Christmas Book Blogger Tag!

Hi, a tag today! I’m scooting around my schedule for Blogmas a bit – I’m unprepared for the other posts, ahh! So a tag, a tag, a tag.

I saw this tag on Alex @WhimsyPages blog and stole it. :”D


❄️What Is Your Favourite Christmas Scene In A Book?❄️

I really like the scenes in Harry Potter honestly. Each book touches on it at least a little bit.

❄️Do You Have Any Christmas Book Traditions?❄️

Best Christmas Pageant EverI try to read at least one Christmas book a year. This year I’m rereading The Greatest Christmas Pageant Ever.



❄️Do You Prefer To Get Presents Of Book Vouchers Or Books?❄️

Gift cards for sure – I do love receiving books, but I also love receiving a trip to the book store.

❄️Do You Give Books As Presents?❄️

Occasionally, yes. I tend to only do it if I know exactly what they want or if they’re like ‘send me something you like’ though.

❄️What Bookish Item Is On Your Christmas Wishlist?❄️

Recessed shelving. One day, one day.

❄️What 3 Books Would You Love Santa To Have In His Sack For You?❄️

I’m not answering this one because it’ll have it’s own dedicated post in a few days!

❄️Fake Christmas Tree Or Real Christmas Tree?❄️

Real. My current one is fake because my lease doesn’t allow real, but… real. Always real.

❄️What’s Your Favourite Thing About Christmas?❄️

The whole thing. The festivities, the togetherness, the spirit of it, the reason for it, the gifts, the food and drinks, the weather, everything.

❄️What Christmas Book Would You Recommend?❄️

The one I’m rereading: The Greatest Christmas Pageant Ever.

❄️What Dish On Your Christmas Menu Are You Most Looking Forward To?❄️

Egg bake. It’ll have its own post at some point! Recipe!

❄️When Do You Open Your Christmas Presents?❄️

Christmas Eve and Christmas Day – My inlaws we usually do on Christmas Eve and my family usually on Christmas Day. That’s obviously gonna be different this year, though.

❄️What’s Your Favourite Christmas Song?❄️

Carol of the Bells, by a long shot.

❄️Are You Dreaming Of A White Christmas? ❄️

Yes. We have snow right now. I’m hoping and praying it doesn’t melt by Friday.


And that’s it! If you’d like to do this tag, consider yourself tagged!

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