Favorite Video Games of 2021 | Blogmas Day 18

A different kind of post today: video games!

With the plague still running rampant, I haven’t exactly been going to concerts or cons or anything that requires travel, and up until very recently I didn’t have a newborn to care for either so a lot of my time was spent reading, watching tv and playing video games. These are the ones I’ve been stuck on the most this year:


I’ve been playing Terraria for years but it was again one of my top played games this year. My husband and I started a new map recently with new characters and have been building out a new place from the ground up. We haven’t played since the kid was born but I’m hoping we can again soon.


So I mentioned earlier this year that I picked up the bass guitar. This is how I’ve been learning. Rocksmith is a game that teaches you how to play an actual guitar. Think like Guitar Hero but it’s the real deal. Again haven’t really played since baby was born but I did play a lot over the summer and earlier this past spring.

Civilization VI

Again, I’ve played this game for years but it was one of my top played this past year. Civ games I think will always been in my library and I’ll never get tired of them.

The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword

I admit out of all the ones on this list, this is the game I’ve played the least. When it first came out I couldn’t put it down but then I… put it down? I still have yet to beat it but I’ll get there. I’m still mourning my completion of Breath of the Wild and this Zelda game doesn’t quite scratch that itch, which is why I’ve had a slow going of it. I will get there though because I do enjoy it.

And that’s it! Honestly my list is a bit short. I’ve been playing fewer games than I normally would. I got kinda slumpy in everything over the summer and now I just don’t have the time. I just need my kid to grow old enough to play games with me, and then we’ll be good.

It’s the best time of the year! | October Favorites ’20

Last year, I started doing favorites posts during October, November, and December, because it’s my favorite time of the year. This year I’m gonna do it again! So today I’ll be talking about some neat things I liked during October!

Food and Drink

My two edible choices this month are both drinks – Starbucks’ Pumpkin Cream cold brew and this Coffee Liqueur I got from a local creator. Both are super great – I get the cold brews on Fridays as a ‘congrats for not falling into the void’ gift to myself and I use the coffee liqueur with some vanilla vodka and chocolate coffee creamer to make a bastardized form of a white Russian. V tasty.

Video Games

I’ve been playing a lot of DDR recently, and this is my favorite out of all of them. With the weather starting to get colder and it getting more difficult to fit in a walk before dark, this is how I’ve been getting my steps in.

I am fully on the Among Us bandwagon. I’ve still only played a few times – it’s hard to get peoples’ schedules lined up and all – but what I have played has been a ton of fun, and I very much like this game.

I realize this game is a few years old at this point, but at the start of the plague, I began a new file of this game. Six months later, I’m still playing it. I’m almost to the end – I’ve freed all the divine beasts and am ready to go to Hyrule Castle, but I decided I wanna do a completionist game, so I’m currently collecting all 900 korok seeds (and then I’ll do all the shrines and all the dlc, yada yada). But I play this almost every day during my lunch break and it’s such a good time. This game is so good, man.


Firstly, fall decorations! This is my set up for this Halloween. Come Thanksgiving, I’ll redecorate with turkeys and fewer skulls. But I’m pretty happy with how everything turned out!

I’ve also started to learn the guitar! I’ve tried both electric and acoustic at this point and definitely prefer the acoustic. It’s just easier for me to hold while I play. I’ve started learning Christmas songs on it so I can hopefully play them in December.

Yes, I’m still on the Frozen bandwagon, particularly the second movie recently, because its entire color scheme matches the season so well! And obviously I’m showing Olaf because he’s the best character.

Finally, some stuff I’ve been using for Nanoplanmo. The books on the left I’ve been using as references for some characters I’m making in my novel. One guess as to what they are. Otherwise, I’ve been slowly going through music that I feel fits the themes of this year’s novel, and Vindsvept’s Two Hours in the Woods playlist really fits the bill (below, listen to it!)

And that’s it for this month! I think I got a good variety of things. October was a lovely month.

Top 5 books that would make good video games

Top 5 Wednesday

Happy Thursday! No camel today because my post is late (whoops). Yesterday was a frenzy and I probably shouldn’t be writing this today, either. But I need something to keep me from having a mental implosion, SO HERE WE ARE. This week’s topic is books that would make good video games – this was a really neato topic and I had a lot of fun writing it 😀

If you’d like to join T5W, you can do so here.

