Spoopy Memes Book Tag v2! [Original]

Around this time last year, I created the original Spoopy Memes Book Tag, and I think it went over pretty well – I got to see a lot of answers and found a bunch of new bloggers to follow! So this year I’m re-creating it with all new questions and memes!

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Name a character that keeps repeating the same mistakes, despite having multiple opportunities to prevent them

I’m choosing Fitz from Robin Hobb’s Farseer trilogy (and every other book he’s in by her). Fitz has this habit of getting an idea in his head and going with it, despite those around him making other well thought out plans. He consistently feels like his impulsive actions will have better results than anything anyone else comes up with. He’s annoyingly consistent with this, despite his impulsivity often being his downfall.


Name a book where the characters got their just desserts

I’m definitely going with Goblin Slayer by Kousuke Kurose, and the characters I’m referring to are the goblins themselves. I mean, what did they think was gonna happen after consistently stealing people and killing people and doing terrible things to people?


Name a book that tries to put a positive spin on something terrible

Hands Off! by Kasane Katsumoto does this pretty well I think. One of the characters in this series can see images of the past. For instance, he avoids hospitals and the like because every time he’s in there, he just sees and hears people dying and the cries of the families around them. He’s a rather disturbed character as a result of always seeing these phantoms of past violent acts, understandably. The book spins it though, as because of this skill, this character is often also able to track down people that have gone missing and prevent further acts of violence, by seeing where they were beforehand and who they were with. This is a pretty interesting series, honestly.


Name a book that delves into an existential topic

I chose I Want to Eat Your Pancreas by Yoru Sumino, because despite the title of the thing, this is a pretty serious manga. The main character comes across the journal of a girl who has terminal pancreatic disease, and knows she is going to die. The story deals with the mentality of someone who knows their life is almost over, and also deals with being that person’s loved one. Obviously this book is a tear jerker, and it’s definitely worth reading.


What trope or theme in a book do you really like that you don’t feel gets enough attention?

It’s kinda hard to put it into just a few words to give this trope an actual name, but I really love it when a book dives into the thought process of a character that originally you feel like is going to be a hero, but then turns out to be an anti-hero. I get that the anti-hero trope is pretty common, but I haven’t really read too much where you can see them turning into one enough so that the character themselves realizes they fully aren’t ‘good’ anymore, and has to deal with the mental crisis that they themselves might be a monster. I’ve chosen The Traitor Baru Cormorant as my example here, because I’m seeing heavy, heavy hints of this in books one and two. Three is out now and I haven’t read it yet, but my hopes are high man.


Name a characters whose humor is consistently underappreciated by those around them

I chose Kip from Brent Weeks’ Lightbringer series. Now, Kip is written to be funny. I think he’s hilarious and I’m sure so do many others, but a lot of the characters don’t really react to his sense of humor, which is rather self-deprecating. Personally, I think he’s a hoot. Most of the characters things he’s weird.


Name a book (or two or three) that has helped you get through this year

Black Butler, The Harp of Kings and Shaman’s Crossing all have. This year obviously has been a rough one for everyone, but I gotta tell ya, I’ve read some really good books this year. The three I’ve named here are really up there among them. They’re just so engrossing and I got obsessed with them to the point where it helped me pass the time. And boom, now it’s October. There are so many more books I could name here as well, but honestly that might be a separate post.


What are your plans for Halloween this year if you celebrate it? How do you plan on spending what’s left of October?

I decorated my house this year, moreso than just putting up a pumpkin, which I’ve never done before. I will also likely going to be seeing a buddy and watching a scary movie. Other than that, nothing really. I haven’t decided if I’m gonna give out candy for trick or treat or not this year because of the plague. Maybe I’ll just throw snickers at children from the second story window? :”D


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The Beatles Book Tag!

Hi, a tag today! AND I was actually tagged by my buddy The Orangutan Librarian, who made it! So thanks friend! :”D It’s been a million years since I’ve been tagged in something. (HINT, PALS.)


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Honestly literally any animal character. I never seem to be the favorite with my pets. I want it to happen. Please! I JUST WANT MY CAT TO LOVE ME, OK.

