Blogmas/vlogmas shout outs and faves!

Well, hi!

Today I’m gonna list some fellow bloggers (and a few youtube peeps) that are doing blogmas, and whose posts I have been following!

This is (obviously) not a comprehensive list of everyone I follow, so if you see yourself missing from this list and you’ve been doing blogmas, please let me know, and link me to your day 1 post! I’ll edit this post, add you, and then go binge all your posts so far. I did go through the posts of the last few days to make sure I wasn’t missing anyone, but I was actively looking for words like ‘Blogmas’ and the like. So if you weren’t being super in-my-face obvious about your posts being ‘official’ blogmas posts, I miiiight have missed you, I’m sorry! Correct me!

These buddypals are in no particular order, but you should definitely check them all out! I’ve linked their day 1 posts!




So for right now that’s it! Obviously I’ll be editing this post if anyone pops up with a link of their own blog to add, so keep a look out for that. I’ll try to be quick about it.

I love Blogmas guys, augh I love it. It’s such a fun time 😀 I hope you all like these peeps and go follow them!


Blogmas and vlogmas faves!

Blogmas 2019

Hello, today’s the day! If you’ve been following my blogmas posts and want to follow more people doing the same thing, here are some wonderful blogs and vlogs you can check out! Everyone here, I’ve found their content to be very entertaining as the month has gone on!



And that’s it!

If I follow you, if you’re doing blogmas, and if I haven’t linked you above, please please tell me! It just means I somehow missed you, not that I don’t like your blogmas posts, ahaha. I’ll edit the post and throw you in. 😀

I hope that every checks out these peeps above and dives right into the festivities!

Blogmas (and then some!) 2019 Tentative Schedule

Blogmas 2019

The time has come! This year, for the fifth year running, I will be participating in Blogmas. And this year, I actually plan to start early and run late: I’ll be posting every day from, well, today, until January 8th! I just have so many ideas and things to talk about, man. The end of the year really has some great posts going around.

For anyone participating in Blogmas and looking for ideas, feel free to steal these. They’re not proprietary by any means.

So if you follow my blog, you will see these things from me in the next month and a half, more or less. I might switch things around or sub out things, but as of writing this, this is what I’m gonna do:


  • 27th: This post!
  • 28th: Thanksgiving book tag
  • 29th: Christmas music crazy person post
  • 30th: November wrap up


  • 1st: Nanowrimo wrap up
  • 2nd: November book haul
  • 3rd: December currently reading
  • 4th: Holiday scents
  • 5th: Christmas decorations 2019
  • 6th: Christmas movies to-be-watched
  • 7th: Christmas music playlist
  • 8th: Baking cookies
  • 9th: The gifting conundrum
  • 10th: Seasonal favorites
  • 11th: Top books that make me think of Christmas
  • 12th: Slow cooker hot chocolate recipe
  • 13th: Ultimate Harry Potter tag
  • 14th: Blogmas/vlogmas shout outs
  • 15th: Series I won’t finish
  • 16th: Unfinished series 2019
  • 17th: Updated coffee mug collection
  • 18th: Fantasy bingo update
  • 19th: TBR Highs and Lows
  • 20th: Christmas vacation TBR
  • 21th: Fate of my book haul books
  • 22nd: Books I hope Santa brings
  • 23rd: Christmas wishes and rambles
  • 24th: Christmas Eve book tag
  • 25th: – No post today, time for Christmas –
  • 26th: Top 5 books I didn’t get to in 2019
  • 27th: 10 in 2020
  • 28th: December book haul
  • 29th: Bookshelf tour 2020
  • 30th: New Year’s book tag
  • 31th: December Wrap up


  • 1st: 2019, a year in review
  • 2nd: Reading resolutions 2020
  • 3rd: Bottom books of 2019
  • 4th: Top books of 2019
  • 5th: Top books of the decade
  • 6th: January currently reading
  • 7th: 2010-2020, what is my life
  • 8th: Bucket list update

After Wednesday, January 8th, I’ll be resuming my normal posting schedule, so the next one after this whole thing will be on Saturday, January 11th.

I’m very excited, and after Nanowrimo, man, this’ll be nice and relaxing.

If you’re doing Blogmas, let me know so I can read all your stuff! Happy reading!

The Ultimate Christmas Tag!

Blogmas 2018

Hello, a tag today! Originally I was gonna write a post about Christmasy books, buuuut I realized it would literally be the same thing I wrote the year before. So. A tag instead.