5. Attack on Titan by Hajime Isayama

Attack on Titan, Volume 1This one probably is a video game and I just haven’t heard about it. If you don’t read manga at all and haven’t heard of these series, I highly recommend you check it out – either through the manga or via the anime, which is available on netflix and crunchyroll.

This series follows a cast of characters who live within a walled country. On the outside are the titans: huge, mindless humanoid creatures with a taste for human flesh. The show begins when the wall, kept intact for a hundred years, is compromised, allowing the titans to break inside. This series is grueling, it’s graphically violent and it’s so, so good. It takes on almost steampunky elements when it comes to how the humans in the story go about combatting the titans. Aerial tactical maneuvering using pulling and steam and… it’s so cool. I feel like the combat aspect of this especially would translate well into a video game. That, and the whole ‘where did they titans come from and what actually are they’ mystery aspect. It’d be really neat to play.

4. Rook by Sharon Cameron

RookThis book I read sometime last year and at the time, rated it three stars. I’m thinking now, looking back on it, it should be more like 3.5 or 4. This book takes place is a regressed society in France. The characters throughout the book, find old relics of civilizations past. I think at one point that one of the characters had found a video game controller… had no idea what it was or what it was for. It was really neat. The plot of this book, while already in regressed Paris, which is awesome in itself, involves a budding revolution, hidden and recovered technology and a lot of sneaking around. I feel like it was translate really well into a video game, maybe something with the feel of a city crawler.

3. Perdido Street Station by China Mieville

Perdido Street Station (Bas-Lag, #1)This is a neato book, guys. Mieville writes ‘Weird Fantasy’ and the city he’s created in this novel is about as weird as they come. The story follows a few different perspectives… a mad scientist, a lady with a bug for a head, a giant bird-man that’s lost his wings… all sorts. The plot meanders through a few different subplots about creatures sucking the dreams out of people and the ambassador to hell shows up briefly and an underground newspaper tries to uncover a huge, insidious story. Seriously, this book is good. And it would make a great sandbox-esque video game with all these subplots planted in there and intertwining nicely. I’d totally buy this thing on release day.

2. The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern

The Night CircusI think this would be the best point-and-click roleplaying game ever. Imagine being able to walk through the Night Circus and just see all the stuff that’s talked about in the plot of the book. Sure, the main events would still occur but honestly I’d just want to play and see the acts. I’d probably never actually beat the game, hahaha.



1. The Martian by Andy Weir

The Martian(Emily, when are you gonna stop talking about the Martian? Never. ) This would be the best survival game. I’m talking like puzzle-survival. Obviously you need water… but how do you make it? You need food – how do you grow it? Combined with an ever-dwindling supply of oxygen and random disasters for chemical reactions gone wrong, this would be an amazing game. Steam, get on it!



And that’s it for this week! I know it’s Thursday, hush hush. Happy reading!

Skyrim Book Tag

Guess who’s posting a million book tags in a row. Time’s up, it’s me.

Guess who hasn’t been reading much because classes have basically beat that to death. Time’s up, it’s me.

My other posts – reviews and whatever – should hopefully pick up again next month. Finals are May 3rd through the 6th, so shortly after that, I should be able to read more than 50 pages per week again. Hopefully. Goodness, I miss writing reviews. (I never thought I’d say that, but there you go)

SO ANYWAYS, to pass the time, I’m doing tags. :”D I’ve gotten backed up on them because I’m baller at organization. Today’s tag is the Skyrim book tag and I was tagged by Zezee! So thank you!

This tag was created by The Quirky Book Nerd, so go check it out!!

For those unfamiliar, Skyrim is the fifth installment in The Elder Scrolls video game series and the most recent. It’s an open-world fantasy game filled with cool lore, awesome gameplay and beautiful design. Highly recommend it.

Anyways, this tag:

Fus Ro Dah – A book that blew you away.

The MartianThe Martian by Andy Weir. This was one of my favorite books read last year and going into it I honestly didn’t expect much. I knew the basic premise and had heard it was funny, but my goodness. This book was amazing. If you haven’t read it yet, do so. And if you can, listen to the audio book. The narrator is just perfect.


Dovahkiin – Favorite “chosen one” story.

Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone (Harry Potter, #1)Obviously I have to pick Harry Potter. Is there are more iconic ‘chosen one’ story? I dun think so.




Thu’um – A book that got a verbal reaction out of you (good or bad).

