Rating System

Updated as of 2/17/19

5 stars – I loved this book. It was perfect for me. Basically, as of this update, any books getting this rating will be put on my ‘favorites’ list. So, even if I love a book but don’t consider it a favorite, it won’t get this rating. This rating is for faves.

4.5 stars – This is basically a five star book for me, only something, something small rubbed me the wrong way or just didn’t have enough oomph that kept it from being a favorite. Whatever it is would be a minute thing for anyone, but it was juuuuust enough to put me off five-stars. Either way – this book was awesome.

4 stars – I really, really liked this book. Wouldn’t go as far as ‘loved it’, but it was seriously entertaining. There may have been a small issue here or there that wasn’t stellar, but overall, highly recommended.

3.5 stars – I rather liked this book. It was good, but not great. If it’s part of a series, I’ll most likely continue it.

3 stars – I liked this book. It likely didn’t make that much of a lasting impression on me, though.

2.5 stars – This is where the ‘I kinda disliked this book’ feeling starts showing up. A book here, as opposed to a straight two-stars, probably didn’t have too much going for it for me, but at the same time, it likely didn’t have anything I hated, either. It was probably a bland book that rubbed me the wrong way.

2 stars – I definitely didn’t care for this book. It wasn’t so heinous that I couldn’t finish it, but it didn’t really stick with me. Either the plot or the writing or the characters were off. Something about this bothered me. If it’s in a series, I won’t continue it.

1.5 stars – The only reason a book would get this rating from me would be if I hated it but was able to finish it. I usually DNF books that I absolutely despise (but unless I get to 50% I won’t rate those 1 star either – I find it unfair). So this rating is for my hate-read books. It was a gross book, but something kept me reading. No idea what, but I was able to finish it for some reason.

1 star – I typically reserve this for books I can’t even finish because they’re so horrible. If I give a book this rating, it’s bad man. Save your eyeballs all the extra bleeding and don’t read this book.

Quarter star ratings: Any rating you see from me that are something like ‘4.75 stars’ or ‘3.25 stars’ just imagine are somewhere opinion-wise in the middle the two ratings it falls between. 4.75 stars in particular – basically a five star book, probably nothing wrong with it, I just don’t consider it an all-time favorite, if that makes sense.

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