one more Thanksgiving item I haven’t gotten to yet, called the Gobble Gobble burger, sold by the Pittsburgh burger joint BRGR… if I get to it in the next month, I’ll mention it in the next faves post. 😛


Just a flash game this month. I’ve been hooked on it: Blendoku, which I know is at least available on the android app store, maybe the apple one as well? Who knows.

It’s a game kinda like a mix between sudoku and a crossword puzzle, but instead of placing numbers of letters, you place colors in a way that they blend into each other well. It’s fun!


Honestly, the two I mentioned last month, Food Wars and My Hero Academia are still up there. Otherwise:

Supernatural. Man, I’ve been watching this show from the beginning. It’s just started it’s final season – the 15th one – and it’s all comin’ together. Note, do not watch the above trailer unless you’re caught up or you don’t mind spoilers that you’ll have no context for until you actually watch the show. If you don’t mind the no-context spoilers, it gives a really good vibe about what the whole show is about. Honestly when I found it I watched it twice and let my feels be feels.

Queer Eye. This is a Netflix show that I picked up maybe two weeks ago… and have since binged all four seasons plus their four-episode Japan special. I’m obsessed. Everyone is so wholesome and kind and loving and wonderful and augh ❤ Season 5 is coming out soon and I’m pumped for it.


Lately, I’ve been using a playlist on spotify for my Nanowrimo projects, called ‘Epic Instrumental’ where it’s just what it sounds like. This is it!

Also, this song’s been pretty good lately:

Other Stuff

JonTron. A youtuber that’s been around for ages. He does comedy videos, and while I’ve liked him for a while, one of his latest videos, the goop video above, cracked me up. So he’s a favorite this month.

My Halloween and Thanksgiving decorations. I don’t get super festive for both of these holidays, despite the fact that I love them both, haha. On the left is my one candle – Caramel Pecan, and a box of leaves. On the right is my jackolantern this year.

And that’s it! One more of these posts mid-to-late next month, and that’ll be it. It’ll be back to the boring times this month.

Happy falling and wintering!

October Wrap Up! | ’19

October Wrap up

Happy November! From this point onward, if you’re reading my post, there’s a good chance it’s prewritten, maybe by a few weeks (obviously wrap ups, currently readings, etc, will be written closer to the actual date) because right now I’m neck-deep in Nanowrimo. And then next month, Blogmas. It’s gonna be a whirlwind all the way through the end of the year, people.


This month was a month full of manga. I’m kinda on a kick right now, and I’m digging it.

The Girl from the Other Side: Siúil, A Rún, Volume 2 (The Girl from the Other Side, #2)

The Girl From the Other Side vol 2 by Nagabe – This series is really cute but also a bit eerie. It follows the little girl and the creature on the cover, in a world divided between the inside and the outside, where those touched by the creatures become the creatures themselves. In this volume, the world is expanded a bit, and you get to see a bit more of humanity. It’s pretty neat. – 3.5 stars

Ten Count, Vol. 1 (Ten Count, #1)

Ten Count vol 1 by Rihito Takari – This… was actually a pleasant surprise. Looking at the cover, it’s kinda obvious I wasn’t expecting too much plot, right. But turns out, this was really… wholesome! It follows two characters, one named Shirotani with obsessive compulsive disorder with germophobic behavior and the other a man named Kurose that he runs into who happens to be a therapist. Kurose agrees to help Shirotani off the books to work on lessening and coping with his disorder. And then romance, yada yada. But really, this is was sweet and cute and I really liked it. There are more volumes of this out there and I think I’m gonna pick them up. – 4 stars

Kiss Him, Not Me!, Vol. 1

Kiss Him, Not Me! vols 1-14 by Junko – Man this was my obsession this month. I literally bought and read the entire series. I blame the Kodansha manga sale, dammit. But man was this cute. This follows the main character Kae, on the front, who’s a huge anime nerd with a particular taste for yaoi. Now, you kinda have to go into this with suspended belief, or just be like ‘this is totally magical realism’ because one of the main plot mechanics is utterly ridiculous but also kinda funny. Kae in the beginning is overweight. When her favorite anime character dies, she goes into a depression and loses a lot of weight really fast from not eating (and then later in the series gains it back.. and then loses it.. and then gains it..and then loses it. The other characters also point out that her body makes no sense so I just kinda rolled with it.) And then suddenly she attracts the attention of the four dudes on the cover, all of whom start crushing on her (note some like her no matter what she looks like, others are obviously more shallow) but instead of wanting to reciprocate any of their feelings, Kae as a yaoi fan, can’t help but ship them… together. And man, is it absolutely hilarious. It pokes fun at the reverse harem trope in the best way. I loved this series. – 4 stars overall