A Clash of Kings (A Song of Ice and Fire, #2)Good: A Clash of Kings by George RR Martin. This series just keeps getting better and better. I need to start putting tabs in these things whenever something shocking happens. It’ll be every other page, lemme tell you. Currently in the middle of the third one – I’m eating it up.Rumble

Bad: Rumble by Ellen Hopkins. If I remember correctly, the verbal reaction I had at the end of this book was me yelling ‘What was the point of this?!’. I didn’t like this one. 😛


Arrow to the Knee – A book or series that started out well but ended up being disappointing.

Scar Night (Deepgate Codex, #1)I’m mad at myself for even saying this, but The Deepgate Codex by Alan Campbell. This is one of my favorite series ever. I just wish it hadn’t ended the way it did. It’s a fantastic series and it’s ending isn’t.. bad. It’s just not enough. There could have easily been a whole fourth book with all the loose strings still existent at the end of this one, but a fourth book we will never get. 😦

Don’t let me deter you from reading this though – like I said, it’s one of my favorites. Highly highly recommend it.

Shadowmere – Favorite literary/fictional animal or pet.

Jeep from Saiyuki by Kazuya Minekura. Jeep is a youkai that can transform into, you guessed it, a jeep. This creature is the main method of transportation for the four main characters in this series, and I think my favorite part about this adorable little thing is that when it’s in ‘jeep mode’, it still talks and squeaks and makes cute little dragon noises. I love jeep. :”D




Alduin – Most frightening literary/fictional animal.

A monster counts as an animal, right? I’m going with the Anthropophagus from The Monstrumologist by Rick Yancey. This is horror at its best, people. I read this book and couldn’t look into my closet without cringing for a few days. These things are a terror and I never want to meet one ever.




Companions Guild – Best literary friendship.

Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets (Harry Potter, #2)Again, I need to shout out Harry Potter. I would have loved to be friends with Hermione, Harry and Ron. Particularly Hermione, but I would have liked them all.



Dark Brotherhood – The darkest story you’ve ever read.

Priest, Volume 1. Prelude for the DeceasedPriest by Min-Woo Hyung. Going into this, I expected it to be dark just from the synopsis and the art style, but I didn’t expect gritty dark. This series really surprised me with how good it is. I’m only a few volumes in so far, but I know I want to read it all the way ’til the end. It’s good, it’s good.



Thieves Guild – Favorite morally ambiguous character.

Nicholas D Wolfwood from the Trigun series. I can’t say why I’m choosing him because it’d be major spoilers, but just trust me on this one. You think he’s one way but then he surprises you.



Wuld Nah Kest (whirlwind sprint) – Your fastest read.

Easy (Contours of the Heart, #1)If you’re talking actual books I’ve read recently, that would be Easy by Tammara Webber. I think this one took me a total of 12 hours. If you’re talking other-than-books, then any manga that I own ever. They all take about a half hour to get through.



Tiid Klo Ul (slow time) – Your slowest read.

Life, the Universe and Everything (Hitchhiker's Guide, #3)Life, The Universe and Everything by Douglas Adams. I’ve been reading this is February of 2015, still not done with it. It’s good and I really like it, but I’ve been reading it out loud with my SO and we both need to have the time and the mood and the yada yada. We’re lucky if we get through two chapters a month. We’ll get there. Eventually.


Tamriel – Favorite fictional world.

The Queen of the Tearling (The Queen of the Tearling, #1)There are a lot I could pick for this one, but currently I’m rather hooked on the world established in The Queen of the Tearling by Erika Johansen. It’s just so fascinating. 😀



Bonus Question:

“Sworn to Carry Your Burdens” – The heaviest book you own.

I’m going to exclude textbooks from this question because those would easily be the winners.

My heaviest non-academic book is definitely The Best of France by VMB Publishers.


When I was 18, I was dating a British boy who lived in France. When he invited me over to visit, I bought this so I could research all the stuff I wanted to see while over there. If you’re interested in the strangeness of that trip, I wrote a post about it in my travel blog entitled One Time I Flew to Paris to Meet a Stranger on the Internet, so check it out if you’d like.

But this book is huuuuge, easily the heaviest in my collection, which is funny, because it’s not the largest. It’s just the densest, apparently.


And that’s it! Super fun tag. :”D

I tag:

Ace, Panda and Nora. Do it!