The Thief Lord by Cornelia Funke – This is a childhood favorite of mine that I don’t think I’ve ever actually mentioned, or if I have, it hasn’t been for a long, long time. This is a magical realism-y fantasy set in the streets of Venice, following a boy and his brother and a mysterious leader of a gang of children who calls himself the Thief Lord. This is a middle grade novel, and it really makes me think of being twelve years old.

Black Butler, Vol. 15 (Black Butler, #15)

Black Butler by Yana Toboso – This manga series is a new favorite of mine: I picked it up right after the quarantine started and buzzed through all twenty eight volumes. Twenty nine is out now, and I own it, but honestly I really wanna…. reread the entire series again before I pick it up. That’s how much I love it, man. This series follows a young boy, who after the massacre of his family, sells his soul to a demon to get revenge. But man, it is so so so much more than that.

All My Friends Are Dead

All my friends are dead. by Avery Monsen and Jory John – Really gave me a positive outlook on life, y’know.

Just kidding, I can’t come up with a good one for this. :p

In Order to Live: A North Korean Girl's Journey to Freedom

In Order to Live by Yeonmi Park – Honestly I think about this book so much. I think I read it five years ago or something now. I really need to get myself a physical copy.

A Clockwork Orange

A Clockwork Orange by Anthony Burgess – Now, I totally get that you’re not supposed to like this book but man, I really hate this book.

A Natural History of Dragons (The Memoirs of Lady Trent, #1)

This one was super hard, and honestly I don’t have perfect answer for it. A Natural History of Dragons by Marie Brennan – the story is told through the main character’s narration. Like you read a travel journal of hers, more or less. Other than this and Fangirl, which Orangutan Librarian used, I haven’t read a book about an author. My goodness.

The Library at Mount Char

The Library at Mount Char by Scott Hawkins – It’s weird, but like in a best (and worst) way.

Fruits Basket, Vol. 13

Fruits Basket by Natsuki Takaya – This story is about a huge family, but each person in it is lonely in their own way. When I was a teenager, I went into this for a fluff romance. What I got was so much more than that.


14 by Peter Clines – This is the book I took with me on my honeymoon to read during my down time. When I think of it, I think of Hawaii.

That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime, Vol. 1 (Light Novel)

That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime by Fuse – This one definitely does, as the story overall is wholesome and cute, but the main character is a grade A creep, and it’s written to be funny instead of what it is: creepy.

The Traitor Baru Cormorant (The Masquerade, #1)

The Traitor Baru Cormorant by Seth Dickinson – It was exactly what I wanted exactly when I wanted it.

Forest Mage (Soldier Son, #2)

Forest Mage by Robin Hobb – I was all over the place with this book. I was mad at it and loved it and hated it and thought it was great.

If We Were Villains

If We Were Villains by M. L. Rio – I chose this one because the plot is literally all about shaking things up.

Graineliers, Vol. 1

Graineliers by Rihito Takari – This one was such a neat read.

Black Leopard, Red Wolf (The Dark Star Trilogy #1)

Black Leopard, Red Wolf by Marlon James – I was so pumped for this one, man. But it was definitely not a book for me.

Dragonball Z: An Unauthorized Guide

Dragonball Z by Lois and Danny Gresh – When I first got into DBZ at nine years old, my parents bought me this book, which is a publication by a mom and her son about the series, made because they were huge fans of it. I remember reading this thing over and over to the point where the spine offered no resistance when you’d open it up. I probably still have it around here somewhere.


Nod by Adrian Barnes – This has an average rating of 3.38 on Goodreads, which is pretty not great. I thought it was really good though! Only caveat here is that it’s no secret that I like it. I like it!

Fullmetal Alchemist, Vol. 27 (Fullmetal Alchemist, #27)

Fullmetal Alchemist by Hiromu Arakawa – This series will always hold a special place in my heart. I grew up with it, and thinking about it makes me feel like a teenager again. ALSO it’s just… amazing. The twists, the characters, the setting, it’s grade A stuff, man.

The Gene: An Intimate History

The Gene: An Intimate History by Siddhartha Mukherjee – Obviously I had to pick a nonfiction for this question.

Magus of the Library, Vol. 1

Magus of the Library by Mitsu Izumi – This manga is just so wonderful and fluffy and it’s about books! What more could you want, really

Ella Enchanted (Ella Enchanted #1)

Ella Enchanted by Gail Carson Levine – I’ve literally lost count of how many times I read this as a teen. I should really read it again.


