June Book Haul | #10


Happy day! I purchased four books in June, all within the first four days of the month before I put myself on the book limit. I reached ‘five books read’ yesterday, so I’ve since purchased one more, but that one won’t be in this haul since it was bought in July, technically.

Speaking of which, the next haul will be huge: the Half Price Books clearance sale is happening on July 23rd and if you read my post on my book limit, I’m giving myself an except for that event. So shh.

Anyways, here are the books I’ve acquired this month:


Royal Assassin by Robin Hobb. I’m currently reading this one, about 200 pages through. I picked this up for the Hobb-along-read-along, and as I’ve mentioned before, have fallen terribly behind. It’s only going to get worse now that I’ve put myself on this buying limit and can’t keep up with buying a book every two weeks for the thing. But on the plus side, I’ve fallen in love with this author – definitely my new favorite of the year – and I want to read all her books anyways, read-along or not. Those covers though, man. Who though that was a good idea.

A Dance With Dragons by George R. R. Martin. The last two books, I’ve listened to on audio, but this one I want to physically read. The narrator of the audios has been grating on my nerves, so hopefully not having his voice in my ear will improve my liking of this last book that’s out. I’ve heard it’s supposed to be pretty good, so I’m excited. 😀

Red Rising by Pierce Brown. I love it when books on my list end up on the clearance shelf. Found this hardback baby for four bucks. It was awesome. I’ve heard mixed things about this one, but the premise sounds pretty neat, so hopefully I’ll be one of those on the ‘I like it’ side of the thing. :”D

Emperor of Eight Islands by Lian Hearn. This one I’m particularly stoked about. This is the first of a four books series, all to be released in quick succession. This one just came out in April, and when I was out buying a book yesterday, I saw the second one sitting on the shelf! But anyways, this book follows a few different weaving story lines of warlords and priestesses and others all trying to achieve their own goals amidst a rich fantasy setting of medieval Japan – the medieval Japan full of Japanese folklore – demons and guardian spirits and all sorts of things. Reading the synopsis of this one reminded me strongly of Inuyasha, so it has me feeling nostalgic before even reading it. I’m hoping I’ll love it. I love that setting (and if you know other books in that setting, chuck them at me will you). If you’ve heard of The Tales of the Otori series, this is by the same author. I’m so stoked! :”D

And that’s it for this month! Hopefully I get a good deal of books read by HPB time, but we’ll see.

If you’ve read any of these, let me know! Happy reading!

9 thoughts on “June Book Haul | #10

  1. Thanks for your kind words re A Pixie For The Taking. The story went viral on the PublicBookshelf website (read well over 60,000 times in just a few months) and is now published under the name Ralph and the Pixie (it was originally titled “the dance of life continues still . . . “).

    Amazon is (supposedly) sending me a number of copies. I’ll send you an autographed copy in exchange for a review on Amazon. The copy in question is the first one out of the chute. Who knows? Maybe it will be worth something some day, if only as a means to level a table with one short leg- the bane of students everywhere.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh wow, hello! I saw your comment and my heart kinda went into over-drive. How did you find my mention of your story? That’s so cool!

      And I’m glad to hear it’s doing so well! Congratulations on getting it published!! 😀 I found it on fictionpress back when it was still called ‘Ralph and the Pixie’ and read it then, and then linked it later when it was called ‘A Pixie for the Taking’.

      And of course I would love a copy and will happily give it an amazon review! Thank you much!!

      And it’s worth much more than a table leveller, believe you me. xD Ahh, I’m so happy you got it published! When you receive the amazon copies, you can contact me here for sending info if you’d like, or if you’d prefer an email or something, just let me know! And thank you again!!


      1. It was my publicist who tracked you down. Don’t ask me how she does it- she’s tech-savvy, whereas I’m a relic from the Jurassic era (she had to show me how to turn on my computer). She once tracked me down in London, half a world away, when I hadn’t even told her where I was going (on vacation). You were the first blogger who wrote about my book, and she somehow tracked you (yourself and other bloggers) all down so that I could send you all a copy. It was her idea, as a matter of fact.

        If I’m ever lost on a desert island, I’m sure she’ll find me.

        Just so you know I’m me, and not some random freak, my address is:

        GS Monks (Spalding Brassworks)
        222 2nd Avenue South
        Spalding, Saskatchewan, Canada,
        Box 22
        S0K 4C0

        My box of books is due any day now, so if you give me your snail-mail address, I’ll send you the top copy. My publicist tells me they’re numbered, so I’ll pick out 0001, or whatever its number or code is, John Hancock it, and send it off to you. I’ll let you know when it’s in the mail.

        The book is doing very well, right out of the gate, and it’s partly thanks to people like yourself. So you can give yourself a well-deserved pat on the back for me.


        Greg S. Monks


      2. Oh neat! Your publicist is definitely doing a wonderful job, then. 😀 And that’s so cool – I’m so excited!! Thank you!

        And it might be a bother, but would you or your publicist be willing to contact me via email for my address? I unfortunately don’t have a PO Box set up as you do and don’t feel awesome about the idea of posting my home address in my public blog.

        If you’re okay with this, just shoot an email to emilyday90@gmail.com and I’ll reply back with my address. If not just let me know and I’ll figure something out. Thanks!


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