February Wrap Up | 18

Wrap Up

I am in a slump.

It’s an everything slump, and it’s pretty grating on my nerves. I’ve finished zero books this month, I’ve written minimal blog posts, I haven’t been keeping up on reading or watching other people’s content (I’m sorry D: ), I haven’t been partaking in really any of the hobbies I normally enjoy, nothing. This month has gone by really quickly but I don’t feel like I’ve actually done anything this month.

I debated even writing this post, but I figured a wrap up is something I could do, even if it’s gonna be kinda bare bones. So bare with me here – I have no idea when this slump is going to go away or what I can do to make it leave. Yeesh.



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Not.. great, hah.

Otherwise I think I’m going to hold off on all the goal-related things for this month. I can safely say each one will be a solid ‘not this month’. 😛 So next month maybe I’ll get my butt in gear.

I hope you all had a fantastic month and I hope March goes a lot better than February did, haha. Happy reading!

3 thoughts on “February Wrap Up | 18

  1. I kinda felt like I’ve been in a slump for some of this year too with not reading a lot (mainly Xenoblade Chronicles 2 did that lol), but I hope March will be better for you 🙂


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