June Favorites ’15

New kind of post for me. I’ve seen a few of these posts on various blogs and youtubes, and I decided that I like them. These will be book and not book related things – I want to branch out a bit, I think. This is my way of doing it. I noticed a lot of favorites posts have a bunch of cosmetics and stuff in them. I’m not a make-up person, so that will be minimal on mine. There will be some skin-care stuff, but that’s about it. Oh, and nail polish. There will be that. But mostly, in these posts, you can expect from me things to do with books, movies, music, video games, skin care, nail polish, food, and anything else random I decide is worthy of mentioning. I’ll have the book stuff in its own section so if that’s all you’re interested in reading about, you’ll easily be able to find it all and skip over the rest.

Also, this first favorites post will probably be a lot, lot longer than the future ones. Consider it a back log, I suppose.
Thanks for reading!

Book Stuff

A Clash of Kings (A Song of Ice and Fire, #2)My first current obsession is still Clash of Kings by George RR Martin. Yes, I’m still reading it. Shit’s dense, man. This book I think I’m liking a lot more than the first one, and I rated that one 5 stars, so… needless to say I’m loving this one. I’m already on the look out for obtaining the third book. Want it. Want.The Martian

The other is The Martian by Andy Weir. I’m actually listening to this one on audiobook, and it is fantastic. I looove it. Aside from the humor, my favorite part I feel is the amount of research that Andy Weir put into the book – the chemistry and physics and all of that. He goes into detail about how every little thing works, but it does so in an entertaining and humorous way. So if you haven’t read or listened to this yet, do so.

No. 6: The Manga, Volume 01 (No. 6: The Manga, #1)The other other obsession is No. 6 by Atsuko Asano. This one I would not have picked up at all had it not been lent to my by a friend. It’s a manga about a boy who grows up in a futuristic ‘perfect city’ that in reality is anything but. It’s a story about lies brought to light. I’m two volumes in, I believe it’s nine volumes long. I have 3 and 4 sitting on my shelf waiting to be read, so I’ll be jumping into those pretty quickly. The art for one is beautiful, and the characters I feel are likable even though they’ve only had two volumes so far to develop.

Other Stuff


There are a few foods/drinks/etc I’ve been obsessing over this month. Some of them are gonna be silly. :”D They are:

IMG_1629 IMG_1630 IMG_1632 IMG_1634

Bailey’s Chocolatini Coffee Creamer and Roaster’s Alley Coffee: Kona Blend – particularly these two things together, but they’re also super good when with other coffees/creamers, too.

Pure Main Maple Syrup straight from Maine. A friend went there on vacation and brought me back this stuff. Normally I despise maple syrup – I’m much more of a jelly on pancakes person, but uuugh this stuff is fantastic. I looove it.

Yoohoo Candy Bars – another gift from friendy from Maine. I had no idea these exist and I neeeed to find where I can get more – mine is almost gone. 😦 It’s so delicious. I want more.


This is the section I’m most looking forward to 😀

I play a good bit of video games, but the two I’ve been hooked on this month are Cook, Serve Delicious and Europa Universalis IV. They’re kinda polar opposites as far as complexity gameplay and plot go, but they’re both oodles of fun!

Europa Universalis IV is a strategy simulation game where you create an empire and essentially try to dominate by various means – diplomatic, war, trade, so on. It’s a very, very involved game with a steep learning curve, but it’s so much fun once you’re used to it. If you’re a fan of Sid Meier’s Civilization series, I’d say try this one out too.

Cook, Serve, Delicious is essentially a restaurant game. You’re a chef trying to improve your restaurant through serving better foods, completing catering events, passing safety inspections – this one is a much more casual playing game and can be picked up quickly and easily. It starts you off slow and it gets harder as you progress. My restaurant is currently 2 stars, and I think I’m only a day or so away from earning my third.


I watched two movies in theaters this month and fell in love with one additional one from Netflix. So I’m just gonna link their trailers. You’ll have heard of most of them I’m sure.


The genre I listen to the most is symphonic metal. Do you listen to it? Recommend me some bands! Do you not listen to it? Try it, maybe you’ll like it! These are a couple of the songs I’ve been listening to a lot this month:


There have been four shows I’ve been watching this month. Inuyasha, which has shown up on Netflix for the first time, which is GREAT :D, Orange is the New Black, X-Files in prep for the new season coming out, and Archer. Trailers for all follow:

Aaaand that’s all she wrote! For this month, anyways. Next month’s post will be shorter. Monthly reading wrap-up will be posted within the next couple days or so. Happy reading!