Land of the Lustrous, Vol. 6 (Land of the Lustrous, #6)

Land of the Lustrous vol 6 by Haruko Ichikawa – This series just keeps getting more and more intriguing. It follows these gem-based creatures called the Lustrous, in a world where humans have disappeared, and the world is divided into different creatures and landscapes and… it’s just really, really neat. This volume only deepened the mystery. – 4 stars

Noragami: Stray God, Vol. 1 (Noragami: Stray God, #1)

Noragami vol 1 by Adachitoka – This is a new series for me, and so far I’ve only read the one volume (I have the second, though). Basically, I needed a 3rd manga in the buy 2 get 1 sale that was going on and Katy @Bookbinderway recommended this one. Welp, it was a pretty solid beginning I think, with the potential to be really cool. I’m hoping to get to the second one this month! – 3.5 stars

Sweet Filthy Boy (Wild Seasons, #1)

Sweet Filthy Boy by Christina Lauren – I’ve been reading this book since July or something, and I finally picked it up and finished it this month. It was pretty decent. The love interest was sweet, the main character was sweet, but man did they have some communication issues. Unfortunately, the miscommunication trope is like… one of my least favorites, ever. So that dropped the rating a bit. But overall, it was decent. This follows the main character who follows a boy to Paris for the summer. Romance ensues. Really, there’s not much more to it than that. It was a pleasant read. – 3.5 stars

The Monster of Elendhaven

The Monster of Elendhaven by Jennifer Giesbrecht – I picked up this novella as a buddy read with Katy @Bookbinderway and Sarah @Windsorwrites! It follows a thing without a name who skulks the streets of Elendhaven, a bleak city along the edge of a poison ocean, and a sorcerer who finds him. Well… this book was weird. I feel like one of its biggest weaknesses was that it was the kind of story it was: a novella. Everything felt underdeveloped. Nothing felt like it had a point. I mean, it was interesting. The characters themselves were something else, but man.. something just kept me from loving this, unfortunately. – 3 stars

O Maidens In Your Savage Season Vol. 4

O Maidens in Your Savage Season vol 4 by Mari Okada – This series started out pretty awesome and while it’s still good, I think it’s suffering from mid-series lull. I still liked this volume, don’t get me wrong, but I feel like it’s at the point where it’s building up to something, and as I’m reading them as they come out, I can’t exactly binge them to find out what it is. Maybe it’s a me problem and not a book problem, haha. Either way, still enjoying this series very much. I wrote a spoiler-free blabber on volume 1, if you’re interested. – 3.5 stars

She and Her Cat

She and Her Cat by Makoto Shinkai – This was… pleasant. This is a one-shot manga following, you guessed it, a woman and her cat. It’s told from the cat’s perspective, which was interesting. So as you go along, you can tell things are happening in the woman’s life, but you only get a cat’s awareness of them. It was really interesting. As a one-shot though it didn’t get too in-depth. It’s definitely a slice-of-life kinda thing. It was nice though, I liked it. – 3.5 stars

Kings of the Wyld (The Band, #1)

Kings of the Wyld by Nicholas Eames – This I picked up for two reasons: one, it’s a comedy fantasy, and I wanted to get a feel of how one can incorporate comedy into fantasy writing, and two, it was a personal recommendation from r/Fantasy to me, which means it fulfills the bingo space on Fantasy Bingo! So this book ended up being pretty good. I had a few issues towards the beginning of it with how the author was writing the his female characters, but the issues kinda disappeared as the book continued. Either he realized he was writing them badly or who knows. But by the end, his depictions were definitely better. But this book follows a group of has-been heroes as they cross the country to rescue one of the member’s daughters from a siege in a stronghold, surrounded by a horde of monsters. The book is funny, entertaining, and written well. It has a matter-of-fact writing style which I really liked. It was really good. – 4 stars

And that’s it for books! I read 20-something things this month, which is honestly kinda awesome.

