3 bookish things tag

Blogmas 2018

Hello! A tag today. I saw this one on Zezee’s blog, and pseudo-tagged myself. So here we are!

Three read once and loved authors

Three titles I’ve watched but haven’t read

Three characters you love

Three binged series

Three unpopular bookish opinions

  • The Hobbit movie is way better than the book
  • I liked the plot direction and world expansion in Queen of Shadows
  • I don’t care if the spines of my books are cracked

Three current favorite book covers


Three bookish goals for the year

(Considering we have less than a month left…)

  • Finished reading The Monster Baru Cormorant
  • Finish by 12 Kings buddy read
  • Read a Christmas book

And that’s it! If you wanna do this tag, go bananas. Happy reading!

Three Quotes Challenge – Day 1 | Nanowrimo edition

Book Tag

Hello! Today a tag! I was tagged by the Orangutan Librarian, so thanks friend! 😀

What they did was rather interesting – instead of just random quotes, they used favorite first lines from books! So I’m going to twist it as well, but in a different way. For those of you who haven’t seen my word vomit lately, I’m participating in Nanowrimo this year. Therefore, I’ve decided to post quotes that inspire me or relate to the story I am writing.


• Thank the person who nominated you
• Post a quote for 3 consecutive days (1 quote for each day)
• Nominate three new bloggers each day

(trigger warning for suicide)

One of my characters goes through.. well, he goes through some pretty difficult things. But, don’t worry, he’s the hero of my story.

Today I tag: Hadeer @CaireneLibrarian, Sarah @DragonsandZombies and Katy @BookbinderWay

See you next time, peeps!