It’s the best time of the year! | October Favorites ’20

Last year, I started doing favorites posts during October, November, and December, because it’s my favorite time of the year. This year I’m gonna do it again! So today I’ll be talking about some neat things I liked during October!

Food and Drink

My two edible choices this month are both drinks – Starbucks’ Pumpkin Cream cold brew and this Coffee Liqueur I got from a local creator. Both are super great – I get the cold brews on Fridays as a ‘congrats for not falling into the void’ gift to myself and I use the coffee liqueur with some vanilla vodka and chocolate coffee creamer to make a bastardized form of a white Russian. V tasty.

Video Games

I’ve been playing a lot of DDR recently, and this is my favorite out of all of them. With the weather starting to get colder and it getting more difficult to fit in a walk before dark, this is how I’ve been getting my steps in.

I am fully on the Among Us bandwagon. I’ve still only played a few times – it’s hard to get peoples’ schedules lined up and all – but what I have played has been a ton of fun, and I very much like this game.

I realize this game is a few years old at this point, but at the start of the plague, I began a new file of this game. Six months later, I’m still playing it. I’m almost to the end – I’ve freed all the divine beasts and am ready to go to Hyrule Castle, but I decided I wanna do a completionist game, so I’m currently collecting all 900 korok seeds (and then I’ll do all the shrines and all the dlc, yada yada). But I play this almost every day during my lunch break and it’s such a good time. This game is so good, man.


Firstly, fall decorations! This is my set up for this Halloween. Come Thanksgiving, I’ll redecorate with turkeys and fewer skulls. But I’m pretty happy with how everything turned out!

I’ve also started to learn the guitar! I’ve tried both electric and acoustic at this point and definitely prefer the acoustic. It’s just easier for me to hold while I play. I’ve started learning Christmas songs on it so I can hopefully play them in December.

Yes, I’m still on the Frozen bandwagon, particularly the second movie recently, because its entire color scheme matches the season so well! And obviously I’m showing Olaf because he’s the best character.

Finally, some stuff I’ve been using for Nanoplanmo. The books on the left I’ve been using as references for some characters I’m making in my novel. One guess as to what they are. Otherwise, I’ve been slowly going through music that I feel fits the themes of this year’s novel, and Vindsvept’s Two Hours in the Woods playlist really fits the bill (below, listen to it!)

And that’s it for this month! I think I got a good variety of things. October was a lovely month.

Pumpkin Book Tag


Hello! A tag today! I was tagged by Zezee (thanks friendo!). And the original video can be found here!

Pumpkin: A writer you always make a point to read in October

Honestly there aren’t any. I always tell myself ‘read creepy books!’ but I never actually do, heh.

Pumpkin Spice: A work you would read to impress a millennial

I feel like this question was written by someone who is not a millennial. I am a millennial. I’m usually just impressed by people who read, period. Doesn’t even have to be books. Articles! Magazines! Even listening to podcasts is a good substitute for reading.

Pumpkin Pie: A work that makes you think of autumn

UprootedUprooted by Naomi Novik. Why? I couldn’t tell you. I don’t remember what season this book occurs in. But the magical forest, in my mind, was always orange and red in the middle of autumn. I know it’s likely not described as such, but that’s what my brain did.



Pumpkin Cheesecake: A work that was challenging to read but was a rewarding experience

The Traitor Baru Cormorant (Baru Cormorant #1)The Traitor Baru Cormorant by Seth Dickinson. This popped into my head as the answer before my brain even finished reading the sentence. This book is definitely dense and in my opinion, weirdly paced. But it’s so, so, so worth the read. I wrote a review on it, if you’re interested. I looooved this book. The second one is coming out soon and I’m super excited!



Pumpkin Bread: An underrated work from a well-known writer

(pumpkin bread is the best pumpkin thing, btw. This question is a good one).

The Egg by Andy Weir. This is a short story he wrote before The Martian came out. It’s funny, because when The Martian came out, it apparently dawdled a bit. Andy Weir basically said that he wished The Martian would have done as well as The Egg had – it was fairly popular. But the The Martian actually took off and those who read it likely never read The Egg.

So go read it!

Pumpkin Soup: A work that you first enjoyed, but then lost interest

The 5th Wave (The 5th Wave, #1)The idea of pumpkin soup scares me.

I’m going to go with Rick Yancey’s The 5th Wave series. I read the first one shortly after getting into the online book community. Liked it rather decently, minus that weird Stockholm alien romance. The second one came out and I reread the first one and then read the second one. Contrary to most people’s opinions, I liked the second one a lot more than the first. I feel it focusing not on the two main characters made it better.

But honestly by the time the third came out, I had forgotten most of the major plot points and my motivation to reread the first two again is minimal. I still own the first two books, but unless I end up finding the third in a dollar bin somewhere, I’m likely not going to get it. I can’t be bothered.

Pumpkin Doughnut: A light, five-star read

Ella EnchantedElla Enchanted by Gail Carson Levine. I’ve mentioned this book a billion times now, but it’s one of my childhood favorites and I’ll likely always love it forever and ever.




Pumpkin Picking: Within the last year, in which genre did you purchase the most books

My guess is fantasy. I honestly don’t know though. I did buy a buttload of Michael Crichton this year.

Pumpkin Carving: A work that could have been trimmed down



Pumpkin Painting: A book with magnificent illustrations

A Monster CallsA Monster Calls by Patrick Ness. This is my favorite. This is my faaaaavorite. ❤ Find this book, look at the pictures.




Pumpkin Ice Cream: The most random work you would recommend

Santa and Pete: A Novel of Christmas Present and PastSince it’s the Christmas season, I’ll recommend Santa and Pete by Christopher Paul Moore. It’s a children’s novel, but it definitely captures the Christmas spirit. I try to read it once every couple years around Christmas, and I think I’m about due. This is a lovely book, and if you need a book to read or are looking for something for a nephew, niece or your kid to read, this is the one. 😀



What is your favorite way to enjoy pumpkin/what is your favorite dish where pumpkin is the main ingredient?

As mentioned above, pumpkin bread! And pumpkin cookies!

Pumpkin Patch: Who do you tag?

I just tagged a bunch of people in a tag two days ago, so I’m not going to tag anyone specific, but if you’d like to do this, consider yourself tagged. 😀