Semester Wrap Up, Future Goals – Blogmas 12/17

Hello, I’m currently in Malaysia, so this is a pre-written post. It was made actually with one more day of finals and labs to go. So this is likely a bit pre-emptive, but hey it’s one day.

This past semester, I completed two coding projects, one research project and one internship.

As shown in a previous post, I made a robot play tic tac toe with a user – it was pretty neat and I still have the robot on loan from my university. I’m to continue with that project through the next semester and try to get it seeing the game screen.

I also coded a text miner program that will text in raw medical text and try to parse it out to make it make sense, make it easier to look at, make its data easier to associate with patterns, etc. It went okay. I got the words parse out but it’s not 100% readable yet. This one still needs some work, too.

I also did a research project to determine what genes are expressed in soybeans grown in low light conditions that aren’t expressed in genes grown in high light conditions. This one killed me. The paper was due for it last week and man, I’m so glad it’s done.  AUGH. I might have gotten a C on it if I was lucky. Maybe. (I got As on the two coding projects though, so there).

For this coming winter, I’ll be working full time between two different jobs (so guess still doesn’t have health insurance, woo). And during that time I’ll be reading and posting (I hope) and tinkering with the NAO Robot. And honestly that’s about it.

Oh, like I said, I’ll be in Malaysia for a week, so there’s that. I’m also semi-planning a trip to Connecticut to visit a friend, but that’s rather loose at the moment. We’ll see what happens. :”D

I want to read a whole bunch of books though – winter break is usually when I get a boost on it all.

Wish me luck!

Happy reading. :”D