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October Currently Reading! ’20

Happy Halloween Eve*26! Today’s post will be about the books I am currently reading!

Hotel Africa vol 2 by Hee Jung Park – this is the second volume in this really great manhwa I picked up last year. I reread vol 1 last month in preparation for this and loved it. So far I’m liking this one just as much.

Armada by Ernest Cline – So I did a thing recently: in addition to giving myself a book buying ban, I’ve also done a purge. I have the purge books divided into two sections: books I’m definitely getting rid of and books that might still go if they don’t hook me fairly quickly. This book is in section two. So if it doesn’t strike me as something great soon here I’m gonna dnf it (and the same for all the books in section two of my purge, which is about 30 books). So far it’s ok. The plot is interesting enough but the main character is driving me nuts. I’m gonna give it another 50 pages.

Vita Nostra by Marina & Sergey Dyachenko – This is a buddy read I’ve started with Katy @bookbinderway and another buddy! Honestly I haven’t actually started this yet, but it’s during the current ‘read this far’ window soooo.

The Phantom of the Opera by Gaston Leroux – This is my latest audio book and I’m really, really liking it. It’s so haunting and lilting and unexpectedly funny. It’s surprised me with how much I’m liking it!

And that’s it! Four books currently – I have twenty eight books to go before reaching my 2020 TBR goal, so wish me luck! Happy reading!

September Wrap Up! ’20

Happy October! It’s officially ‘Emily can use all her spooky banners’ season (which… will start with the post after this :p)

I read a decent amount this month, both books and manga.


1776 by David McCullough – This is a nonfiction read, which I picked up on audio book. It follows – well, the year 1776, in America. It goes over the battles and reads from diary entries of those alive during those times. I learned a lot that I don’t remember learning in school at all. I rather enjoyed this.

4 stars

Mockingjay by Suzanne Collins – I did it, I finished my Hunger Games reread! I wrote a full post about my thoughts on this, if you’re interested but long story short: I liked it more this time than I did ten years ago.

4 stars

Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde by Robert Louis Stevenson – So I picked this one up on audio and buzzed through it in one day. Honestly despite it being a classic, I knew basically nothing about it aside from what pop culture has told me.

I ended up really enjoying this. It was so morbid in a classic horror kind of way.

 4 stars

A Dance with Fate by Juliet Marillier – I picked this book up with my buddy on release day, after finishing Harp of Kings last month! I ended up really enjoying this too – the character development in it was awesome. I really can’t wait til the third one comes out… a year from now. Cry.

4 stars


Hotel Africa vol 1 by Hee Jung Park – This was a reread for me, in prep to read volume 2, which I’m currently in the middle of. The first time I read this, I loved it. I gave it a 4 point something. Upon reread, I liked it even more!

5 stars

act-age vols 1-2 by Tatsuya Matsuki – Shortly after getting this series, I heard that the author was arrested for being a terrible human. So we’ll see if the rest of this gets translated or not, though honestly I don’t know if I’d pick up anymore.

For what this was though, it was pretty good. It follows a young girl, trying to get into acting. She’s a method actor though, and has issues with emotions during her roles. It was a really fascinating read.

4 stars and 3.5 stars, respectively

Hands Off! vols 3-4 by Kasane Katsumoto – Continuing this series from last month, I’m still enjoying it. I can’t tell what this series is trying to be, though. Parts of it are light fluff and other parts are pretty morbid. Parts of funny and others are super dramatic. I have no idea! I’m enjoying it though. It’s cute.

3.75 and 3.5 stars respectively

Graineliers vol 1 by Rihito Takarai – I picked this one up because this is the author that wrote Ten Count, which I really liked. This however is totally different, and definitely one of the weirdest manga I’ve read. It’s a weird… dystopian series about seeds with fantastical powers on the black market. It’s neat!  – 4 stars

Shaman King vol 8 by Hiroyuki Takei – Sloooowly reading through this series. It follows a boy trying to become the king of Shamans in late 90s Japan. It’s funny and entertaining, and one of my sister’s favorite series, which is why I’m reading it. This one was pretty good! – 4 stars

And that’s it! My goal this coming month is to cut down on my tbr is quickly as I can. That might mean more DNFs, which I rarely do, so don’t be surprised if those pop up in October’s wrap up. Happy reading!

