Fantasy Bingo 2018 – Fifth Row Picks

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Today the last post talking about the books that I’m considering using for each of the bingo squares in r/Fantasy’s 2018 Bingo Challenge, which I made a post about with all the details. If you’re participating, do let me know!

First Row PicksSecond Row Picks | Third Row Picks | Fourth Row Picks

Fifth Row:


Stand alone fantasy novel. Hard Mode: Stand alone that does not take place in the same universe as any other novel/series.

Novel by a RRAWR Author or on the Keeping up the the Classics list Hard Mode: Read the current book for either category. RRAWR author list here, Classics list here. I’ve only got the one. ;~;

  • Dune by Frank Herbert

Novel from the r/Fantasy LGBTQ+ Database. Hard Mode: Read a Speculative Fiction novel that is not listed in the database yet that features LGBTQ+ characters and let us know so we can get it added to the database. Cumulative list found here.

Graphic novel or audiobook. Hard Mode: GN – Not Saga. Audio – over 25 hrs. I’m not even gonna bother listing audio books because I listen to so many. Graphic novels it is.

Novel featuring Fae. Hard Mode: Fae as main protagonist. I literally know which exact one I’m reading for this. No doubts at all.

And that’s the end of the bingo posts! Until next time, happy reading!!

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