Other things

  • I did nanoplanmo!
  • October was nice.

Reading Goals

  • Read 50 books – 108/50 – Complete!
  • Finish the 10 in 2019 list – 7/10
  • Keep book purchases around 4-5 books per month
    • J – 5 | F – 6 | M – 7 | A – 0 | M – 0 | J – 3 | J – 5 | A – 5 | S – 4| O -2 | N | D
  • Go on a 2 to 3 month buying ban – Complete!
  • Reduce physical TBR to 250 books – Currently 248 – Complete (now maintaining)
  • Finish the r/Fantasy Book Bingo Challenge by Mar 31, 2019 – Complete!
  • Post monthly book hauls
    • J | F | M | A (on ban) | M(on ban) | J | JA | S | O | N | D
  • Maintain a S-W-S posting schedule
    • J | F | M | A | M | J | J | A | S | O | N | D
  • Keep track of statistics
    • J | F | M | A | M | J | J | A | S | O | N | D

And that’s it! I think I had a pretty good October. I hope yours was lovely. Happy reading!

Seasonal Favorites aka the best time of the year | #1

fall post.png

Hello! Today is part one of a three part series I’m going to do. Basically ‘monthly favorites’ but focusing on fall, because, as the title says, it’s the best time of the year. Fight me on it.

So there will be one now, one in November, and one in December. Each will talk about the things I’m currently hooked on, fall-related and otherwise. So if this is the type of thing you think will float your boat, read on, homeslice.


Starbucks’s Pumpkin Cream Cold Brews – I’ve been getting at least one of these a week, sometimes two or three. I’ve basically been getting nothing else from them for the last month or two. They’re so damn good.

Peanut butter banana bread – Made by moi. I had bananas that I forgot to eat and went ‘welp, bread it is’. I found a recipe online, which is here, and it turned out to be the bees knees. I’m definitely going to make this again.

Apricot wheat beer – from the brewery that opened up across the street from me. I won’t say which one because… that’d be doxxing myself, now wouldn’t it. But man, I never knew apricot could flow so seemlessly with beer.

Leinenkugel’s Vanilla Snowdrift Porter – Technically a winter beer, I look forward to this release every year. Man, it’s so gooood.

Wedding Cookie Table Cookies – So I learned a thing recently. Apparently, giant tables full of cookies at weddings isn’t a thing in most places. Where I live, it’s standard. You get married, you have food, you have a cake, and you have a giant eff-off table full of cookies. Like, your entire family makes you cookies for this table when you get hitched. Tiers and tiers of the stuff, enough that you bring take out boxes for all the guests, because they’ll eat 20 each and take 20 home on top of it. The cookie table is the star of the Pittsburgh wedding. The picture above is from the wedding of a friend I went to this past weekend. Hell, I got married two years ago with maybe 40 people, technically wasn’t even a wedding so much as a JP showing up and declaring us married, and we still had a sizeable cookie table.

For example, a quick google:


Personally I think they should be like… a global thing. Cookie tables, people. Make it happen.



Sid Meier’s Civilization VI: Gathering Storm – I’ve been hooked on the Civilization series for almost a decade now, and this one – Gathering Storm – is the latest expansion released for Civ VI. To the already super-involved gameplay, it adds natural disasters, global warming, and everything like that. So now, on top of you dealing with all the other civilizations in your world, and competing in scientific discovery, warfare, culture and religion, now you have to deal with polar ice caps melting and tornadoes ripping through your capital. It’s. So. Awesome.


My Hero Academia – Above is the season 1 trailer, but season 4 just started streaming on Crunchyroll two weeks ago and MAN WAS I READY FOR IT. My Hero Academia I think is one of the best anime to come out in a while, and if you haven’t picked it up yet, I really suggest doing so. It’s. Amazing. It follows a young man named Midoriya, living in a super-powered world, where most people have abilities called quirks. Because of this, ‘heroes’ have become a thing in society. Midoriya wants to be a hero more than anything, but unfortunately he’s quirkless. This anime tells the story of how he becomes the greatest hero.