Fall Bucketlist 2020

Bonus Friday post! I couldn’t find where else to squeeze it in, so HI AGAIN I’M GLAD YOU’RE HERE.

It’s fall! Hooray! Fall and winter is the best time of the year. Technically, my ‘favorite time of the year’ goes from August 1st, which is my wedding anniversary, to January 1st, for obvious reasons. So now that we’re pretty far into the best time of the year and the weather is actually starting to feel like fall, I’m making a bucketlist again!

Last year, I did a Fall and Winter bucketlist, but then I never followed up on it. So this year, I’m dividing it – my fall bucket list will go from today through Black Friday. That day I’ll go over what I did and post my winter bucket list (which if we’re being honest is just a Christmas/holiday list, so shh). I’ll follow up on that sometime in January.

So here’s my fall list. Some of these are already done, as it’s the end of September, but work with me here.

Also, most of my bucket list is food. Pbtbtbt.

Fall Bucket List

  • Pumpkin spice latte
  • Pumpkin cream cold brew – Complete
  • Pumpkin beer – Complete
  • Octoberfest beer – Complete
  • Participate in fall beer exchange – Complete
  • Pumpkin cookies – Complete
  • Break out the fall scented candles
  • Apple cider
  • Buy spoopy decorations for Halloween – Complete
  • Decorate the house all spoopy
  • Buy turkey decorations for Thanksgiving
  • Decorate the house all turkey-y
  • Break out Christmas decorations and do inventory to see if anything new/replacements are needed
  • Organize a list of blog posts to write from now til Black Friday – Complete
  • Organize a list of blog posts for Blogmas 2020 – Complete
  • Pre-write November posts, because Nanowrimo
  • Pre-write at least five Blogmas posts
  • Participate in Nanoplanmo
  • Participate in Nanowrimo
  • Go to an applefest (if possible, the plaaaaague, aaaaah)
  • Get pumpkins
  • Carve pumpkins
  • Hand out candy on trick or treat (if possible, the plaaaaague, aaaaah)
  • Get fall flowers
  • Gobblerito
  • Pilgrim sandwich
  • Turkey and Stuffing
  • Slow cooker hot chocolate
  • Fall nail art
  • Buddy read Vita Nostra with Katy @Bookbinderway
  • Watch The Lord of the Rings
  • Watch Harry Potter
  • Watch a scary movie
  • Hang all the framed art that’s been sitting on the ground, leaning against the wall since I moved in three years ago
  • Buy a new car
  • Read three of my remaining 10 in 2020 books

So you can see a lot of them are food, a lot of them are fall-specific, and a lot of them are blog related. There are a few though that are just ‘you gotta do this soon’, most the car one. My car is about dead, I need to buy a new one soon.

If you have a fall bucket list, or something even remotely similar, lemme know what you plan to do this season!


Book Superlatives Tag!

A tag again! Wasn’t tagged (pbtbt) but it was created by Chelsea Palmer!

1. Best Dressed: A book with a beautiful cover

Black Leopard Red Wolf by Marlon James – While unfortunately I didn’t care for this book, I can’t deny that it’s absolutely beautiful. This picture doesn’t do it justice, man.

2. Class Clown: A book that made you lol

A Man & His Cat by Umi Sakurai – This is a cute, simple, fluffy manga about a man who adopts a cat. While I expected this to be funny, which it is, I didn’t also expect it to pull on my heartstrings, which it did.

3. Cutest Couple: A book that features your favorite OTP

Kiss Him, Not Me! by Junko – I chose this one because my ship actually became canon, man. That never happens, dammit. I was so proud of me for picking the right one.

4. Most Popular: The most hyped book on your shelf

Coming in at nearly seven million ratings on Goodreads, this is the most popular book I own!

5. Nicest Car: The most expensive book you own

Not including my $300 organic chemistry textbook or any other text book, it would have to be Fruits Basket by Natsuki Takaya, specifically volume 23.

Why? Because it’s the last volume of an out-of-print manga series, and since the anime was rebooted, copies of this puppy have become scarce. I think I paid forty bucks for this thing, and honestly I’m glad I did: they’re going for 60-100 now, last time I checked.

6. Worst Car: A book with a bad cover but still a solid story that took you for a ride

Easy by Tammara Webber. This is the first romance I rated five stars but man, that cover.

