Blogmas 2021! | Tentative Schedule

It’s that time of year, peeps. After a year of low activity for me on this blog, I’m going to attempt Blogmas to get back into the swing of things. I’ve done this every year since I think 2015, and I didn’t want to skip this year just because I’ve been a bum. So this is my tentative posting schedule for this blogmas:

  • 1: This post!
  • 2: Christmas bucket list
  • 3: November wrap up
  • 4: Fall book haul
  • 5: December currently reading
  • 6: Birth story
  • 7: Fantasy bingo update
  • 8: Top 5 Wednesday
  • 9: Christmas decorations set up
  • 10: Fall/winter favorites
  • 11: Must have and not worth it items as a new mom
  • 12: Daily routine with a newborn
  • 13: Bookish Christmas Book Tag
  • 14: Top Ten Tuesday – End of year TBR
  • 15: All I Want for Christmas Book Tag
  • 16: Best books to read by the fireplace
  • 17: Books I wanted to read but didn’t get to
  • 18: Favorite video games of 2021
  • 19: Favorite TV Shows of 2021
  • 20: 12 Days of Christmas Book Tag
  • 21: Top Ten Tuesday – Books I hope Santa brings
  • 22: Top 5 Wednesday – Prettiest covers
  • 23: Baking cookies
  • 24: Christmas Eve Book Tag
  • 25: Nothing! I get a break today
  • 26: What we did for Christmas
  • 27: December book haul
  • 28: Bookshelf tour 2021
  • 29: 10 in 2022
  • 30: Bottom books of 2021
  • 31: Top books of 2021/ a year in review

And that’s it! It’s shorter than my typical Blogmas (week of Thanksgiving through Jan 8th or so) but I’m also trying to go easy on myself. We’ll see if I can manage this, and if it inspires me to post regularly again. We’ll see, wish me luck! If you’re doing Blogmas this year, do let me know!

Blogmas (and then some!) 2019 Tentative Schedule

Blogmas 2019

The time has come! This year, for the fifth year running, I will be participating in Blogmas. And this year, I actually plan to start early and run late: I’ll be posting every day from, well, today, until January 8th! I just have so many ideas and things to talk about, man. The end of the year really has some great posts going around.

For anyone participating in Blogmas and looking for ideas, feel free to steal these. They’re not proprietary by any means.

So if you follow my blog, you will see these things from me in the next month and a half, more or less. I might switch things around or sub out things, but as of writing this, this is what I’m gonna do:


  • 27th: This post!
  • 28th: Thanksgiving book tag
  • 29th: Christmas music crazy person post
  • 30th: November wrap up


  • 1st: Nanowrimo wrap up
  • 2nd: November book haul
  • 3rd: December currently reading
  • 4th: Holiday scents
  • 5th: Christmas decorations 2019
  • 6th: Christmas movies to-be-watched
  • 7th: Christmas music playlist
  • 8th: Baking cookies
  • 9th: The gifting conundrum
  • 10th: Seasonal favorites
  • 11th: Top books that make me think of Christmas
  • 12th: Slow cooker hot chocolate recipe
  • 13th: Ultimate Harry Potter tag
  • 14th: Blogmas/vlogmas shout outs
  • 15th: Series I won’t finish
  • 16th: Unfinished series 2019
  • 17th: Updated coffee mug collection
  • 18th: Fantasy bingo update
  • 19th: TBR Highs and Lows
  • 20th: Christmas vacation TBR
  • 21th: Fate of my book haul books
  • 22nd: Books I hope Santa brings
  • 23rd: Christmas wishes and rambles
  • 24th: Christmas Eve book tag
  • 25th: – No post today, time for Christmas –
  • 26th: Top 5 books I didn’t get to in 2019
  • 27th: 10 in 2020
  • 28th: December book haul
  • 29th: Bookshelf tour 2020
  • 30th: New Year’s book tag
  • 31th: December Wrap up


  • 1st: 2019, a year in review
  • 2nd: Reading resolutions 2020
  • 3rd: Bottom books of 2019
  • 4th: Top books of 2019
  • 5th: Top books of the decade
  • 6th: January currently reading
  • 7th: 2010-2020, what is my life
  • 8th: Bucket list update

After Wednesday, January 8th, I’ll be resuming my normal posting schedule, so the next one after this whole thing will be on Saturday, January 11th.

I’m very excited, and after Nanowrimo, man, this’ll be nice and relaxing.

If you’re doing Blogmas, let me know so I can read all your stuff! Happy reading!

Blogmas 2018: Tentative posting schedule

Blogmas 2018

Hello, today is one of my favorite posting days! The one where I tell you ‘I’m totally gonna do this’ and then hopefully do it. Most years, I end up pretty solidly doing it, so neat.