Demon Slayer – this one is a recent find for me. I’m only four or five episodes in so far but I am definitely hooked. It follows a young man named Tanjiro, who lives in a world of humans and demons alike, as he strives to save his sister after his family is slain and his sister turned into a demon. I really, really like this one – the visuals are gorgeous, the music is eerie, and weirdly there’s a bit of humor – it’s just perfect.


Recently I’ve fallen into a uh.. rocky-poppy-indy-ish mood. Usually I’m all heavy metal. Who knows what’s goin on. This is what I’m currently hooked on. Definitely recommend giving them a listen:

  • Tokyo (Vampires and Wolves) by the Wombats
  • Hunter by Ken Ashcorp
  • Can’t Go to Hell by Sin Shake Sin

There are…. a lot more songs I’ve discovered this month, but those stand out as my faves. Give ’em a listen and lemme know what you think!

And that’s it! For the next two posts, if I come up with more categories, I’ll add’em in, but I figured this was a solid start. If you’d tried or like any of the above, lemme know! If my post inspires you to try them, lemme know that too!

October Wrap Up | ’18

October Wrap up

Hello! Happy Halloween! Currently I’m still in Disney, likely in Epcot as this post goes up. Tomorrow, November 1st, I’ll be going over to Universal to experience one of their fright nights! And Harry Potter world! I’m gonna get a Hagrid wand if I can, man.

Anyways, here’s all the books and stuff I read this month!


Gravitation vols 9-12 by Maki Murakami

Gravitation, Volume 09I mentioned last month how I’d read the first eight volumes and they were sitting between 2.5 and 3 stars for me, and that I was hoping the ending of the series would get better.


It got better. But it got a lot worse before it turned around and redeemed itself a bit. The final volume saved it in my eyes, and even then, wasn’t a perfect ending. Volumes 9 – 11 were just chaos. All over the place. So overall, this series gets a 2.5/5 stars from me. This is the danger of rereading things you loved in high school, man.

The Library at Mount Char by Scott Hawkins

The Library at Mount CharMan, I loved this book. I buddy read it with Katy @BookBinderWay and we both really thought it was the bee’s knees. I wrote a full spoiler-free blabber on it, should you want to check it out. But overall, 5/5 stars from me, and it’s now one of my favorite books. Ugh it was just so great.




Monster vols 1-3 by Naoki Urasawa

Naoki Urasawa's Monster, Volume 1: Herr Dr. Tenma (Naoki Urasawa's Monster, #1)I read this manga as part of Spookathon and I gotta say, I own the first four volumes, but I think the remaining 14 will make the short list of my ‘BUY IT NOW’ books when my ban is up. This series is amazing, and I love it. If you’re looking for a good thriller, this is the one.




Other Things

  • As mentioned, am in Disney. Will be going to Universal as well. I’ve never been to either and so far I’ve already spent too much money on souvenirs. It’s okay though. It’s just money right? RIGHT? D:

Reading Goals

  • Complete my Goodreads Challenge of 40 books: 74/40
  • Complete my 10 in 2018 list of books: 3/10
  • Keep book buying low (6-8 books/season):
    • January-March purchases: 9
    • April-June purchases: 12
    • July-September purchases: I don’t wanna talk about it
    • October-December purchases: 1
  • Get my physical TBR down to 270 books: 290
  • Finish the r/Fantasy Book Bingo Challenge by Mar 31, 2019

Fantasy Bingo 2018

And that’s it! I hope you had a lovely reading month!

October Currently Reading | ’18

Currently Reading

Hello! Happy October! Yada yada best time of the year yada yada. This is what I’m currently reading!

Twelve Kings in Sharakhai by Bradley P Beaulieu

Twelve Kings in Sharakhai (The Song of the Shattered Sands #1)This is a buddy read I’m currently buzzing through with Amanda. We both kinda put it down for a while but have picked it back up recently. So far I’m a bit indifferent to it. Something about it isn’t gripping me. It’s not bad, but… just, isn’t doing anything I guess.

We’re nearing the end of it, maybe a bit over 100 pages left, so I’m hoping the ending blows me away.