7. Biggest Nerd: The nerdiest book you own

Probably one of these three. All of them are nonfiction and deal somehow with computers or psychology, both of which I have degrees in, so I think they’re pretty neat.

8. Most Likely to Be Late: A book that is under hyped and you are still waiting for the fandom to arrive

Scar Night by Alan Campbell. PLEASE AUGH. PLEASE.

9. Most Likely to Succeed: A first book in a series that is going places

Shaman’s Crossing by Robin Hobb – While I’m in the middle of the second book and it’s definitely a more difficult read than the first one was emotion-wise, I still feel like this series could turn out to be amazing. I just need something HAPPY TO HAPPEN PLEASE D:

10. Most Athletic: The biggest book you own (physical size or page length)

Jerusalem by Alan Moore. This might not be the biggest size-wise, but it’s the longest book I own, coming in at 1266 pages. I haven’t read it yet because it’s intimidating. But you can bet your butt I picked it up when I saw it for eight dollars. I do intend on reading this… at some point. When I get a buddy because I’m scared.

It is really heavy.

11. Most Intellectual: The most thought-provoking book you’ve read

Honestly probably this text book. I know it’s a bit of a cheat answer, but I’m serious. This is the book that drove me off the psychology path and onto the neuroscience one (and would later farther drive me into computer science, where I am now. I’d love to get back to neuroscience in the future though).

This book is just so interesting. I read it cover to cover. Brains are so weird.

12. Best All Around: A book or series that you will always recommend to anyone

His Majesty’s Dragon by Naomi Novik for sure. Recently this book has been getting some hype around it, as people have started picking it up after reading Uprooted or Spinning Silver but man this is Naomi Novik’s magnum opus. It’s just so good and I feel like all sorts of people could like this one.

Fantasy fans, military buffs, historical fans, animal fans, all sorts!

And that’s it! If you have uh… brown hair, or are wearing a shirt with blue on it, I tag you. Peer pressure, do it.

Over 30 book tag!

Happy Saturday! A tag today, now that I’m old enough to do it. This tag was created by Inknotblood.

1. Name one of your favorite books that features a protagonist who is thirty years old or older.

I didn’t like how hard it was to answer this question. Out of the hundreds of books I’ve read, I found like four or five that actually fit this prompt, and on top of that, none of the protagonists were women.

I need me some 30 year old lady books, please recommend some.

So I picked Kings of the Wyld by Nicholas Eames. This book was rather entertaining.

2. Name a book that represents who you were when you were younger.

For this one I chose Inuyasha by Rumiko Takahashi, because it was such an integral part of my teenagerdom. Both through the manga and the anime, I gained a lot of friends who I’ve traveled the world to meet, I became involved in online fandom, and it was definitely a gateway series into my now huge interest in manga and anime.

Man at 15, this was my jam. (It still is my jam, let’s be real)

3. Name a book that represents where you are in your life now.

The first one that came to mind is Wotakoi by Fujita. Granted I’m about five years old than the characters, and I’m married while they are in the dating stage, but the themes of this manga match my life pretty well.

The characters have desk jobs which take up a large part of their day, and then in the evenings they either play video games or read manga and drink beer.

And like, that’s pretty much it, to be honest. Hah.

4. Name a book that represents something that has never changed about you.

A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens, and this is for the simple reason that ever since I was little I’ve loved Christmas. If you’ve followed my blog for any length of time I’m sure you’ve picked up this tidbit of information. I do blogmas every year and do holiday theme stuff and all sorts.

I love getting into the season and I always have.

5. Name one of your favorite classics.

I don’t read too many classics, which is a shame, because when I do read them I tend to like them. I feel like I need a buddy read to get me motivated, bwah.

One of my favorites though, is Frankenstein by Mary Shelley. I read this back in high school for an English class (huge buddy read, makes sense in retrospect) and really liked it.

 6. Name a book you like or would like to read that was published in the year you were born.

I’ve got three! All of these were published in 1990, and all three I physically own in some capacity (the middle one is technically my husband’s but same diff). The Eye of the World by Robert Jordan, which is the start to the well known huge, intimidating Wheel of Time series, Nightfall by Isaac Asimov and Robert Silverberg, which is a sci-fi novel based on I believe a short story of Asimov’s, and Dragon Wing by Margaret Weis, which I picked up in the midst of my 90s fantasy kick but never actually got to. I have a sneaking suspicion that I’ll love it, though.