I’ve been doing Blogmas every year since 2015 I believe. It’s an event where you post every day from December 1st through the 24th or 25th. I tend to go through the end of the year and even into January, though, because that’s when all the fun ‘favorite books of the year’ type posts come out. Every year, I make a tentative posting schedule, open to change should I read a really good book that needs a review or have an idea that I just need to throw in, etc etc.

If you’re planning on participating in Blogmas, let me know! If you’d like to use some of or all of these ideas, you go for it. 😀

Tentative Schedule

1st – Nanowrimo Wrap Up
2nd – November Wrap Up
3rd – December Currently Reading
4th – 3 Things Tag
5th – Top 5 Wednesday
6th – Coffee Time – Amnesia
7th – Anonymous Bookaholic Tag
8th – Christmas Decorations
9th – Christmasy Books
10th – Last 10 Book Tag
11th – Top Owned Authors
12th – Top 5 Wednesday
13th – Top Read Authors
14th – Bookshelf Tag
15th – TBR Highs and Lows
16th – Unfinished Series
17th – Christmas Cookie Book Tag
18th – Christmas Movies
19th – Top 5 Wednesday
20th – Christmas Songs Book Tag
21st – Christmas Vacation TBR
22nd – Christmas Cinema Book Tag
23rd – Books I Hope Santa Brings
24th – Christmas Eve Book Tag

25th – A break for me! No post today. Merry Christmas to you. 😀

26th – Top 5 Wednesday
27th – Christmas and Fall Book Haul/End of Buying Ban
28th – New Year’s Book Tag
29th – Bookshelf Tour 2018 (maybe vid, maybe pics, depends on motivation)
30th – 10 in 2019
31st – December Wrap Up

January 1st – 2018: A Year in Books
2nd – 2019 Reading Resolutions
3rd – Worst books of 2018
4th – Best books of 2018
5th – January Currently Reading
6th – Anticipated Releases 2019

After January 6th, I’ll be returning to my normal Saturday – Sunday – Wednesday posting schedule, and will likely need a nap.

I’m very much looking forward to December, it’s my favorite time of year, and Blogmas is one of the reasons I find it so great. I hope you decide to participate too! Happy reading!

Blogmas 2017 Tentative Schedule


Hello everyone, Happy December 1st! 😀 Today is the first day of The 25 Days of Blogmas, so you’ll be seeing me every day from now until Christmas. And then honestly likely almost every day until the end of 2017. End of the year posts are always fun to do.

This is my tentative schedule for this month. Posts may change according to time constraints, yada yada yada. I’m going to try to get something up every day this month though, so wish me luck!

  1. Tentative schedule
  2. November Wrap Up
  3. December Currently Reading
  4. NaNoWriMo Wrap Up
  5. Apple Book Tag
  6. Top 5 Wednesday
  7. Bookshelf Tour 2017
  8. Pumpkin Book Tag
  9. Unfinished series 2017
  10. The School Subject Book Tag
  11. Baking Cookies
  12. Monthly Recommendations: New to You Authors
  13. Top 5 Wednesday
  14. Guilty Reader Book Tag
  15. Favorite Christmasy Books
  16. Series I Will Not Finish v2
  17. Favorite Christmas Musics
  18. Favorite Christmas Movies
  19. The Nope Book Tag
  20. Top 5 Wednesday
  21. Books I’d Like for Christmas
  22. Christmas Eve and Christmas Day Events
  23. Christmas Nail Art
  24. Christmas Nail Art (again because I said so)
  25. Merry Christmas 😀 😀 😀

After the 25th, Blogmas will officially be over but as I mentioned, that’s when I’ll do all those ‘end of year’ posts that you see everywhere. (By the way, I love those posts. I get so many good recommendations off those posts!)

26. Christmas Book Haul (…if I get books, hawhawhaw. Else, a tag!)
27. Top 5 Wednesday
28. 10 in 2018
29. 2018 Reading Goals
30. Top Books of 2017
31. End of Year Wrap Up

If you’re doing blogmas this year, do let me know! I’d love to be your blogmas buddy 😀

Happy reading!

Blogmas 2017!


Hello! Today I’m announcing that I will be participating in Blogmas again this year! I’ve done it the past two years, both of which ended up bring successful.

This past month, I’ve been participating in NaNoWriMo and as a result have accidentally ended up taking a bit of a haitus from posting here. That wasn’t my intent and I apologize for my time managing skills. I’ve also fallen behind on a buddy read with Zezee because of it as well (Sorry Zezee friend. I’ll get there, I promise!! D: )

So both as a way to kick-start myself back into post after NaNo is over and to get me on here reading all your blogs again, I’m doing this Blogmas. Day 1, December 1st, I will post my tentative posting schedule for the month, and then I will go from there.