The Gray House by Mariam Petrosyan

The Gray HouseThis book I am reading as part of the r/Fantasy book of the month read-along. I’ve never participated in one before, so I’m rather pumped. It’ll count towards the hard mode of the bingo square as well! I’m not too far into it so far, but my opinion of it is good. It seems interesting. Listening to it on audio, so I didn’t realize how big it was when I started it – over 700 pages! I hope it stays good!





The Library at Mount Char by Scott Hawkins

The Library at Mount CharI’m reading this book as a buddy read with Katy! So far it’s REALLY UNNERVING OH MY GOSH but I’m rather enjoying it. It’s really well written and very atmospheric. Perfect for Halloween!







Back-burner books

Sooo sometimes I pick up so many books that some of them kinda… fade into the background while I’m distracted by the most recent ones. This month, there are three. I’m ‘currently reading’ them but I likely won’t look at them again until the top three books are done.

  • The Blood Mirror by Brent Weeks – I’ve been reading this one for ages because it’s huge. I’m loving it but it’s more of a ‘pick up in between books’ book
  • The Grace of Kings by Ken Liu – I started this on audio and wasn’t digging the narration. I switched to physical but like the one above, tend to just pick it up when I have some time
  • First Strike by Eric Nylund – I borrowed this book from a friend, who didn’t realize it takes me forever to read books that I’ve borrowed. When I get to these three books again, this one will get priority.

If I get time, I also plan on participating in the Spookathon, which starts on October 15th. It’ll get a separate TBR. I also want to pick up The Traitor Baru Cormorant by Seth Dickinson to reread it before its sequel comes out on October 30th. Wish me luck!

What are you reading? Have you read any of the above?

October Wrap Up | ’17

Wrap Up

After moving last weekend and spending all this past week and this weekend unpacking, I’m back to the blogging thing. Still not done unpacking, but it’s gotten to the point where it’s not chaos anymore.

Also, full disclosure: Aside from the audiobook I was listening to going to and from work, I haven’t picked up a book at all within the last week or two. Just haven’t had the time. So this wrap-up will be a bit top-heavy.


Attack on Titan volumes 13 and 14 by Hajime Isayama

Attack on Titan, Volume 13 by Hajime IsayamaAttack on Titan, Volume 14 by Hajime IsayamaThis series just keeps getting better and better. I very much enjoyed both of these volumes and as soon as my buying ban is lessened in January, the continuations will be near the top of my list as ‘stuff to buy next’.

5/5 stars each

Descender volume 1 by Jeff Lemire

Tin Stars (Descender, #1)This is one that I wasn’t expecting to love as much as I did. I knew I’d like it, but the art combined with the story has landed this one on my favorites list. Volume 2 is also on my ‘gotta buy next’ list, haha.

5/5 stars



The Wise Man’s Fear by Patrick Rothfuss

The Wise Man's Fear (The Kingkiller Chronicle, #2)And thus ends all the ‘good books’ I read this month. From here on, the ratings for the books I read drop dramatically. This book, man. This book was pretty terrible. Mostly, anyway. I wrote a full, spoilerly rant blabber on it, if you’re interested. The short version is that I found this book completely ridiculous.

2.75/5 stars



Blankets by Craig Thompson

BlanketsI feel like my main issue with this is that I wanted it to be something other than it was. Namely, I wanted it to have a point. I feel like the ending of this was the stupidest thing, and I know I’m being a bit unfair about a memoir, but really, if you’re going to write a story about your life, at least choice a story that’s not this meandering mess that ends abruptly and leaves the reader with the feeling of ‘and why was this so important it had to be written down? Because I couldn’t see it.’

2.5/5 stars

The Gunslinger by Stephen King

The GunslingerThis is the audiobook I listened to this month and the only thing I’ve read in about a week and a half. I picked it up because it’s the start of my mom’s favorite series and chose audio because I have a history of hating SK’s writing style. Again this was no different but it was a made a bit easier by the narration. I’m torn over this book. Parts of me dislike the weird fascination King has with genticals, part of me dislikes the main character, part of me was bored throughout the thing and part of me feels like the set-up for the second book is too much of a draw to not pick it up and at least try it.

So overall I didn’t find this book great but I feel like the series has a lot of potential. I’ll likely grab the second book at some point and give it a try.

3/5 stars

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