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Blogmas 2018

Hello, happy last day of Blogmas! I managed to post something every day between December 1st and today, the 24th! Tomorrow I will take a break to spend Christmas with my family, but starting the 26th, I have all those ‘end of year’-y type posts to do. So I’ll be posting every day, give or take, for another week or so. But yay, I completed Blogmas!

Today’s post is the Christmas Eve book tag, and I found it fitting since, well, y’know, Christmas Eve. Pbtbt.

This tag was created by Sam @SamsNonsense.

1) Christmas Eve morning: what is a book you wake up excited to read? Either one you anticipate reading or one you read in the past that you want to get back into?

The Monster Baru Cormorant (The Masquerade, #2)The Monster Baru Cormorant by Seth Dickinson. I’ve been reading this very slowly, but between reading it, I keep thinking of the characters and the world. Every time I open it back up to read more, I get all giddy about it.




2) Christmas Eve breakfast: what are your favorite treats during the holiday season?

Oh man, so many. I turn into an oink during the holidays.

Christmas cookies, hot chocolate, winter release beers, peppermint and gingerbread lattes, asokdjf;slkdfjs;kdfj

3) Family Time: What is a book that fills you with happiness and love? the warm fuzzies in general?

InuYasha: Turning Back Time (InuYasha, #1)Inuyasha by Rumiko Takahashi. This series was one of my gateways into anime and manga. I first started watching it when I was 14, and I still rewatch it every so often. It makes me feel so nostalgic. I love it!




4) Christmas Carols: What are your favorite Christmas Carols or holiday songs?

All-time favorite is Christmas Eve/Sarajevo by Trans-Siberian Orchestra. I also really like O Holy Night.

5) Anticipation: What is a book release you are very much anticipating?

I made a post on this just the other day! :”D

6) You hear sleigh bells on the roof and are so excited you can’t sleep!: What is a book that kept you up all night?

Bird BoxGosh, Bird Box by Josh Malerman. I buddyread this with Katy @Bookbinderway and she actually ended up reading the whole thing in one sitting. I took a bit longer, but man, was it an addicting read. She’s actually gonna come over during Christmas break to watch the new movie for it! 😀




7) It’s Christmas morning, and Santa has come!: What is a book on your wishlist that you hope to unwrap?

I just made a post about this too, yesterday! Any of those would be good. 😀

And that’s it! I hope you all have a Merry Christmas or a Merry whatever-your-holiday-is! Happy reading!

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