Looking to increase your TBR by an amount you could never possibly recover from? Go to a library sale. | Book Haul #16

Hello, guess what I did yesterday. I increased my TBR by 16 books. I’m so suave. One day, when I’m old and moldy, I’ll be too decrepit to go to the book store and will finally read all the books that I already own.

One day.

In addition to the 16 books I got at the library sale, I had already purchased 6 others… making the total book increase this month a whopping 22 tomes.Β  So like, I need to re-count my owned shelf and update that shit.

Out of the 22 new books, I’ve already read three of them, so my TBR increases by 19, woo. Will only need four or five months to cancel that out, yeah.

I also got rid of about ten books this month, most of which had been on my TBR since 2007 or 2008. So it also went down, too. I need to recount, man.

These first six books were my pre-library sale purchases.

The Traitor’s Blade by Sebastian De Castell – I’ve heard this one is really good and I’m seriously digging the cover. It’s so lovely!

The Blood Mirror by Brent Weeks – The fourth (and final? Not final?) book in the Lightbringer series. My latest obsession, I just finished the second book last week. Waiting ’til I finished The Traitor Cormorant Baru to pick up the third, but it’s gon’ happen, yo.

Adulthood is a Myth and Big Mushy Happy Lump by Sarah Andersen – I’ve read these now. They were really cute πŸ˜€

The Black Prism by Brent Weeks – I went on a journey to find a hardback edition of this book and I couldn’t do it. Couldn’t find it on amazon, on ebay, in the bookstore, nowhere. I’m still on the lookout. But! In the meantime, I found a signed copy of the paperback! Woo! I snatched that baby up before my jaw had even finished dropping.

Elantris by Brandon Sanderson – I’ve had the Mistborn trilogy sitting on my shelf for weeks but I’ve decided I want to read his stuff in publication order. So I’m going to start on this one.

I’m going to preface the following with saying that my buying habits at library sales are a lot more slack than they typically would be. My usual rule for myself is ‘Buy this if you think you’ll read it within a year’. At library sales, it’s more ‘Buy this if you think you’ll read it some day’. That’s what happens when you get a paper grocery bag stuffed with as many books as you can fit for a flat price. More = better. Found book 2 of a series you don’t have book 1 of yet, but plan on reading? Get it. Find books 5 and 6 of a series you only have 1-3 of? Get them. You’re paying the same price for the bag of books either way. So pbtbtbtbt.


The Lost World, The Andromeda Strain and Timeline by Michel Crichton – These I picked up because I recently read Jurassic Park by him and I fell in love with his storytelling. Guys, if you’ve seen the movie and liked it but haven’t read the book, I highly hiiiighly suggest doing so. As much as I loved the movie, I loved the book even more.

Lawrence of Arabia by Jeremy Wilson and John Adams by David McCullough – I decided to jump into some biographies. One is really short and the other got really great reviews, so I figured that they would be good places to start.

Still Alice by List Genova – The psychology major buried deep, deep within me called out from the abyss I shoved her down and demand I get this book. So here it is :”D

Black Hills by Dan Simmons – I recently read Hyperion by this guy and rather enjoyed it, so I’ve been scooping up other books he’s written. The intent to read them is there. I’ll get to it. Eventually. :”D

The Cuckoo’s Calling by Robert Galbraith – I figured I should give this a shot since I loved Harry Potter so much. I’ve heard mixed things about it and it fell in the ‘I’d like to read this but have no desire to buy it for full price’ category. Yay, library sales!

Lord of Chaos and A Crown of Swords by Robert Jordan – books six and seven in the well-known Wheel of Time series. I feel like finishing this series will be a huge

Son of the Shadows by Juliet Marillier – This is that ‘buy book two without owning book one’ book. I looked for book one as well, but they didn’t have it there unfortunately. Welp. I’ll get it eventually.

Faerie Wars by Herbie Brennan – I’ve never heard of this book before, never seen it before… but my best friend, whom I went to the sale with, came galloping up to me with it in her hands yelling “I read this years ago and I loved it! You need to read it!” and then she plopped it in my bag and skipped away. So here we are.

Taliesin by Stephen Lawhead – This book springs from me owning his King Raven books and recognizing his name in the pile of fantasy novels for sale. So I nabbed it :”D

Atonement by Ian McEwan – I watched this movie five years ago and it ripped my soul. My sick brain decided it was due for another ripping, so I grabbed the book as well. I think I might be a masochist.

Silk Road by Jeanne Larson – This book I picked up because the title caught my eye, and then the synopsis hooked me. When I first started dating my fiance, one night I asked him to tell me a bedtime story as a jest.

…so he spouted off how trade spread across the silk road. All of it – skirmishes, wars, everything. That guy has a photogenic memory, I swear. So now I know a lot about the silk road and reading a novel set during its development sounds like fun. :”D

And finally, A Thousand Splendid Suns by Khaled Hosseini – This one I got purely because I feel I need to read it. I have The Kite Runner already, so now I have them both. Woot.


16 thoughts on “Looking to increase your TBR by an amount you could never possibly recover from? Go to a library sale. | Book Haul #16

    1. Ahh you’ll have so much fun! The people running the one I went to were dancing around through out recommendations and they had a bake sale going along with the book sale to further benefit the library. It was so neat. πŸ˜€

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  1. Aw ‘Son of the Shadows’!! Don’t read before ‘Daughter of the Forest’ πŸ™‚ Both are awesome btw, and the stories can be seen as strand alones, but you will get spoiled if you read book 2 before 1 and it won’t be as good if you don’t have the knowledge about the main characters from book 1 πŸ™‚

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    1. Ah, see I didn’t even know they weren’t direct sequels. xD I bought book two with the thought in mind that I’d get book one soonish anyways, haha. Good to know though, thank you!

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  2. Kite Runner was great and I recently got A Thousand Splendid Suns.
    I now feel like completing the Wheel of Time series too. That would be a huge accomplishment, considering how long the series is and how thick the books are. I stopped at Lord of Chaos couple years ago so now I’m rereading books 1-5 by audio and then continue.


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