Top 5 books that would make good video games

Top 5 Wednesday

Happy Thursday! No camel today because my post is late (whoops). Yesterday was a frenzy and I probably shouldn’t be writing this today, either. But I need something to keep me from having a mental implosion, SO HERE WE ARE. This week’s topic is books that would make good video games – this was a really neato topic and I had a lot of fun writing it 😀

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5. Attack on Titan by Hajime Isayama

Attack on Titan, Volume 1This one probably is a video game and I just haven’t heard about it. If you don’t read manga at all and haven’t heard of these series, I highly recommend you check it out – either through the manga or via the anime, which is available on netflix and crunchyroll.

This series follows a cast of characters who live within a walled country. On the outside are the titans: huge, mindless humanoid creatures with a taste for human flesh. The show begins when the wall, kept intact for a hundred years, is compromised, allowing the titans to break inside. This series is grueling, it’s graphically violent and it’s so, so good. It takes on almost steampunky elements when it comes to how the humans in the story go about combatting the titans. Aerial tactical maneuvering using pulling and steam and… it’s so cool. I feel like the combat aspect of this especially would translate well into a video game. That, and the whole ‘where did they titans come from and what actually are they’ mystery aspect. It’d be really neat to play.

4. Rook by Sharon Cameron

RookThis book I read sometime last year and at the time, rated it three stars. I’m thinking now, looking back on it, it should be more like 3.5 or 4. This book takes place is a regressed society in France. The characters throughout the book, find old relics of civilizations past. I think at one point that one of the characters had found a video game controller… had no idea what it was or what it was for. It was really neat. The plot of this book, while already in regressed Paris, which is awesome in itself, involves a budding revolution, hidden and recovered technology and a lot of sneaking around. I feel like it was translate really well into a video game, maybe something with the feel of a city crawler.

3. Perdido Street Station by China Mieville

Perdido Street Station (Bas-Lag, #1)This is a neato book, guys. Mieville writes ‘Weird Fantasy’ and the city he’s created in this novel is about as weird as they come. The story follows a few different perspectives… a mad scientist, a lady with a bug for a head, a giant bird-man that’s lost his wings… all sorts. The plot meanders through a few different subplots about creatures sucking the dreams out of people and the ambassador to hell shows up briefly and an underground newspaper tries to uncover a huge, insidious story. Seriously, this book is good. And it would make a great sandbox-esque video game with all these subplots planted in there and intertwining nicely. I’d totally buy this thing on release day.

2. The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern

The Night CircusI think this would be the best point-and-click roleplaying game ever. Imagine being able to walk through the Night Circus and just see all the stuff that’s talked about in the plot of the book. Sure, the main events would still occur but honestly I’d just want to play and see the acts. I’d probably never actually beat the game, hahaha.



1. The Martian by Andy Weir

The Martian(Emily, when are you gonna stop talking about the Martian? Never. ) This would be the best survival game. I’m talking like puzzle-survival. Obviously you need water… but how do you make it? You need food – how do you grow it? Combined with an ever-dwindling supply of oxygen and random disasters for chemical reactions gone wrong, this would be an amazing game. Steam, get on it!



And that’s it for this week! I know it’s Thursday, hush hush. Happy reading!

14 thoughts on “Top 5 books that would make good video games

  1. SNK/AOT would be an awesome video game. I think I’ve seen trailers or early access playthroughs for one game and it looks pretty awesome. Have you started the second season of the anime yet? I still need to read the manga (I’m failing as a book reader!!), but I think I’ll watch the entire 2nd season THEN read it.
    Also, I’d love to play The Night Circus as a VR game– to actually go to the circus and see things… it would be magical!


      1. I’ve seen season 1 which I thought was awesome, but not season 2 yet (just bits and pieces from when my fiance was watching it) I think I’ll wait and binge it when it is done ^_^

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  2. You’re so right, Perdido Street Station would make a very cool (and creepy) video game! Such a weird world with so many mysteries and sub plots and interesting characters/corners to explore. Not to mention some truly terrifying villains! Would be a visual feast if it was done well.

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