This is a new tag, created this year on youtube by Sam @SamsNonsense. Wasn’t tagged but I NEEDED POSTING MATERIAL MAN. And it looked fun. So here we go!

1) What are your Christmas Traditions/Routine

It starts on Christmas Eve with late lunch/early dinner at my in-laws. There we exchange gifts with my husband’s extended family. Then, we go to second dinner at my friend’s house.

Second dinner (I’m a hobbit, sue me) I started going to about a decade ago. My best friend’s family has a tradition of eating salad sandwiches (tuna salad, chicken salad, egg salad, etc) at 9pm on Christmas Eve. My friend invited me one year, and her extended family liked the food I brought (nacho dip) so now they invite me every year and demand I bring food, haha. They extended my invite to my family too, so one year I brought my now-husband and he goes with every year too now.

Christmas morning, when I lived with my parents, we would exchange gifts. I don’t live there anymore though, so now we skip that part and go the next thing: Breakfast at my grandmother’s. My mom’s side extended fam has gotten together for breakfast and gifts for as long as I can remember. It might not happen this year, though. My grandmother moved to an assisted living place, so we’re not sure if she’ll be up to or able to host. We’ll see.

Then, dinner will be at my place. This tradition started last year, after my husband and I moved out the city my and his parents live in. We’re about 40 minutes away now, and instead of having us drive up for breakfast and then drive back up for dinner, we host dinner, and invite my parents and sister and his parents. My fam shows up a bit early to exchange gifts – the ones we used to do in the morning, and then his parents show up a bit later, since we have already exchanged with them.

Aaaand writing this reminds me I need to buy a turkey. And a roaster. Augh. I’m so behind.

And then after that, we sit on the couch and stare at the wall in a daze because we’re both so peopled-out, hahaha. And then we sleep.

2) Favorite Christmas Book (Or one you want to read)

Best Christmas Pageant Ever

I really like Best Christmas Pageant Ever by Barbara Robinson. My first grade teacher read it to us when I was 7, and since I’ve re-read it every few years. It’s so adorable.

3) First Christmas memory

I remember being two or three, at my parents’ apartment (which is how I knew I was that young – we moved into a house when I was 3) and trying to fall asleep on Christmas Eve. My parents had told me to stop sucking my thumb or Santa wouldn’t bring toys. I remember falling asleep, forcibly holding down my thumb with my other hand so I wouldn’t put it in my mouth.

4) Favorite gift you’ve ever received

I got a bicycle one year when I was six or seven. The seat was pink and purple and I remember talking about it for months earlier. I was obsessed with that bike. My parents had made it clear not to expect it from Santa because yada yada. And I about peed when I got it.

5) Your Go-To genre to read at Christmas

Fantasy and Christmas books!

6) Is there a holiday tradition you’ve never tried but want to?

I kinda wanna put a pickle in my tree. What is up with that? Do I put a real pickle in there? Does the finder eat it? I have no idea.

7) Christmas Eve or Christmas Day?

Image result for why not both imgur

8) Favorite Ornament?

When I was little, my parents had this set of glass ornaments shaped like bells. My sister and I broke two of them, because we were dumb kids, but they still have the other two and growing up my sister and I would fight over who got to hang them. There wasn’t really anything super remarkable about them, they were just our favorites. I bought my own set of bells this year, because for some reason, those ornaments in particular really scream “It’s Christmas time” to me. Mine are different colors than my parents’, but I still get the same nostalgic feel from them, so I love them. I hope my future kids fight over who gets to hang them. (but hopefully they don’t break them like I did)

9) Fav Christmas movie & Least Favorite christmas movie

Favorite: A Christmas Story and Patrick Stewart’s rendition of A Christmas Carol

Least Favorite: I don’t really have one. I just tend to like them.

10) Online shopping or in-store

Both have their perks. Price-wise, online tends to be better, but I kinda like the rush of the in-store shopping. It’s so adrenaliney!

11) Favorite Christmas song & Least favorite Christmas Song

Favorite: Christmas Eve/Sarajevo by Trans Siberian Orchestra

Lease Favorite: Baby It’s Cold Outside by literally everyone at this point.

12) Favorite Christmas flavor

Gingerbread. Gingerbread cookies, gingerbread lattes, gingerbread breads! It’s all delicious. I also really like peppermint things. Gah ❤

And that’s it! If you’d like to do this tag, consider yourself tagged! 😀