Top five bookish things I’m grinchy about

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Happy Wednesday! Today I’m doing a throwback topic from December 2017. I apparently didn’t do it originally when it came out so it’s perfecto.

1 – Sexualized character introductions

This occasionally will happen with male characters but I see it most often with female ones, especially when they’re introduced through a pov of a male character. It doesn’t seem to matter whether they’re in the middle of a discussion or a battle, the pov character upon meeting a woman and can’t help but describe her curves, her boobs, anything like that. It wouldn’t be as bad if they also then describes a dude’s body in a similar way but it almost never happens. It’s annoying. Unless it’s a smutty romance, I don’t need to know how big her boobs are.

2 – Book cases that don’t match

Now I’m talking ones that are supposed to match but don’t. Like, I tend to buy the same brand of book case every time I get a new one. This most recent time, I got one that I already had – same brand, same shelf count, same price, same item number. And then it turned out to be six inches narrower. I mean, if you’re gonna make your book cases littler but charge the same amount, at least change the item number. It’s super annoying.

Guess who’s changing brands.

3 – Books without chapter numbers

I didn’t know this was a thing until recently. Especially during buddy reads when you’re trying to coordinate how far to read when you each have different editions, it’s reaaaally hard to figure out where each of you should stop if there’s no number on the chapters.

4 – Sticky things in library books

Look I know I’m not gonna get a pristine thing when I get a library book. And honestly most of the time I don’t care. I don’t care about bends, dents, rips, dog-ears, writing, anything like that. I don’t care. But really. Why would you leave food or gum or worse in books. It’s disgusting.

5 – Gravity

Sometimes I just wanna pull like three or four books off a shelf without the rest of them falling over, ok?! I should just be able to do that! Roar.


And that’s it. :”D See ya tomorrow

5 thoughts on “Top five bookish things I’m grinchy about

  1. First of all, I love the title of your post. It made me cackle a little. Books falling off the shelf is the worst! Once they start falling, they won’t stop falling. It’s like avalanche of books. Great post! ❤

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