And that’s it! If you’re 30 or older, I tag you. Peer pressure, do it.

Top Ten Tuesday: Books for my younger self

Top Ten Tuesday is hosted by ThatArtsyReaderGirl!

Happy Tuesday! Today’s topic is books for my younger self. I don’t have ten books this week (oop) but the ones I did pick I’m rather happy with.


The Lightning Thief by Rick Riordan – I know this is a popular one, but I never read it growing up. I still haven’t read it, and honestly I don’t think I’m going to read it. But I wish I would have read it as a kid.

Everyone who loves this series seems to be really nostalgic about it and that’s the kind of experience I would have wanted.

Inkdeath by Cornelia Funke – This is the third and final book in the Inkheart series, and while I picked up and read books one and two as a teen and loved them, for some reason I never read this one. I still own it – I own the whole series. But at this point I’d have to reread the entire thing to read this. It might happen. Even if it doesn’t though, I plan on keeping these books to have my future kids read.

My Hero Academia by Kohei Horikoshi – This is definitely the kind of series I would have loved as a teen. Mind you I love it now but I know if I would have picked it up when I was 15 or 16, I would have been obsessed. I would have jumped into the fandom. I would have read fanfictions out the butt, I just know it.

Every Heart a Doorway by Seanan McGuire – This one I read recently and liked it but honestly had no desire to pick up the next one. I feel like if I would have read this at sixteen or seventeen I would have buzzed through the entire series.

It just didn’t leave me wanting more: I really liked it as a stand alone story.

A Wrinkle in Time by Madeleine L’Engle – This is another one I’ve owned since childhood but have never actually read. I haven’t seen the movie either – I do want to read the book. Maybe I’ll pick it up during a readathon or something. But I kinda wish I would have read this when I was twelve or so. I feel like I would have loved it then.

And that’s it! Maybe next week I can come up with ten books. :p

Happy reading!

August Wrap Up! ’20

Wrap Up

Happy September! August was a pretty good month – nothing insane happened for once (well, nothing that wasn’t already happening). So I took the brief reprieve to read some books. This is what I read:


Harp of Kings by Juliet Marillier – This author has quickly become an auto-buy for me. There’s just something so whimsical about her writing that almost makes me feel… homesick? It’s weird, but I love it. Speaking of, the second book in this series comes out today and I am gonna go get it after work!

This book follows a small cast of characters, trained warriors going undercover has bards to discover who took the missing Harp of Kings, an ancient artifact given to humankind by the fae. While the beginning of his book was a tad slow, it really picked up towards the end, and it and had some great character development. One of the characters I kinda hated at the beginning of the book, and by the end he was my favorite.

4.5 stars

Reamde by Neal Stephenson – This book I picked up on audio because it was a chunker. Coming in at over 1000 pages, the audiobook was something like 38 hours long. I gotta say though, it was pretty decent. I did definitely have my issues with it, which I might get into if I decide to write a full review on it. But story-wise it was pretty good. I can’t say I’ve ever read a 1000 page thriller and was actually thrilled the whole time. This didn’t seem to lag at all, which really surprised me. So yes, it was good, but fair warning: some of the terms used to describe people are dated.

3.75 stars

Get a Life, Chloe Brown by Talia Hibbert – This was also an audiobook pick up. This is a romance focused around Chloe, the woman on the cover, and Red, the man on the cover. It was a very neat read – it had really good representation as far as race, sexuality, and chronic illness. And the characters were actually like… nice to each other. I realize that shouldn’t be the bar, but I don’t know what to tell you. The ending ‘conflict’ fell a bit flat for me, as it teetered a bit into the miscommunication trope, but overall this was a sweet, nice read.

3.75 stars


Shaman King vol 7 by Hiroyuki Takei – I finally picked up manga again! Albeit I did it on like August 29th, but it counts. This series is getting more interesting, and I’m liking it more now that we’re getting some character development on ‘the villains’.

So far I’m not smitten with this series like my sister is – she’s the one who wanted me to read it – but I’m enjoying it and I can see myself getting smitten if it keeps going the way it is.