Also, I’m fairly sure I’m going to win NaNo this year, so maybe all my seclusion is worth it. 😀 Maybe.

Wish me luck, and if you’re participating in Blogmas as well, let me know!

Happy reading!

Blogmas 2016: Tentative Schedule


Hallo! As mentioned in a previous post, I’m doing blogmas this year! If you’d like to participate too, go for it! And let me know so I can follow your posts every day!

This is going to be my tentative schedule – I may swap some out with my alternatives listed below. And since there are a lot of those ‘end of the year posts’ that I like to do, I’m just going to plan up through the end of December and just roll with it.

25 Days of Blogmas Schedule:

1st – November Wrap Up/December Currently Reading
2nd – NaNoWriMo Wrap Up
3rd – Amsterdam Book Tag
4th – Showing off my Christmas tree (because I can)
5th – Creatures of the Night Book Tag
6th – 3 Day Quote Challenge: Day 1
7th – TFW: Books I Want to Finally Read in 2017
8th – Holiday recipes: East Butler Chicken (video?)
9th – NAO Robot Demonstration (video)
10th – Bookish Gift Recommendations/Wishlist
11th – Coffee mug collection (video?)
12th – 3 Day Quote Challenge: Day 2
13th – Wedding Nail Art
14th – TFW: Series that got worse with each book/season
15th – 3 Day Quote Challenge: Day 3
16th – Holiday recipes: Molasses cookies (video?)
17th – Semester Wrap Up, Future Goals
18th – How I plan to spend my winter vacation
19th – Favorite Christmas movies/books/songs
20th – Christmas Carol Book Tag
21st – TFW: Fictional items I’d give as gifts
22nd – Malaysia trip blog
23rd – Christmas Nail Art
24th – Christmas traditions/thankfuls
25th – Merry Christmas. 😀


Bookshelf tour (video)
Book review(s)
Additional tag(s)
Bookish Pet Peeves

The rest of December:

26th – Post-Christmas/Winter book haul
27th – 17 in 2017
28th – Top 10 favorite books 2016
29th – 2017 Reading Goals
30th – New Year’s Nail Art
31st – A Year in Review

And that’s it! As mentioned before, I’m going to be traveling between the 13th and the 21st, so those posts will be pre-written and scheduled to post on their assigned days. Also, any of the alternatives (or other ones I may come up with) could be swapped out for what I have listed. Hence the word ‘tentative’ in the title. :”D

Happy reading!


Blogmas 2015: Tentative Schedule

Tomorrow is December first, which means the start of Blogmas! I decided to make a rough list of posts I will be doing for the month, partly so I can remember because sometimes I can be really dippy, partly because I needed something to post today. And because I can’t get the posts out of my head, I made a list for the rest of the year too, so my Blogmas is essentially going through the whole month of December. If you’d like to do Blogmas as well, you’re welcome to swipe some or all of these ideas if you would like to. SO HERE GOES.

25 Days of Blogmas Posting Schedule:
1st – Holly Jolly Holiday Tag v1
2nd – T5W: Favorite Audiobooks
3rd – 30 Days of Music: 13,14,15
4th – Holiday Recipes – BBQ Ribs (video? Ignore my messy kitchen!)
5th – Emoji Book Tag
6th – Top 5 Favorite Christmas Movies
7th –  Wine Book tag
8th – 30 Days of Music: 16,17,18
9th –  T5W: Favorite Retellings
10th – My Life in Books Tag
11th – 30 Days of Music: 19,20,21
12th – Holiday Recipes – Broccoli Bake
13th – How I’m Spending Winter Break
14th – Christmas Nail Art
15th – 30 Days of Music: 22,23,24
16th – T5W: Books to Read by the Fire
17th – Holiday Recipes – Nacho Dip
18th – Holly Jolly Holiday Tag v2
19th – 30 Days of Music: 25,26,27
20th – Baking Buttloads of Cookies (video? Ignore the flour everywhere!)
21st – Book Review: Weave World by Clive Barker
22nd – 30 Days of Music: 28,29,30
23rd – T5W: Series I Want to Start Next Year
24th – Christmas Eve Traditions, Now and Then
25th – Christmas Greetings/possible haul?

Holiday Recipes – Boleo
How many cups of coffee can I drink in one day without dying (video)
Bookshelf tour (video)
These are my weird cats (video)
Decorating for Christmas (video)

Rest of the Year:
26th –  2016 Reading Goals
27th –  2016 TBR Jar Challenge
28th –  16 in 2016
29th –  December Wrap-up and January Currently Reading
30th –  Top 15 Books of 2015
31st –  A Year in Review