3.5 stars

Hands Off! vols 1-2 by Kasane Katsumoto – The last time I was at an anime con in February, there was a stall selling manga for three bucks each. They had this entire series, and since I remembered reading it in high school and liking it, I picked it up – all eight volumes and the two sequel series volumes.

So far, reading it again for the first time in fifteen years, it’s actually pretty decent. It’s funny, and the plot it’s hinting at is interesting. So far though it’s been rather episodic with hints of character development so I’m hoping it enters an arc of some kind. But overall, not bad!

Other Stuff

  • I turned 30 in August! I’m old now
  • I had my third wedding anniversary in August! We’re old now

Reading Goals

  • Read 50 books – 145/100
  • Maintain a consistent posting schedule
    January – Fail
    February – Pass
    March – Pass
    April – Pass
    May – Pass
    June – Pass
    July – Pass
    August – Pass
  • Keep track of reading statistics – In progress
  • Reduce physical TBR to 200 – 235

And that’s it! Lemme know if you’ve read any of the above. Happy reading!

August Book and Manga Haul! #43

Book Haul Base Banner

Happy still-August! This month, I got a bunch of books and manga – some I bought myself, some I received as gifts from my friends and family for my birthday. This is everything I got!


Hunted by Meagan Spooner – This is one of those titles that since it came out, it’s kinda sorta on your radar. Every time you see it in the store, you pick it up momentarily and then put it back down with a ‘I’ll get this eventually’. Well, I got it this time.

Kingdom of Ash by Sarah J Maas – All my other editions are in paperback, but I got this hardback because I found it for three bucks, man.

A Beautifully Foolish Endeavor by Hank Green – I read the first one of these earlier this year and really enjoyed it. Lucky me, I didn’t have to wait too long for the second one.

Renegade’s Magic by Robin Hobb – With this acquisition, I officially have all the novels that Robin Hobb has written. I don’t know how I feel.

Vita Nostra by Marina and Sergey Dyachenko – I’ve been eyeballing this one for a while, waiting for it to come out in paperback. I found a European paperback edition online and grabbed it. I still don’t think it’s out in paperback in the US yet. I don’t think.

The Chalk Man by C. J. Tudor – This is a bit outside my usual genre, but I’ve picked up a couple thrillers recently and found that I like them, so… branching out!

Burn by Patrick Ness – This one, I actually went to buy on release day. The book store I went to said they had some in stock but the seller couldn’t find them. -_- Cue me coming back every weekend or so looking for the thing, which never showed. When my birthday rolled around I just said ‘eff it’ and ordered it for myself online.

I Had That Same Dream Again by Yoru Sumino – This is by the same author that wrote I Want to Eat Your Pancreas and MAN I AM HERE FOR IT. I HOPE IT BREAKS MY HEART. This was also a birthday gift from my bff :”D

Act-Age vol 1 by Tatsuya Matsuki – A couple days after I bought this, the author got himself arrested and his series was cancelled. I don’t know why he was arrested, and I’m not going to look it up until after I read this, because I don’t want to know, not yet.

Dead Mount Death Play vol 1 by Ryohgo Narita – This one I picked up on a whim after a recommendation from one of my best friends. Honestly I have no idea what it’s about, but my friend has a pretty good track record when it comes to picking out manga I’d like, so I’m keeping my hopes high.

Black Butler vol 29 by Yana Toboso – IT’S FINALLY HERE. But to be honest I kinda wanna reread the whole series first :p

Toritan: Birds of a Feather vol 1 by Kotetsuko Yamamato – I don’t know too much about this one either, aside from there’s a romance and one of the characters can talk to birds, I think?

Noragami vol 3 by Adachitoka – I’ve been after this vol for a while and finally it showed up. I think I’m gonna have to reread this series, too.

The Promised Neverland vol 1 by Kaiu Shirai – I fell in love with the first season of this anime and decided I couldn’t wait for season 2, so now I’m collecting the manga.

Ouran High School Host Club box set, vols 1-18 by Bisco Hatori – This was a birthday gift to myself. I’ve been meaning to collect this series for a while – I loved it as a teenager. So I bought the box set! It’s the full series, so now I can buzz through it all!

And that’s it!

Well, no it’s not. The same day I made the online order for the Ouran High manga over a month ago, I made another order to another website for more manga. That order hasn’t shipped yet. Hopefully it does soon, otherwise I’m probably just gonna cancel it and look elsewhere. Boo.